Ellen’s Huge Renewal Announcement

OK. So I have been doing this show for 16 years. That’s about 3,000 episodes. A lot. I don’t remember.

OK. So I have been doing
this show for 16 years. That’s about 3,000 episodes. A lot. I don’t remember them. But I’m told it was enjoyable. And when we started, that
was before Instagram, before YouTube. We were young. We were bored out of our minds. And from the beginning,
I said that this show was going to be like relationship. We have been through,
the good, the bad, the Fifty Shades of Gray phase. And it’s been a lot of fun. And 16 years is a
pretty good run. Sometimes in a relationship,
you need to take a break. But I don’t. You’re stuck with me. Because I just signed
for three more years. I really had no idea
what this show was going to be when we started. I had gone through a tough time. I lost my career
for a little while. This show was my second chance. And it turns out, it
also helped other people go through a tough time. And I got letters
from people telling me that I helped them
go through chemo. And that they were inspired
by one of my guests, or watching the show made them
laugh for the very first time in a long time. And that’s why I’m going
to keep doing this show, for people like you. And Lamborghinis are expensive. And actually, there were a
lot of rumors going around whether I was going to
keep doing the show. Or I was going to stop doing it. I wanted to be the first
to announce it today. But it ended up leaking
over the weekend. Here’s what happened. As your new queen, I come to
you with good news and bad news. The good news is that I’m
pleased to announce that The Ellen DeGeneres Show will
continue for years to come. The bad news is Mary’s rash is spreading like dragon fire. Protect yourself. The rash is coming! Yep. Three more years of that, Mary. Yay! Woohoo! You asked for it. I did.

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