Evanescence News: Episode 8 – “Review 2017”

This is the time of the year where we rewind the best moments of the band Here we bring the.

This is the time of the year where we rewind the best moments of the band Here we bring the 10 best moments of the band. Here begins a new episode of: “Evanescence News” In position number 1: “Love Exists” “Love Exists” is one of the last covers made by Amy Lee, Originally from the Italian song “L’amore esiste” by Francesca Michielin. “Love Exists” was published on February 11, 2017 as a single, getting more than 3,320,359 views To date, this is one of the highlights of Amy Lee. In position number 2: Amy Lee is still making news, this time with a new song called “Speak To Me” Song written by Amy Lee and Michael Wandmacher, for the soundtrack of the movie “Voice From The Stone”. “Speak to Me” is a classic instrumental piano ballad, with strings, drums and cellos that guide the song to a harmonious track. The official video clip was published on March 23, obtaining more than 5,949,126 views. This is one of the highlights of Amy Lee. In the position number 3: Evanescence in South America. The band visited some South American countries during 2017, starting the tour in the capital of Brazil, on April 20, ending in Santiago de Chile on May 4. Evanescence arrived in countries like Brazil, and Ecuador (Country visited for the first time), Peru, Argentina and Chile, Presenting for the first time the largest setlist in its history. 20 songs that included great hits of all times. This is one of the highlights for fans of South America. In the position number 4: Tecnópolis, Argentina. On May 2, Evanescence stepped on Argentine soil, and this time she performed a cover in homage to a music diva, Whitney Houston on the 30th anniversary of the song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” published in May of 1987. Obtaining the applause and the ovation of those who attended that concert. This is another of the band’s memorable moments. In position number 5: “Synthesis” álbum. On May 10, Evanescence revealed, through a video posted on their Facebook account, the new project of the band, entitled “Synthesis” which was published on November 10 of that year. The album includes 16 tracks: 11 reedited songs, 3 instrumental tracks and 2 new songs, with an orchestral arrangement and elements of electronic music. The production was in charge of Will B. Hunt and the orchestral arrangements by David Campbell. In the position number 6: The favorite song of “Synthesis”, “Lacrymosa”. One of the songs that was naturally conceived for Synthesis was “Lacrymosa” and that worked! Published on October 27, 2017 as a single, “Lacrymosa” returns in a new format. Personally it is my favorite in its studio and live version. It perfectly combines the two contrasts of the album, the synthesizers and the orchestra, and also has that essence of “Lacrimosa” by Mozart. This is one of the best highlights of the band. In the position number 7: “Hi-Lo” It was written in 2007 by Amy and Will B. Hunt, The song was discarded from the 3rd album of the band and remained stored for 10 years! “Hi-Lo” was included in the album “Synthesis” it also took the looks of both its studio version and its live version. The song is a collaboration with the famous violinist Lindsey Stirling. In the position number 8: “Imperfection”. On October 19, the highly anticipated video clip of “Imperfection” was released, one of the two original songs included in Synthesis. The direction was in charge of the photographer and director of the video of “Sweet Sacrifice” Paul Brown, who also made the art of the album and recorded one of the live shows of Synthesis to prepare a live DVD. The music video accumulates 8.7 million views on YouTube. In the position number 9: “Weight Of The World” gets a version of “Synthesis” live. Another important moment of the band was the “Synthesis” version of “Weight Of The World”. The song is not included in the studio album, but it obtained a live adaptation during the tour of the United States. This song is original from the album “The Open Door”. And today we highlight it in this preview of 2017. And in the position number 10: New costumes. We are used to seeing Amy Lee with different costumes, and for the “Synthesis” tour this was no exception. Here we highlight some of the new costumes that Amy wore during the “Synthesis” tour. With this we come to the best moments of the band. Do you have another favorite moment in mind? Discuss it in this video and share this REVIEW on your social networks. This was “REVIEW” of “Evanescence News.”

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  1. Nunca dejen de hacer vídeos así por favor!!!, Todos los canales que he seguido con información en español se acaban 😥

  2. cuando en los angeles canto por primera vez speak to me por que estaban ahi los co-autores y se quedo desde entonces ya en el setlist💝💝

  3. Que bien me encanto ver sus mejores momentos de Evanescence la canción que más me gusto es la de lacrymosa del álbum synthesis 😘😘😊y mejor cuando esta en vivo.

  4. Amy Lee je prostě úžasná skvělá zpěvačka je to Královna milují její písničky♥️👑♥️👑♥️👑♥️

  5. Para mi quiero que esta musica sea mas que unica
    Recien me doy cuenta en este aňo la banda cumple 18 escrita

  6. I have adored "Speak to Me" most. It's delightful to sing along. Amy Lee has helped me improve as a singer. So grateful for her compositions & voice.

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