1. I love how humble and low maintenance you are. You know how to make things work… I really like the fireplace that current color…

  2. For the pantry try doing a pullout pantry. Those are really cool and super practical, one that pulls out and also revolves.

  3. I hate when people take advantage. I had a tenant that was the same. I wanted to cry when I walked into my house. But I found a great tenant now. Thank God. We live and learn.

  4. They tenants were disgusting.. huge pet peeve of mine ! Not being a clean living person!! Good thing you guys are renovating ?

  5. You should open the wall completely between the kitchen and dining/lounge areas. that way you have an amazing open concept and the space will look even bigger! so when you entertain guests who might be seated in the lounge but youre in the kitchen, its not cut off and you can expand the kitchen so its a little bit bigger. Just an idea! 🙂

  6. Maybe you should consider getting rid of that linen closet and making the kitchen pantry bigger, and changing the coat closet into a linen closet? X

  7. The tenants disrespected your house, omg I’m in shock, plus you went out of your way to get them a fridge freezer, microwave etc, wow!

  8. So sorry your tenants left your house so nasty. We have tenants and I know how frustrating it can be. Just one question.. Why not leave the shoes by the door? Canadian winters are very messy. Will you be bringing boots upstairs? Love your videos and I can't wait for the finished home video?

  9. Those tenants were disgusting!! Have you ever tried to sell that wood sofa set? Maybe you can sell the 2 pieces and get something more modern from Craigslist. I am moving and am selling all my furniture so I can buy more modern/contemporary pieces.

  10. As a homeowner who rents out their property I was heated as soon as you opened the door. They had your house looking like demons lived there ?. Did you guys have a property manager? Property managers help to hold the tenants responsible for the upkeep of the home for the most part and can be a witness with signed contracts when it comes to stuff like those folks did to your home. Man that made me so mad I paused the video at 3:32 so I could type this ?. I’d have their stuff in the garage waiting for them and ugh I’d get rid of anything they used to wash their bodies or clothes. I totally understand about you wanting to keep the washer and dryer but ugh just because they used them it would give me the creeps lol. I’m renting a house in a different state from where my house and we were lucky enough have our own washer and dryer. I can only use my washer because the house doesn’t have the right hookups for my dryer. Being able to only use the washer is fine because the dryer is ok but the former tenants didn’t take care of the washer like they should have ?.

  11. Hopefully you’re not repeating these answers for the umpteen time but I’m assuming you want all the renovations done before the baby arrives? What is your due date for the baby and your estimated time for renovations to be complete?

  12. I hate tenants….so gross! I wouldn't even let them back inside to get the rest of their things. I would put them out in the shed by the trash but I cannot wait to see the space transform.

  13. Next year, you are going to want to spend so much time with the baby and spoiling him/her( I don't believe you can really spoil a newborn ?, just can't think of a better word) renovations may take a little longer. ? I admire how you are living your life. I watch you around my daughter so she can see how with dedication and hard work at a young age you can make your goals and dreams come true. Thank you for being a real role model for her. I am 44, she is 12.

  14. Sigh I hope u kept that security deposit love.
    I love the fireplace just as it is. Can't wait to see the finish product of your home

  15. Wow I will never put tenant in my house. They were discussing. Thank God they left . Good job . I know this house will look good

  16. I really was pissed when watching this. These people are terrible and I’m sorry this happened to you. My mom said you handled this with grace and class. Thank goodness you are renovating everything though. ?

  17. So excited for all the changes in your life girlie. Like you said, work on what’s important. I love your home and I can see the potential!

  18. Kids???? = Twins??? I would love to see an open floor plan in the kitchen, I wish you can knock down the wall. However, you are right! You have to do what is most important for the home and your budget . The furniture the old owner left is good quality furniture. Example that table in the kitchen, I will restain it and purchase some tufted dining room chairs.

    Yes your tenant left the house in a nasty state, but thank God they didn;t damage the house.

  19. Nah lol I wear shoes in my house….. THAT is not from wearing shoes from outside….. they were doing some other stuff

  20. Thanks for the house tour.. Working progress.. Your Mom and Dad are aces .. Family is a word that has meaning .. Every man on deck.. Love it.. Keep on your journey.. People always have suggestions.. Just prioritize your life with what’s important to you.. Blaze that trail “they” will get on broad..

  21. I lived in my place for years and my carpet has NEVER looked like this NEVER. There’s not even a stain on my floor. How did they get it this dirty in one year ?wow.

