Episode 3: ‘Ambitious Designs: NZ Australia Renovation Nation’

[ Piano Music, Water Running ]>>What makes a home? It’s a question that owner, builder has to answer for themselves..

[ Piano Music, Water Running ]>>What makes a home? It’s a question that owner, builder has to answer
for themselves. New Zealand couple Jess and Marwyn are finding their
own limits in their quest to turn the underperforming
democracy in Australia into a place to raise
their family. [ Piano Music ]>>Yeah, that’s his,
sure as Kevin’s shady is to bloody swear they’re
bringing [inaudible]>>I don’t know what
they’ve been with the reef, but I will never trust real
estate photographers again, plus we found out the public
transport system is riddled with racism. So, well, I was trying to get
to the bottom of that one now.>>We think it’s a
noise issue, yeah? So, the trains are so rattily
you can’t hear what anyone is saying. So, are you familiar
with PVC pipe?>>Yeah, I — yeah, yeah.>>Yeah right. So, basically we’ve
knocked this one up, we think if people can hear
what they’re saying, right? Then they’re not going to be so
racist, you know what I mean? So, have a — have
a listen to that.>>Hey, hey you! You’re diff — you’re
different to me, and that’s okay because everyone’s different.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, yeah.>>But there are
always disappointments when moving into a new property.>>Generally, we were hoping for
something a bit more vibrant, but once you see the whole
place you realise it’s all a bit same-ish?>>Yeah, we’re looking at
introducing some more colour, but all the white really
clashes with everything.>>The other big problem
they have is longer term.>>Most of the living areas
are close to the coast and there’s already a
history of rising damp.>>Call it what it
is, it’s flooding.>>Flooding. Apparently it’s just
going to get worst too.>>So, you’ve rejected the
idea of reverse cycle heating and cooling for the
entire continent?>>Yeah, it was a bit
out of our price range, so we decided we’d try
to get to the source of the problem instead.>>Okay.>>But, they don’t
have much time.>>We’re going to transition to a zero carbon fully
energy efficient economy with an atmospheric
composition restoration, and a modulated return to the earth’s temperature
pre-industrial level by Thursday, yeah. Next week.>>Next week.>>Really? Isn’t that just a bit ambitious?>>It has to happen.>>We can do it if we
stick to the timeline.>>And what is your timeline?>>We need to have
a gradual phase out of cold by mid-day tomorrow. Wrap up gas and all the gist
after breakfast on Wednesday, then we’ve still got
most of the day to take out 340 billion tonnes of
excess CO2 out of the air. Which leaves is Thursday
morning to bring in some solar mitigation.>>And why Thursday?>>Well, that’s when the couple from China are coming
out for dinner.>>We want to have
something to show them.>>Next week on Ambitious
Designs New Zealand Australia and Renovation Nation Edition –>>So there’s been
a bit of a setback.>>They already bought
this half, apparently there’s no contract
with the original owners.>>I don’t — I don’t
believe this.>>Yeah, a bit of a setback.>>I mean; we’ve got
over 200 million hectares of mosaic tiling
going down tomorrow! [ Piano, Orchestra Music ]>>Myron, pull your pants up
— No one wants to say that.

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