lies in the back yard HAAAA Mama Mia HAAAA Mama Mia *music* I know what you’re thinking.. Logan, Maverick shorts?!.

lies in the back yard HAAAA Mama Mia HAAAA Mama Mia *music* I know what you’re thinking.. Logan, Maverick shorts?! Logan, Maverick shorts?? HAHAHA! No… Logan: The Maverick bottoms will be dropping November 1st.. that’s going to be a game changer. But yo, something else is happening today that I do have.
Brendan: Chlamydia?
Logan: No, Brendan. What the ****? Brendan: I’m just making sure.
Logan: All right, good.. anyways.. MOVERS! Yo, look over here.. you guys have never seen this so so clean before. I’m gonna miss all of you thank you for
supporting me throughout these last six months enjoyed this free merch
compliments of me here we go sorry neighbors the low game beat you I’m
gonna miss all of you yo just kidding feels so good right now
oh I’m so ready to leave this freakin prison show ah look at everything at the
plates bro the plates are intact all intact the place bro so I can’t bring a
plate Oh when in doubt put yourself no moving socks not forgot mom because I
haven’t moved in a while you made it six whole months ago months bro thanks
Brendan Wow it’s hitting me today this is just a
hassle so usually I use my brain today big day for me that’s why I hired people
to do it for me this is the first time I’m not moving the stuff myself growing
up but yeah just a lot like going on right now we are headed to the house
install Wi-Fi actually you guys know vlog live we gotta get these vlogs live
every single day Wi-Fi is numero uno importante and then we are freakin goin
back to the house to help the movers move back to this house not to mention
your boys getting a haircut today and we’re making my ways just stuff to do
man okay let’s get some Wi-Fi hey it’s me Logan do you see a problem here my
location right yeah we went to the house and waited for the Wi-Fi guy so this is
an issue because now if you look over there we got no Wi-Fi here and if we got
no Wi-Fi then we got no hablo mucho needs me who you guys gonna rely on for
cousin Jake no food yeah yeah tell me why the Wi-Fi didn’t show up I got side
chicks I got main chicks they need my attention and how are you doing wrong my
boys just chillin okay that’s good your high five
anyways yo you something else that’s kind of sad you guys know my boys live
next door lady’s gonna pack the megaphone great you’re loud you should
just yell I’m pretty loved hey joy but I’m moving assemble the boys I have
something to tell you guys they don’t have Wi-Fi anyway no I’m no
longer your neighbor how we gonna hang out bro you live like 90 miles away yeah
but the good news is the houses absolutely coming soon to a theater near
you they have they seen the house yeah that’s coming so many persons
everybody just stop you should come to the house hey it’s still me Logan guys
I’m getting my hair colored blonder right now with the man Nico thanks Nico
for making me look good given the time constraint today we’ve
been running around with the delay of going to the house and the Wi-Fi thing I
don’t know if I’m actually gonna get my hair cut today we might just color it
because as an adult with a new house these are the types of decisions that I
have to make you know I never thought that as a 22 year old the day I move
into my first house that I look would look like a lunch lady kind of sucks
because that’s what’s happening right now
yeah it’s guys I just want to get this done quick cuz I want to make it back to
the house and do the tour when it’s still daytime I got the movers headed
there right now I got Lydia headed there and out Brendan is there getting b-roll
shot for the most cryo montage basically it’s all going down the only missing
link is me I just can’t chew ah maybe just bought me a house cuz I did
oh my gosh y’all the Challenger here homie this is starting to feel complete
Brendan you’re the vision guy you’re the videographer but I gotta do this brother
oh my god the team is assembling baby let’s go have you been getting b-roll
shots okay good because I think it’s time for the house story by the way I
know what you’re thinking Logan you look like a coconut head I know I know this
is what happens when I color my hair you got to look ugly before you look sexy
right that’s that’s my motto no okay good good good stuff but holy s*** bro I’ve
never even been up here nice little elevated lifts it looks good okay I know
I’m showing you guys a lot of the house but now it is time for the first
official Logan Paul maverick mansion new house tour I wish my roommate Evan was
here to do this with me but he had to go somewhere but I do have can you, Lydia
would you mind on one day I mean today all of this will be all okay a Fisher
House Tour of the Mavericks house begins now so ironic cuz I started walking
towards the house we’re gonna start on the outside okay so two gates for
security purposes we have one right here there’s another right here but you can
see there’s a truck in the way for all the guests coming through the house we
got this giant gate in case we wanna slam em out that come in sure I like you
I feel ridiculous with your hair yeah it looks ridiculous oh lets start here, okay so this is like a study room now, reminder guys we are
renting the furniture you see in here so I actually want your guy’s opinion oh my
brother do this flips name copying the furniture that you’re gonna see in here
we are we did not buy it we are renting it for now so we’re gonna put our own
little uh chach flavor choch taste on it pretty soon but we actually asked them
to clear this room so this is like a study damn the acoustics with nope and
speaking of acoustics we want to transform this into a studio we are
gonna make so many bangers in here think of the bank row like I don’t know mr.
