Evanescence – Imperfection (Making Of)

[Music] we’re shooting the music video for our new song imperfection the first bit of essence on my release didn’t.

[Music] we’re shooting the music video for our new song imperfection the first bit of essence on my release didn’t I think six years so it’s kind of a big deal make it a new music is kind of a hard part you know I it’s also the most fulfilling part because you know it’s your chance to UM say that this is who we are now the last time Amy and I work together was on sweet sacrifice back in the day she called me in to do the art the photography and then directing for this one once we’re inside this kind of crazy visual world all of it is very reactive to the music both sonically and lyrically the lights and darks are all tied in to the emotional rollercoaster we kind of all go through the constant fight that we all do seven I’m clean my tank for me before I get in I like for it to be you know a minimal amount of algae and I feel like I spend most the time you being set on fire or you know drowning so it all feels very familiar I feel very comfortable in the water through music videos it’s like my third or fourth time doing it so I felt right at home you know that was really cool to sort of put that classic thing into it it really is a part of I think the visual that I have in my head for Evanescence it’s like slow motion but real and different and otherworldly in a way maybe they said hope you guys are ready to get wet like this sounds interesting well she told me that we’re going to be like underwater like ghosts yeah yeah I was like okay cool what you didn’t see was the tattoo to kick drums on my butt she asked for special go to your bus stop go to your hole Amy came to me and played a little bit of the music early on this was before lyrics before anything else it was synth it was natural it was Orchestra it was her vocals all coming together to create this world this project wasn’t as much about the new stuff as it was about reworking recreating a lot of our music that just hits but like a selection of songs that just want to be in this epic classical world I’ve got some electronics and a sort of an industrial vibe to it a little bit in the background what kind of support in this Orchestra it’s really based in the musicality and what wanted to make it to this sort of soundtrack opera of Evanescence David Campbell has done the string arrangements for all three of our albums this was something that was special to him to have this chance to go back and look at all those arrangements that we’ve had all this time to live with it’s really cool to have another chance because the songs aren’t finished ever like it’s not like you record it and then you’re done like they live on and they keep growing and changing what I know they mean other people means a lot too [Music] the idea of a song that is just to never stop fighting for your life not to give up I really want to send a message of hope

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  1. Efeitos desnecessários. Um clipe visualmente poluído. É uma pena… A Amy fica tão linda embaixo d'água e ainda por cima de vermelho. A banda mal aparece… Que desperdício de takes. Esse clipe tinha potencial pra ser foda. TINHA…

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