Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips & Tricks: Three Houses Event

Hello summoners! Matthew from the Nintendo Treehouse here with some quick tips for the Fire Emblem Heroes game. A new.

Hello summoners! Matthew from the
Nintendo Treehouse here with some quick tips for
the Fire Emblem Heroes game. A new game in the main
Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
for the Nintendo Switch
system is upon us! In this entry, you play the
part of a professor in the Officers Academy and
must choose one of three
houses to teach. From the great land of Fódlan,
the professor Byleth and the leaders of each of
the three houses are also
playable in Fire Emblem Heroes! Today, I’d like to introduce
these newly added Heroes and give everyone a few tips
for using them. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses,
players can choose to play as a male or female
version of the Byleth. Byleth is the child of Jeralt and they both worked as
mercenaries before coming to the Officers Academy
at Garreg Mach Monastery. Although Byleth had no previous
experience as a professor, the students seem to
respect Byleth a lot. Byleth also seems to share a
connection with a certain
mysterious girl… At the start for the crossover
event in Fire Emblem Heroes, players can potentially summon
the female character,
Byleth: Proven Professor. She has the potential to do
massive damage with
her skill kit. If damage is done to her,
Wrath’s effect combined with the damage of her special,
Ruptured Sky, can rack up a lot
of consistent damage. This special will even increase
that damage further when fighting dragons and beasts so
that units that are difficult to defeat like Idunn can be
taken out fairly easily. Even Tibarn’s guaranteed
follow-up attack can be canceled with the effects of
Byleth’s weapon, Creator Sword, and she can even take out
Tibarn on the counter attack! The effect of Fury will do a
good job of dropping her HP down so that she can maximize
her set’s effectiveness. However, in order to keep her
HP high enough to survive
enemy attacks, I would suggest teaming her up
with a character that can keep
her HP above the danger zone. Because she is more dangerous
at lower HP, I would suggest a seal like Brazen Atk/Def to
compliment this strength. Next up is the heir to the
Adrestian Empire, Edelgard. Edelgard is the house leader
of the Black Eagles and has so much confidence
in her role as a leader that it can intimidate
other students. In fact, she is completely fine
walking down the path to her goals alone to accomplish them. She is extremely driven and
seems to have a lot of ambition. In Fire Emblem Heroes,
Edelgard is a defensive powerhouse with her weapon
and does extremely well
out on her own. This is highlighted by the
effects of her weapon,
Victorious Axe as she can make a guaranteed
follow-up attack if the number of foes within 2 spaces of her
is greater than or equal to the number of allies
in the same space. Additionally, although she
is weak to magic, her A, B and C skills make her
almost invincible to
close range physical attacks. Even sword units like
Legendary Roy and Laevatein will have to think twice before
engaging in combat with her. I recommend giving her a
Close Def seal to further increase her already
high defense. Dimitri is the heir to the
Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the house leader
of the Blue Lions. Dimitri is chivalrous, kind and
has a strong sense of duty. He also treats everyone with
respect, regardless of their social status but seems to have
something weighing on his mind. I wonder what it could be? In Fire Emblem Heroes,
Dimitri boasts a monstrous physical attack with his
Noble Lance and Death Blow 4. If used strategically, he can even use it to guarantee
a follow-up attack based on the HP values of himself
and his foe. He can use this effect to take
out tough opponents like foes with high speed and defense or
foes that can disable a skill that guarantees a special
attack like Hrid
and Legendary Tiki, Tiki: Torpid Dragon,
and Nah. A new skill called Lull Atk/Def
not only neutralizes bonuses to attack and defense
from skills like Fortify and Rally, but can
further decrease those stats when in combat with Dimitri. Because of this effect and his
high attack, I suggest giving him the Heavy Blade seal to
unleash his special, Vengeance, more often for more damage. Because his weapon relies on HP
values, it is not a bad idea to pair him up with a healer. Last but not least is Claude,
the house leader of the Golden Deer and the
grandson of the current head of the Leicester Alliance. Claude is charming,
has a quick wit and shrugs off his
mistakes with a smile. He also has a knack for
strategy and isn’t below using a bit of trickery. He can be a bit of a
troublemaker, but his unpredictability also
makes him a great ally. In Fire Emblem Heroes,
Claude has a talent for weakening his foes to
give himself a great advantage. His weapon, Cunning Bow,
has the potential of lowering all of his foe’s stats by 5
when in combat with them! This is accomplished by giving
Claude as many bonuses as possible and inflicting as
many penalties on the enemy as possible so that the
difference is more than 10. The easiest way to accomplish
this is Hone Cavalry which gives him +6 to both
attack and speed
for a total of +12. Claude also comes with
Lull Spd/Def which can also help weaken foes. If he receives a boost from
hone cavalry and uses the effects of
Lull Spd/Def Claude’s speed will be at +6
while the enemy is at -8! With this advantage, he can
even do a follow-up attack against Legendary Alm
when Alm attacks with the effects
of Darting Blow 4! Of course, relying on boosts
alone might come back to haunt Claude as there are characters
and seals with abilities that can nullify boosted stats. In this case, you will have to rely
on more on penalties instead. Using Mordecai or Summer
Ursula’s skill sets can get Claude to meet the conditions
for Cunning Bow’s effect easily. The seal that Claude uses depends
on the situation but, equipping him with the
Chill Atk 3 seal so that he has a -7 attack
penalty to inflict on a target will also help penalize a
strong foe on the map. Distant Def could help make
Claude stronger defensively for counter attacks and Darting Blow could help
insure that he gets follow-up attacks. Claude is a man
that is used to adapting to the situation after all! As you can see, the characters
from Fire Emblem: Three Houses bring a lot of personality and
new possibilities to your teams in Fire Emblem Heroes. And don’t forget, you can receive
Byleth: Tested Professor
for the Fire Emblem Heroes when purchasing
Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Please note that he
has a different skill set compared to the
female counterpart,
Byleth: Proven Professor. For details, check out the
website listed in the
description of this video. That’s all for today summoners!
Good luck!

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