boots gonna go this is the garage it’s a cool thing is Raj mirrors to check out
the whips looking good in the garage here’s an issue right hey the Yeti is
literally too big to fit in the garage we’re working on it we’ll figure that
out last base a lot of jurors thinking about getting like a four-wheeler or
maybe like a Polaris to fit back there no storage spot this might be a Evans
room down the line see look it’s like which door do you go to there’s so many
things let’s go through this one cuz I think at least you’re cool with houses
bro we decided to come to the front cuz I’m pretty sure I can get in here it’s a
big door that’s how we do it around here big doors big balls oh the grand foyer
for the first time you were seeing the beauty that it holds
we got like our own little private like meeting room over here million dollar
business deals will go down in this again not my furniture but foggy mirrors
are in apparently and look here it’s like a garland of Life Wow that’s hot no
yes I’m gonna go around yeah right here dining room I think it’s the dining room
just a big old table I feel like we’re really gonna eat there but you know just
in case we do we got wine options there’s nothing in here now but this is
like a little wine cellar back here okay this okay so this is an
awesome piece of art like I fell in love with this piece of art so I wanted to
buy it and my dad actually got it for me for my housewarming gift so dad I love
you thank you man you and Mom have to come out here soon see this new crib all
right oh the billion dollar deals go down in here we need to plan on this
they have an eagle on the desk we’re spreading our wings we are the birds of
prey it’s that maverick right oh hi you
wanted to buy maverick relevant all the other clothing line you have been worse
yeah not for sale son just another room for again don’t know
what it’s for it’s good that we have another bathroom with a shower there’s
lots of showers here oh I know this is my man’s favorite spot in the house
Brendan loves his food okay so this is the door that we were locked out of
earlier and that Brenda will you do the honors and show that in the second
little secret bath oh did you freaking wizard bro
welcome to Hogwarts oh you thought it was a pantry no secret doors past the
kitchen got a little whiny staircase going upstairs which we will get to but
they say this the flavor anyway dude you guys know I don’t need
to say much about this place but this is where the ideas will flow the games will
be have talking ping-pong I’m talking shooting skits whatever it is serving
drinks but the plenty of people will have for our awesome raise your party
I’m sure when we shoot just bought me a house music video if you someone will
take in here this is a nice box right here is the pool house get backward and
who woulda guessed there’s a shower that’s a good I’m not in robbed in
yesterday’s vlog you guys remember I said the magic of this house lies in the
backyard Oh Mamma Mia take a look around oh don’t look so good at night it’s
beautiful solo game for me what makes this house
so special is is the look and rustic feel of it it doesn’t feel like we’re in
LA it doesn’t that’s what I liked about it like everything we’ve always been in
Hollywood everything is so big we’ve been congested and crazy and here it’s
like our own nice little retreat our own nice little respite to just chill we
have a nice school we have a hot tub we have fireplaces on fireplace the house
itself has a wood finish that will not stain or rust or get damaged wood
doesn’t rust or damaged for like 200 years and it’s beautiful like it gives
you that that Lodge feeling that feeling when you go snowboarding with your
relatives or camping or hiking in the woods but at the same time it’s still a
modern room the longer you guys watch these blocks
yo if you’re not subscribed right now make sure to subscribe because there are
hidden gems in this house unfortunately because of la nighttime at like 5:00
p.m. you there’s a lot more to see so subscribe for me to smash the button
let’s go always a little fun fact that tree is 25% of
the reason I bought this house when I told Brendan I went to the house I was
like yo the house is dope right but there’s this tree just look at this tree
bro like these are the trees you see in like redwood Fords you know what kind of
tree it is be a maverick tree houses oh my gosh yo there’s this guy name is Pete
Nelson he’s like the treehouse master I don’t want him to come to my house and
build a tree huh yo this spot is perfect right there so the biggest most
beautiful treehouse the world has ever seen though the yard is really big lots
of room for activities there’s shrubbery on this side there’s shrubbery on that
side and it’s pretty deep like we can have exotic pets in that area oh we
might try to get one hiker or a monkey I did like the tiger Tigers dope right I
don’t know but we’re gonna get something yo lo get wait lo gang what do you guys
think we should get like exotic that way I have a couple ideas but let’s talk
about this okay fuck this is literally just as big as the apartment that I just
moved out of today our plan is to turn this thing into a gym is literally this is gonna turn into my
version of the rocks iron paradigm we should call it like the smash back cuz
