[Eng Sub] Flat wash Technique: Do’s & Don’ts | Watercolor for Beginners

“What!?” You will be surprised. But I’m not trying to teach yet. Hello everyone, Today I would like to teach.

“What!?” You will be surprised. But I’m not trying to teach yet. Hello everyone, Today I would like to teach you the basics of watercolor. Watercolor is interesting, but isn’t it really difficult to use it? It is a very difficult painting materials. I’ve uploaded over 100 videos here. In your comments, Shibasaki’s paintings seems to be magic. I received such an evaluation. I can be a magician while drawing a picture. I am great, aren’t I? Actually, everyone can become a magician. Today I’ll tell you the secret. It’s a flat wash. Flat wash. It means painting the colors flat on the screen. This is the first step you can become a watercolor magician. Are you confused? Paint the watercolor paints flat on the paper. However, this is surprisingly difficult work. Have you ever had such experiences? It becomes uneven when painting, so it will paints many times. Then, it gets more strange. Hey, Have you ever had such experiences? It is proof that you are not a magician. Do you think of using such a large brush when painting flat? If you use this with a large strokes, you will be able to paint flat immediately. However, when you want to paint flat while drawing, A brush of this size would be suitable. How to paints flat with a brush of this size. I will try it. First, put the water on the palette. Eenie, meenie… Prussian Blue? Prussian Blue! I melt plenty of this color. This first part is important. The secrets for flat wash. Make a rich colors, melt with plenty. Plenty! Let’s say it together. Plenty! This is not enough. It is not good to lack and to make colors again. This is the cause of the mistake. First prepare plenty of colors. Make a rich colors, melt with plenty. Then I will try it. How do you paint? Perhaps if there were 10 people, 9 people would paint like this. Do you paint like this? This is a mistake. No good. This way you can not flat wash. No good. Now, I’ll show you how to paint. It’s Shibasaki style. This is highlight. You will be surprised. But I’m not trying to teach yet. Do you want to hear it? Okay, I will teach you. This is no good. I won’t teach you yet. Okay, I will teach you. First I put plenty of paints on the brush. Then, I will do like this. This is it. Look, I painted flat. What? It’s not painted flat? Oh, Not flat. Okay, next. I will do like this. It’s not painted flat? Ah, Not flat. Okay, next. Hey, When do I paint flat? About 3 people who are watching this video, they may be angry. Actually, it will start from now. I will do like this. Like this. “What are you doing?” Don’t you think? Am I doing strange things? I do not the strokes in the same direction. I have not touched most of this here. After that, I will not touch here. We’d better let it go. This is how you paint. Is there a difference? Is it confusing? Okay, I will try to tilt the paper. Can you see this? Paints are flowing here. My paints are not flowing. Paints are gathered here. What happens when paints gather here? It will stretch the paper. That will make waves on the paper. Even if it looks like it’s seemingly flat, the paper that I painted is not waved. If you paint it, the paper will get dented. Even though it seems like it painted flat, the paper is not flattened. If that happens, it will be difficult to draw a picture. Don’t you think this is different from your way of painting? I’m glad if you would say you were surprised. This is a very important first step to drawing watercolor. Let’s review it again. This is a very important things. I’ll never teach this in the future. So please listen. Prepare plenty of paints on the palette. Make a rich colors, melt with plenty. Do not thin the paints with water. Brush strokes in the same direction. Look, paints are gathered here. This is a bad cause. The fact that paint is gathered here means that the paper stretches. And the paper will get dented. So you can not paint it flat. Do not gather paints. How to do it properly is, First, gather the paints. It is interesting, isn’t it? Then move the gathered paints. Move it. There is no rule in the direction. Move it in the direction you want. The paints is gathered here. Move the gathered paints. After that, do not touch here. Leave it all to paints, water and paper. Watch the paints that spread naturally. This is a flat wash. Shibasaki’s magic is such an easy thing. Being able to do this is the first step for drawing good pictures. If you can’t do this, then it will be difficult. Because the paper is dented, so you can’t draw well. So some people, first stretch the paper with water. Do you mind if I brag a little? Shibasaki will not stretch a paper. I always go to draw a picture with this sketchbook. I won’t let the paper dent. It is proof that the processing of water is good. Let’s start the first step of magician by being able to do a flat wash. If you like this video, please click the Like button and subscribe to my channel. This is very important things. See you soon! Thank you for watching my video.

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  1. Some artists do the flat wash from left to right while some do it from top to bottom. What's the difference and which one do you prefer?

  2. The first method is exactly what I've been doing all these years!! D: Thanks for showing me the correct method of not creating wavy paper ><

  3. That was my biggest mistake whenever I try to paint and now I'm trying to learn the basic techniques to get beter and better. Thank you for explaining this so clearly.

