Finally! Progress on the Nursery!

You were touching them? Yes. It’ll be fine. Ugh. I said not to. I found out why you’re not supposed.

You were touching them? Yes. It’ll be fine. Ugh. I said not to. I found out why you’re not supposed to touch
them with your hands. That’s all burn right there. There is so much stuff in here. It’s not even funny. It used to be an exercise room. That’s still what I use it for the majority
of the time. But in the last few weeks it has somehow become
a storage room too. So I have laundry in here that’s drying. Suitcases and books from my work. It’s gonna be quite a day. Here we go! He likes playing with mittens. We’re working on the nursery. We’ve almost got the room cleared out. I went through 3 file cabinet drawers of total
junk from like 10 years ago. Ugh, I’m glad that’s done. Now we’re getting ready to put up the light
fixture. Fingers crossed that it looks good. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just gonna try to wing it. If I see there’s an obvious way to put up
that light fixture and connect it, I’ll do it. If not, I guess I’ll do it anyway and risk
electric shock. Stacy’s not going to take no for an answer
she wants that thing up. By the way, there’s a small confession. We transferred all of the junk over to this
other room. Yeup, It’s
a disaster. It’s not junk. You can’t throw out the exercise equipment. And then over there i’m storing a lot of the baby stuff. lot be able to move it over. the baby stuff. Once I get furniture I’ll be able to move it over. I think it’s fine. Ever the optimist. I was able to remove that other fixture that
was there but I just kind of took off the part that you clean. I haven’t really gotten to the guts of it. In a perfect world they would just be perfectly
compatible and I just plug it in easily but we’ll see. I doubt it’s a perfect world. This is the light fixture that Stacy picked
out. Let’s take a look. (Eric Yodels). Eric is never all business. I’m all business when it comes to this stuff. This is whatI deal with. (Eric Yodels again). Oooh, it’s pretty. She went fancy on this one. Whatever, I get props for how pretty the light
is. Let’s take a look. Don’t toot your own horn just yet missy. Toot toot. I can tell that it’s absolutely splendidly
beautiful from here. Really? Yeah. Good job Stacirita. It just won’t come out of the bag. Patting yourself on the back. Good job Stacirita. It’s so hard to open! Why don’t you cut it? That would be too easy. Tadaa! You guys are getting a bit of a spoiler. Spoiler alert. Something missing from one of them? Oh no! They all have it. Maybe it’s an extra. Yeah they all have it. Okay. I bet it’s just an extra in case one was missing. Or breaks. You just put it on. Yeah. I’ll put it in my pocket for now. Never see that again. Actually, I will see it again in the laundry
this week. Is it heavy? Nothing’s really heavy for me baby. You have to ask “Is it more than 1000 lbs? 100 lbs? 5 lbs?” cause I handle all that. What in the world is in here? You’d think I’d know, I ordered it. We don’t know what we’re doing, obviously. Maybe this is how you hook it in. Woah, a lot of little lights. Starlights. Oooh. So what are those? I don’t know what these are. There’s directions right here. With a bunch of wires in the picture. Oh, that’s what I’m gonna need. I bet that’s to hook it up to the electricity. I don’t know what I’m doing. I might die! Trying to please Stacy! I’l be like “Your daddy was a great daddy. He was trying to hang your starlight. When he electrocuted himself and fell off
the ladder from the 10 ft ceiling. That’s why he’s no longer with us. But now we can afford to go to the Bahamas! Wooo! But we can’t enjoy it without daddy. Oh yes. So we won’t go. We’re gonna forever mourn him and wear black
until we ourselves join him in the afterlife. Not! There are only 4 steps. Baby, you got this. C’mon, 4 steps you got this. Four steps? Where are you. Look at the page. Just 4 little steps on it. Oh yeah, easy. I mean if this was from Ikea there would be
like 77 steps. It’s so easy baby, it’s so easy. Those of you who have put Ikea furniture together,
you know. You know what I’m talking about. It’s just so easy. Do you think we need an electrician? Yes, but you only got me so you’ll have to
make do. You’d be surprised, I’m pretty handy. Ok, good. That’s why I’m letting you do it. Otherwise I would’ve called the electrician. Oh my goodness. There are a lot of wires. No, just 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12. Where are they all gonna go? Oh my. What we’re about to do is probably illegal
so we’re gonna stop recording to not provide the state with evidence in case something
goes wrong. What? I need a screwdriver. I know I’m breaking all sorts of safety regulations. I really have no defense except to say that
I’m so competent that it’s not much risk. Does everyone like Eric’s little glasses with
those lights on them? Woah, that didn’t sound good. He’s a total nerd. I like to think of myself as eccentric, thank
you. Actually, I will say these have been very
useful. When he first got them I thought he was crazy. But we’ve used them several times and they
actually help out outside too. Unfortunately guys we had to cut the power
back here so the best we can do is this kind of dark look that we’ve got going on. I’m using my cellphone light to try to light
up the room. Alright guys, we’re about to flip the switch. I don’t know if I did it right, I mean I think
