FIXING AWFUL GET FAMOUS MUSEUM // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Renovation

Hi everybody it’s Kayla and welcome back to another Fixer Upper, the show where I usually attempt to fix up.

Hi everybody it’s Kayla and welcome back to another Fixer Upper, the show where I usually attempt to fix up your houses, but today take on the greatest and also worst thing I have ever seen. This is potentially the most impossible challenge we’ve taken on yet, but we’re going to attempt to fix the godawful new museum that comes with Get Famous. Now, you may have seen the Plumbob Pictures Museum before, uh… no one deserves to have seen it before, but unfortunately we all have, and so we’re gonna try and fix it today. It took me so long to do. I think it turned out pretty great though. And it definitely doesn’t look like this any more! So, let’s go ahead and do a quick tour. Oh my god, okay, deep breaths you guys When you first walk up, you come on up these stairs and you have an actually kind of nice lobby of the downstairs area of the museum. There’s some paintings on the wall, there’s a pretty dinosaur head thing, y’know we’ve got just… some empty corners, some bathrooms over here, uh, y’know, just normal stuff. There’s like some tables outside, great views of the city! And then you go up the stairs- oop, where are they? Hello! up here, and you find — from the inside — what isn’t that bad of a space, like, the museum is like- it could look like this, pretty realistic, although there’s floating lights, which is a little bit irritating, but what’re you gonna do? Uh, so you have, like, some exhibits for each of these things, uh, the floorboards — I don’t know if you can tell, but they’re, like, all going different directions? Like, I’m struggling to understand why this is happening, but it- it is? And it’s upsetting, but y’know, we’ll get through it together! They’ve just got exhibits everywhere, and still more floorboards going different directions in, like, the most random places I really don’t understand why they’ve done that. Like, I really- I can’t grasp why this has happened. Do you see this? Like, wh- [sigh] Anyway, they’ve got all these exhibits. It’s a cute place from the inside, but once you get to the out- ’cause like, it just seems like a normal, real-life kind of museum. But once you get to the outside, and you realise, uh… This?

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  1. As awful as it looked, it was probably based on contemporary brutalist architecture. You really ought to look into styles of architecture around the world and through the ages if you're going to comment on them.

  2. Hey Lilsimsie, love your videos!

    Can you make a get famous mansion but in a mid-century modern style? Like split levels, cool colored kitchen, and the streamlined-but-still-homey feel?

  3. I have not seen the museum before and actually startet to laugh when I saw it in the beginning of this video ? The inside is so weird, too! And what is going on with the floor?!
    Really liked your renovation btw ?

  4. I have listened to you and watched your content for a while, around 2 years, now. I want you to know….I think you are a genuinely good person. You are someone I would like to be friends with :-). Life gets better girl! I think you're on an up swing of life and you are going to SOAR!!!!

  5. I have a question that you might know the answer to. Can you not raise the foundation anymore? Is it only if you put terrain cause I tried to figure it out but I just can’t lol

  6. You talking about how you like to put up a long video on Thanksgiving is so nice, i almost teared up a tiny little bit because that is so thoughtful

  7. I think that the before building was like… a very poor attempt on some frank lloyd wright kinda building (I mean there are a few of them in LA), anyone else??

  8. normally when i watch random sims videos from random channels i have to sort of, bear with the persons overzealousness or supergirlishness, to enjoy the content itself and often i just end up muting the video. this channel is new to me, but your energy just sort of matches mine, you know that feel? just calm, but quietly raging, but rationalizing, but still miffed

  9. To be honest, I was disappointed with all the lots that came with Get Famous. The mansions are bland and had too much space with not enough furniture (they felt a bit too much like a museum in my opinion) and the community lots are boring as there isn't enough to do so you quickly get bored. I know you can just rebuild or download something off the gallery but the lots just felt like a rush job with no thought put it them. But then again, I'm not surprised anymore with EA

  10. I'm just laughing because even though I have Get Famous, I've never actually seen this museum in anything other than the world map. I didn't realise how bad it is. Wow.

  11. Two ideas: one is a cement tool in the sims. How it would work is if you build a column using the room tool you’d just fill in that room with the cement tool so that it wouldn’t be an annoying room and would just be a column. Sorry that this explanation is kinda bad. Another ideas is color swatches for dyed hair in CAS. Basically there’d be color swatches to change the other color of the hair in CAS to coordinate outfits and other colored hairs easier.

  12. I got rid of the museum and put in a restaurant. I have a museum in Newcrest, along with my gym, didn't need another one of either of them in my game.

  13. Also, just wanna say, all glass roofing in a MUSEUM? Bad bad idea. You're gunna sun-bleach EVERYTHING.
    I recognise that's not an issue in the Sims, but if we're gunna be pedantic about it…

  14. One of the premade lots in get famous said I didn't have some packs for some of the objects so it replaced them, that's got to be lazy

  15. I am guessing they tried to create a 1970s "brutalist" building, which is a controversial style even in real life… and they sort of stopped midway through. There are a few really eye-catching buildings in that style in the real world and I think it would be interesting to try to use the overall concepts for a sims build.

  16. i love how you mention finals because I'm watching this to procrastinate writing my final papers and studying for my exams lol

  17. I think it's intended to be Brutalist architecture. There's a lot of it in California where this seems to be based on. It really looks like. Externally blunt with sharp angles and bulky and yes asymmetrical, but internally functional and that's where the prettiness can be.
    Now, I'm not a fan of brutalism, so I don't like it at all, but apparently some people do, and it's definitely A Thing, in architecture. That said, the floor tiles, idk that's a weird mess.

  18. "My two year old computer isn't doing good anymore so instead of just upgrading parts, I'm going to buy a completely new computer" I mean… I guess when you make a lot of money you don't have to worry about purchases.

  19. I can see what they were going for. It's like a mix of the UCSD Geisel Library (a very famous building here in San Diego, California) and the sort of all-box-and-glass architecture popular in LA in the '90s.

  20. Your finals dates fall on the same as my school so I can’t help but think you attend UCF! I’ve been watching you forever, so it’d be a huge coincidence if you do ?

  21. Ignorant scum, it was a perfect example of an early 20th century modern styled museum that actually incorporated many of the basic principles of architecture described by the famous architect Le Corbusier and you turned it onto this awful industrial like piece of shit.

  22. Honestly who designed Del Sol valley cos it’s just so bad on another level… it looks like someone who just got onto sims 4 and has never designed anything before made the whole thing

  23. I appreciate so much that you still post on New Years and Thanksgiving. It's genuinely so thoughtful and cool of you. Thanks simsie, we love ya girl.

  24. I legit just put windows everywhere and put a flat green roof on all my builds. I think this is due to the Sims 2 had those 3 white modernish houses and I was obsessed with them.

  25. Y'know what my first reaction was? When I saw this…. something? I was scared. Mf, I was scared. What the hell was that? Thank you for fixing this. I love u. I know I'm late. But thanks so much

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