  4. すごくいいことを聞きましたが、(あとすごく楽しそうでいい雰囲気ですね。)

  5. I’m super surprised 😀. I thought you were kidding! But it’s really much easier to get the paint to flow evenly. Thank you so much for these videos! I love to watch your happy smiling face😀

  6. オオオオオオオ!
    Working with watercolors was always very frustrating for the very reason you addressed here! knowing the properties of your medium and adjusting your technique to use it best is such a simple, important thing!! i wish i had learned this sooner

    also, also, 楽しくなる!(日本語を話そうとしてる。違うってならごめん)


  7. 水彩のフラット塗りは..難しいよね笑。水彩の場合は..油彩やアクリルと違って(むしろ)ムラの出てしまう事を(風情)と考えてもいいよね。ムラが出てしまった事をむしろ(生かして)雲の表現にするとかね..そういうテクニックもあります。…オススメはアクリル絵の具かな。フラット塗りの独壇場と言えば..アクリルでしょう。笑。水彩でフラットは難しい。マスキングしても色がはじけた跡が残りやすいです。アクリルなら面白い程にグラデーション塗りができますよ?夜と夕暮れの狭間の空も何でもござれ。だけどやっぱりテクニックがいるかな?笑。..自然現象を純粋に観察しませう笑。

  8. I have been painting for 40 plus years, yet I have never seen a technique like this! This is simple yes, but no stretching? I just didn’t think it was possible. Thank you so much. I have to try this right away.

  9. I have done that mistake whole my life 😱 and didn't know how to solve that problem until watching your tutorial. Thank you!

  10. 紙がベコベコになるの水が多いからだと思ってました、でも水を少なくすると水彩っぽくならないしで大変だったなぁ笑

  11. A friend of mine recommended me this video. This gives me motivation to paint, even though I'm pretty bad in arts in general. Thanks a lot !

  12. This is awesome. My watercolor teacher taught me to bead up the paint in a line, then bring it down with another line of paint and in the end thered still be puddles of color.
    I'd never heard of doing it like this before

  13. So Flat Wash is all about keeping the PAPER flat🤔
    I always thought that my paper "beko beko" because I used poor quality paper.
    I'm gonna try out this technique😉
    Thank you Sensei😄

  14. I'm surprised!! I did it wrong all these years… Thank you so much Mr. Shibasaki I really love your tips and tricks like this, also love your other videos ❤

  15. I have never come across anyone who teaches this method of coloring! Its always recommended to stretch the paper, and you are the first person who didn't do that.

  16. わー知りませんでした
    今日貴方様の所にお邪魔して なんだか又

  17. I'm so excited to finally know how to do a wash now! This was so helpful, thank you for the demonstration! I can't wait to start doing watercolor again 😀

  18. Ok, I'll be honest. I didn't expect this. But it makes sense! Definitively going to try this when I'm home with my watercolors again! 😀

  19. Shibasaki-san, este es el error que más cometo. Increíble la forma tan didáctica con la aprendí a hacerlo mejor. Muchísimas gracias

  20. 這種方法第一次知道!😳

  21. This is the problem that i always go through when painting with watercolors. I thought that i should just get thicker paper but with this technique, it will allow me with thinner paper. Thank you mr. shibasaki

  22. こんにちは

  23. 驚いたことと学ぶことの数が同じでした。紙凹んだ覚えがとてもあるのでその疑問が解決されて、とてもスッキリしました!!、、、そして、たっぷりたっぷり!覚えやすいですー!!

  24. あのちょっと確認したいところがあるんですけど、この塗り方は塗るところの中心から周りに発散して塗ることですか?

  25. The constant teasing was so funny! I feel like this man is so friendly and makes painting very approachable.
    We're rooting for you, Grandpa! Hope your health is well.

  26. This is truly magic! No one has ever shown me this technique! Thank you Sensei!!!! ありがとう!!!!
    I'm gonna try to do some watercolour painting now, to try to paint with this magic trick!!!

  27. Shibasaki-sensei, I wonder what type of watercolour do you use, what brand. if you could answer that it would be the world for me, as I have tried with pelican, homemade and Winsor and Newton but I honestly find little to no difference between them. What brand of watercolour do you recommend? Sincere thank you!!!

  28. Wow! Thank you so much senpai! I have read many books and watched videos on watercolour but noone taught this lesson! Most say to wet the paper first so my paper is always curling. I will try this and hope my painting will get better, so I don’t need to buy very expensive paper for practice because of this technique. You are a very good teacher! Thank you for all your videos master magician 😁

  29. why have I never seen this being taught before! You are a wonderful teacher! And a beautiful person. Love your videos. I have learnt so much!

  30. Wow ! Such a small thing can make such a difference to a painting. And by the way, your infectious smile and mood makes us so happy. Keep smiling and painting.

  31. I've used watercolors for years now and I've always had trouble with flat washes. After watching this I'm honestly shocked that in all this time it never occurred to me to try painting in different directions like you do. Mine always look like the top one (which obviously wrinkled my paper) and I'd just have to move the pigment around as it dried. I feel quite silly now. Thank you so much for opening my eyes here, sir!

  32. I feel like baby. I never knew there was better ways of painting without the watercolor bleeding away or bleeding in one spot. Thank you! This is very shockingly helpful!

  33. I tried watercolors a long time ago, but gave up because I couldn't even paint flat colors. Now after seeing your video I really want to try again. Thank you very much! ^_^

  34. 超级感谢柴崎老师 超级棒得教学视频。帮助了我好多 也很喜欢老师的笑容。很幸运找到这个频道~~

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