  22. Thankfully you got them out before they messed up your home more. I hope you didn't give them back their deposit? They truly destroyed alot of stuff. I agree keep your washer and dryer. The older sets work so much better than these front loading things. I purchased a set a year ago because I thought it was awesome to have the one that has the mini washer on the bottom. Well that thing has been replaced and has broken down at least 2xs. I thank goodness I got the best warranty but it is disappointing to have paid so much for them when the other ones I had (for over 7 yrs, they came with our home when we built) worked and were reliable.

  23. That is awful!! I would SUE!!! #joke But seriously!! That is a shame that grown ass people are so trifling!! So happy they are out! I am looking forward to you renovations. ?

  24. Great job to you and your family! Being level headed in your Reno and purchases certainly pays off. Congratulations, I enjoy your vlog!

  25. Ooooh girl im only 1 minute in and I know damn well them tenants didn't get their deposit back! SMH…..But I absolutely LOVE your house, I love all the greenery and flowers around your home. It is perfect to raise a family in. You make great decisions with your finances from what you show us. So many youtubers are buying these extravagant houses that don't even feel like a home if you know what I mean. This house looks so cozy and all the nature and land around you really give it good vibes. Reminds me of my house, mine is only 2 bdrms and 1 level but people always say when they come over they could just chill all day. Every year i ask my husband to add a new garden bed and now the whole back yard is basically a garden lol but i love it! I cant wait to see the finished product!

  26. This hurts my heart. As a fellow young homeowner (I actually watched your "empty house tour" while in the process of looking + buying homes and it helped motivate me a bit!), I have unfortunately had to deal with bad tenants as well. It's really sad when you put so much work into getting a place and the people that you open your home to treat it as if it's garbage. I'm so glad you were able to finally get them out and start renovating!

  27. I'm so sorry you went through that with your tenants. I recently had my condo damaged by a tenant which I tried to help out just like you as well. It's so painful to see something you worked hard for being destroyed and neglected by people who have no regard for others including the place they rent and live! I just renovated my unit unit and I know you'll love your house once again when it's brought back to its former glory and even better. All the best to you guys!?

  28. How the tenants just living so NASTY!! The lady who sold the house had it so nice and clean… smh thank god you're redoing everything Shanique!

  29. Beautiful layout of the home. Much success in renovating. I have been renovating as well and its so nice to see when you finish the reno. 1 tip id give is do one project at a time that way you don't get discouraged from not seeing progress. Also remember Rome was not built in one day it takes years to see the final results of our vision. Btw are you Jamaican? Just asking from the accent

  30. Beautiful home… It's too bad your tenants didn't know how to take care of what was not theirs. Anyway I'm excited to see the finished unfurnished house tour. Best of luck

  31. A SOS or Brillo pad will fix the outside of the washer and dryer right up. The way the tenants left that rug and other stuff I think I would be scared to use the washer and dryer tho ?. I would pour a full bottle of bleach in the washer and run it over and over then I would scrub the inside of the dryer with bleach as well. Oh and I would throw that whole damn bathroom away ??. Paint that wood furniture white or white wash it and watch how new it looks with some more modern style fabric on those cushions. Take your time don’t rush for anybody. You guys are doing awesome especially for how young you guys are, super excited and proud of you guys. Keep up the good/hard work ??.

  32. Even tho I know I would be changing all of the stuff the tenants destroyed I would be so mad and sad to see my house in that shape. It look like you rent your house to a pack of wild animals and I’m mean literally animals because what human lives like that ??.

  33. Your so very right, work with what you've got and upgrade when you can. Babies are expensive and they grow every week. Don't watch those comments about whether your items match or are modern. If you stay within your means you will have more money for the baby and a nice quality of life. People tend to want to live beyond their means but will be hiding in their house telling their children to be quiet because the debt collectors are knocking the door or towing the car. I'm watch all your ads. Wishing you guys all the best from the UK xxx

  34. Just watching. Omg they destroyed your home. For the kitchen pantry. You can close off the kitchen door and just complete the wall. Then extend the pantry to right next to frig and create a wider and deeper pantry. Thats how they do them here in USA. Im not able to put a pic here but thats how we do it. Then they put shelves and rack all round with double swing pantry doors.

  35. That beautiful plant grew because it was confused & thought it was down in the earth's dirt. ? "Very nice home and good luck with renovations!"

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