Everything Is Awesome in This Guy’s Lego-Filled Basement Remodel

(Legos rustling together) (upbeat music) – It’s a little scary to actually really think about how much Lego bricks I.

(Legos rustling together) (upbeat music) – It’s a little scary to
actually really think about how much Lego bricks I actually own. I think it’s around a
quarter of a million pieces. And so it takes up a lot of space. Three large walls filled
with sorted Lego brick. It’s divided both by color or by piece, or sometimes a bit of both depending on how much
I have or how I use it. Storing Lego is obviously
a pretty personal thing. And what worked best for me was Ikea bins and Sterilite drawers. To make them work we had
custom shelves built. Some bins have all red bricks, some bins have all red skinny bricks, some bins just have a
little bit of drawers. Basically how I build. So bins are all sorted, here’s
my shiny gold brick drawer. If I need plenty of gears
to build something awesome. Of course, every Lego head
needs a hat, or some hair. The Lego heads themselves, I actually keep them all connected
so I can see the face, I don’t have to dig through it. This helps studs not on top. These are called telescopes. Then, of course, because
Lego mini figures have to eat here is all the food,
including a full turkey. When we bought the house
we knew that there was potential down here to
actually add some great space. The basement was horrifying. It was a brick foundation,
it was covered in cobwebs, it was a pretty disgusting space. So we couldn’t add out,
but we could dig down. So we dug down, and we now
have nine foot ceilings. We have a bar, and we
also have a media room that actually sits inside
the Lego room itself. So one of the funnest parts
about Lego, of course, and being an architect, is
creating things on my own. I’ve actually modeled this actual house, I’ve built large spaceships,
some skyscrapers. This is pretty typical
in terms of what you see under construction right now in Seattle, and so it’s a retail base, some
office on the second floor, and an apartment tower above,
all with finished interiors. This is a North West
inspired Lego library. Green roof, bit of masonry,
some stone, and some timber. Very North West, very fun. (Legos rustling together) Just like many children, Lego
was one of my favorite toys. It’s probably one of the reasons
why I’m an architect today. And, finding a house to live in, having a space for the Lego,
seemed really important. I hope the kids love
Lego, but if they don’t, it’ll be okay, I will still love them. (upbeat music)

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