I did it right, but it’s my first time doing this. Let’s hope that nothing bad happens. We’ll get the camera rolling just in case. Let’s get it on tape in case the house burns
down. We’ll at least get $40 from youtube. That’s reassuring. Everything still good? Yeah, nothing is happening. Let’s get some light bulbs connected on it. I probably should’ve looked at how to connect
these things before I put it all the way up there. Right. It also said don’t touch it, right? Oh, what could happen if you touch it? I don’t know. I guess I’ll follow the directions just in
case. Yeah, don’t touch it. It didn’t turn on. Oh no. It was on before, right? It was. Ugh. Nothing. Oh, there it goes. Oh, yey! It’s a different switch now how weird. Oh, that’s what the red and the black controlled
then. Oh. I was wondering why they use one versus the
other. Neat. One down, 25 to go. If you need an electrician, give Eric a call. I don’t know about that guys. You might want to call an electrician. Who needs certification, insurance, liability,
customized jobs? Just call me. I’ll hack it together. If I were an electrician, I would run a commercial. Just call me, I’ll hack it together. When you flip the switch, the light will turn
on. Isn’t that all you really care about? What if the house burns down? Yey. You got one with like 50 light bulbs. It’s so pretty though. Look, doesn’t it make the room look so much
prettier? Yeah, it really does. What’s not pretty is how many times I have
to go up and down this thing. Do you want me to hang them to you? I should’ve put them up when they were down. Stacy: Oh my. Stacy: We do not recommend doing this at home. It’s a little scary. What sucks is that I have to keep coming down. Just for one. Did you hear me say do you want me to help
you? Maybe I’ll just open a bunch. You never answered my question. Do you want me to hand them to you? Oh, nah. Flip it on and off to make sure that one works
too. I read online that it’s very bright. And so you, that’s why people are using the
dimmer. So I have to get a dimmer. We’re gonna need a dimmer. Yeah. 14 more. Just 14. I’m just really regretting not doing it when
they were down. yeah. can’t do it now. This milk is spilt. No use crying over chocolate milk. Mmmm I love chocolate milk. Gonna have some of that in the morning! They say why you couldn’t touch them? No. My guess is they might break or something,
right? I think it’s just glass. It’ll be fine. Are you touching them? Yes. Ugh. It said not to! I found out why you’re not supposed to touch
them with your hands. See that? It looks like a cut, it’s actually a burn. After I turned the light bulb off, I touched
it and it left an imprint. You know they could’ve warned me and said
you know they get extremely hot. Well, maybe they did. We don’t really read directions what am I
saying. Should I turn it off? No, I don’t plan on touching it now. What if you accidentally touch it? I think it’ll be ok. I’m not error prone. I wanna turn it off. I’m gonna turn it off. No. I need to be able to see. There’s another light in the room. There. See? Scare me. It doesn’t really collect dust too. You know how those things are concave and
every month you look inside and it looks like there was an insect battle like the huge army
of insects is dead. Nothing can collect anywhere there. You have a major wedgie. Uh oh. It’s gonna be in the it’s gonna be in the
camera. Done. Yey! It’s so pretty. Isn’t it? Oh, it’s so pretty. I’m so happy. I feel like we did something right for once. They’re so pretty. Don’t show that! I was yawning. Did you ever doubt me? No, not at all. Are you happy it’s done? Yes, I’m very happy. I can’t believe how beautiful it looks! It’s perfect! How much do you love me now baby? More for sure. Oh god. Give the king some sugar. You Elvis? Here, wait. I’ll close my eyes and you could be Elvis. Hey! I’m going to sleep in here with the light. I guess that wouldn’t work out though cause
it’s blinding me all night. Stacy’s stander is gone, the exercise bike,
the bookcase, all the big things are gone. All this stuff is just like little fluff. Easy to empty out what’s remaining. Just some trash here. The big one is that light fixture. I’m not the type of guy who usually appreciates
the type of fixture you have but for this one, I do, I like it. It’s so pretty. Step 1 complete. Step 2, tomorrow! Yes? Tomorrow is Christmas We’re gonna have some relaxation time. That’s true that’s true and then we’re gonna
do it. Alright guys, that’s it for tonight. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas. If you like this video hit the like button. Leave a comment down below, and if you’re
new be sure to hit subscribe. Bye! I just wanted to show you the burn. It’s been a few hours, well, maybe like 2
hours now. We’re about to go to bed but the burn changed. This is what happens when touch one of those
little lights and it says not to touch them with your bare hands. That’s all burn right there. I think it’s gonna blister. Not good.

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if all is ok. I have not seen anything from you for a few days and I am concerned. I hope all is well

  2. Beautiful light!Love it up close when not so bright.Perfect pick for nursery!Hope your boo boo heals fast. Guess that is why they put warnings in directions.Lol!!!But who reads them???

  3. that is a beautiful light fixture. Erik I hope the burn didn't turn out to bad. Next time do what it says DON'T TOUCH THEM.

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