the weight smashed on the floor not like gonna be consumed bank room big bathroom
with a shower don’t think about this Jim is like you’re just working out right
you’re working hard and then you just you love and you just see the path yeah
so yeah this is where you get back into the house I think it’s time for the
second floor but y’all judy judy is WI Carol likes my house bro girl likes to
have you think I think girls might like this out nice good good good job good
make good thumbs let’s go upstairs bro pull off I think we need an actual one okay the foyer I saw my brother has
these in his class to I think ours are better I wonder if they click you think
the ball right now they have two beds in here but we’re gonna take them out we
just didn’t do one thing as you can guess there’s a bathroom in here yeah
it’s a shower is it boss master bing bada boom mister
to get better except there’s a little like section down there yeah I don’t
know about that session we gotta get out of here I don’t know let’s keep going
ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the master bedroom as you can imagine
this will be my room magical things will happen here god bless america
feels good to be king oh very much so I can pre-cut so this is like my personal
little balcony right here I feel like I’m gonna come here a lot to think and
just and just look over my beautiful house
reminisce and how fortunate I am to do this at such a young age justo okay let’s go look at the closet it’s a
walk-in closet but this room to run hey how you doing the hallway that’s kind of
nice Matt Matt yeah dude this is fricking for all my grooming needs when
you know out of my head take care of that ear gang can just look over the
entire yard and look at this shower baby yeah oh don’t mind if I do
it’s got that rainfall shower effect I like that bro fits the whole like jungle
vibe of the place you know and if you take a hook sharp left back out in this
area to the spiral windy staircase thing and then uh roommate Evans room is right
here Evan yo again since you’re not here bro I gotta do this for you sorry G oh
my gosh my man’s gonna sleep here the cool thing about this room is that it’s
got its own balcony it’s whoa you know what it’s bigger than
my balcony bro and I’ve been smaller than me y’all havin a KA dwarf mama you
can thank me later G also we’re gonna go on the roof a lot and I think here’s the
spot to do that expensive house I bet the structural integrity is good what do
you think let’s try it that was close do you want to try to come up here
I didn’t know my man was spider-man I could see my Yeti from here in Africa on
the hood yeah I don’t know where the cool bus is gonna go like maybe over
there yo we’re on top of my house right now I haven’t been on top of my house in
like five years and boy does it feel good to all the neighbors hi my name is
Logan Paul I’ll be blessing this neighborhood in the next couple years
yeah looking I think I’m gonna be living in this house for two three years max
and then it’s time for like the twenty to fifty million dollar house but we got
some work to do give you a year at this house are you that’s it yeah well you
know I mean it’s possible we just gotta keep getting those songs bro keep
subscribing okay also I feel like I feel like I should have told you guys this
hey Brendan what’s up we should sit down for this this is kind of a big deal no
gang we are getting an extra roommate with one tomorrow what we chose someone
to move in who we think is freaking dope and they are gonna join the the maverick
palace mansion whoo you’ll see tomorrow row again spoil the surprise not for you
funny but you have to be patient Brandon but yeah that’s gonna be exciting bro
new roommate new house let’s go Kong you gotta go down the stairs bro I
know we don’t have the stairs no please but you gotta get used to it come on go
you good buddy come on yo you’re gonna hurt poor Lydia she can barely hold onto
you yeah you got it Kong you got you know
what the problem is is that these holes here probably scary no I don’t know you
wrestle the tiger yesterday you can’t go downstairs is a good transition into a
deep speech I want to do about to get deep Loghain about to bless you all I
don’t do this often so listen up okay uh I don’t know what I’m gonna say I have
like a rough idea of what I want to say because I feel like the youth the
millenials kids my age heck even adults could possibly take some of the stuff I
say and implement it into their lives because although I’m young I have
experienced a lot of crazy wacky fun interesting things in my life and I’ve
learned a lot and I’ve failed a lot and I’ve been fortunate enough to succeed a
lot I talked to a lot of successful people I mean a lot of talented and
successful people and one thing that they tend to have in common they win
more than they lose to me that is about quality consistency it’s not just you
win you get lucky one time and that happens through thousands of hours tens
of thousands of hours of hard work hmm and so many people say they want it and
they don’t when I was a kid I’ve always been the funny guy the goofy guide the
ambitious one the one who stood out the Maverick hence the brand and everything
literally everything that I stand for in my vlog people would look at me funny
they laughed video why is he doing that why is he wearing orange camo jeans to
