Ellen’s Summer Vacation Included House Renovations and… a Nude Beach?

Welcome to our first show of our 15th season. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Whew! I’m excited to be back. I am back.

Welcome to our first
show of our 15th season. [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] Whew! I’m excited to be back. I am back because I
love doing this show, and also because there’s a lot
of construction in my house while they finish my
nuclear fallout shelter. [LAUGHTER] Just want to be prepared. I know it’s September. It still feels like
summer here in LA. Oh, boy. It’s hot. It is so hot here in LA. Today, Ice Cube officially
changed his name to Little Puddle. [LAUGHTER] I have another one, too. It’s really hot. You have to find shade
wherever you can. This morning, I saw
a group of people huddled together under
Steve Harvey’s mustache. [LAUGHTER] Hey. Oh, good. You like that one? [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Did you have a good
summer, everybody? Yes? [CHEERING] I don’t know how,
but good, good. A lot of bad stuff in the. News I needed
something uplifting because I kept watching
the news and I’m like, I have to watch
something uplifting. So I watched “Handmaid’s
Tale” and “House of Cards” and Game of Thrones.” So that cheered me right up. There were some good things
that happened over the summer, though. There was this solar eclipse. That was a huge story–
was the first solar eclipse over the entire United States
in 100 years I didn’t see it. But I did take cold
medicine on an empty stomach and fell down on my
lawn and fell asleep. So I think I get it. [LAUGHTER] There were some movies
that came out this summer. “Dunkirk.” [CHEERING] Yep. Harry Styles was in that. People are saying it
might win an Oscar. Didn’t see it. [LAUGHTER] I did go over
to Beyoncé’s house to see the twins for the first time. [CHEERING] I did not do that. I’ll tell you what I did do. Portia and I went to Majorca. In Spain. It was beautiful there. Beautiful. It was sunny. There was an ocean. There were palm trees. People were speaking Spanish. It’s like we never
left Los Angeles. It was the same. [LAUGHTER] We took a picture. This is a photo Portia took. Look how beautiful this is. We were way, way in the–
look, zoom in, you’ll find us. There we are. There we are. When in Spain, you know. Turns out it was not a nude
beach, and that was our bad. I didn’t do a lot, but
I loved my summer break. It was great, and I am happy to
be back here with all of you. And now, for the first
time in season 15, we shall all dance together. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. am not feeling so well buh as usual this definitely made me feel a lot better than i did three minutes ago …i love yu Ellen ??….

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