school as a fifth grader I did that I don’t lied yeah I was just like oh I’m
different everyone else is wearing like denim your boy wanted to be different so
I did and I was never afraid or ashamed of that but at the same time I would
always push myself and work extremely hard so that I could be the best I have
this this competitive instinct in me that and that’s what drives me that’s
why when I get into drama with my brother or like wears clothes and
subscribers like you guys are seeing like the mild version of my
competitiveness I will always run faster if there’s someone running next to me
that’s just how I am that’s how I function and I know that’s what makes me
tick so I like to make myself uncomfortable I like to surround myself
with myself with people that are going to challenge me and push me and compete
with me that’s how you grow you have to be calm
with being uncomfortable and if you lose win because you are now better and
stronger than you were in the past it’s just like working out you work out you
work out you work out you deplete your muscle you take your protein shake and
then your muscles heal and you’re stronger than you were before it’s the
same exact thing so what am I getting at when I was young I didn’t know what I
wanted to do I knew what I liked I knew I loved creating video but in Ohio like
oh you want to be an actor Coster self that’s not gonna happen that was a
mindset that was the bubble I lived in and everyone thought the same exactly
what they were what I like to call drones do not become a drunk I truly
believe that in today’s day and age anyone listening can become anything
they want especially with the development of mobile phones and
technology where you can communicate with someone across the world
if you hold a piece of metal up to your phone what is that that’s some magic
that’s some Hogwarts fucking incredible piece of metal up to your phone I meant
there’s nothing holding you back you don’t have to go audition for a movie or
a TV show if you don’t want why don’t why don’t you just create the world
yourself and that is what I did I refused to let people tell me what I
couldn’t do I decided at 15 I was going to become the master of my own destiny I
had surgery my head I have a titanium plate in my
head I had surgery on both of my knees I cut up in my calf this is the scar you
see here bang bang I sprained both my hip flexors and this was all in a period
of two years at one point you can imagine I pretty much gave up like I was
like dang light with the world hates life hates me why why me why why does
all this negative stuff have to happen to me I was the fastest kid on the
football team and I get hurt and I’m out for the entire season I thought my life
was over I couldn’t do leg lifts with the rest of the football team so I would
always stretch instead well guess well new gang I stretched for eight months
eight months straight and then before you know it you’re born was able to do
the splits which I’m sure you’ve seen this video one of the many videos that made me who
I am that made me Logan Paul on the internet
today what everything happens for a reason you might not know what it is at
the time but trust in yourself and work hard and believe that you can get
through whatever struggle you’re going through because when I got hurt I said
bullshit everybody I said I am going to be a winner I’m a champion I am NOT
gonna let what’s happening outside of me what’s happening to my body affect my
brain affect my mental so when I was fifteen I wrote on this piece of paper
literally got coffee stains on it the date is three eight ten over seven years
ago I got hurt and my mom told me to write these positive affirmations down
on a piece of paper I will work the hardest I will do extra work
I will go above and beyond Excel Excel win best Excel win win win I will be the
best I will excel win I will be stronger better faster and smarter than last year
I will be a champion I will be the greatest I will be the best I am the
best Excel Excel Excel Excel I put this in my brain I will gain strength beyond
what seems possible guys I was 15 I didn’t even know what half this stuff
meant or how I was gonna do it but I put it in my brain
cuz I am I’m a winner and you are – everyone should believe that they can
win and do whatever they want in their life and if you don’t believe that you
should not be a part of the logang because I use you a challenge to you
when you grow up if you want to buy a multi-million dollar house do it yo I
feel like Shia LaBeouf there’s no reason you shouldn’t or there’s no reason
today is a beautiful day to be alive is a magical time to be a human on planet
Earth and I only got one life on this floating rock in the middle of space so
by the time I die I won’t be sitting my bed to my deathbed and I won’t be like
damn I did it right logang that is the vlog I cannot wait for you to see the
new roommate tomorrow the house in the daytime all the good stuff
copier maverick merge because that’s the essence of today’s vlog Logan Paul comm
/op it is not a movement it’s a revolution of people who are going to
dent the universe low gang I love y’all and I will see you tomorrow take it easy
fare okay I’ll take it from here I also bought that painting that was
cool like you’d like that

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