Flat Design | Illustrator Tutorial by Swerve®

ctrl + C ctrl + F ctrl + Shift + ] ctrl + Shift + [ Just Hold ctrl +.

ctrl + C ctrl + F ctrl + Shift + ] ctrl + Shift + [ Just Hold ctrl + [

100 thoughts on “Flat Design | Illustrator Tutorial by Swerve®”

  1. You are one of the most inspiring designers on this site, even though you sound a bit more awkward then usual… (Marina Joyce? o_O

  2. Hey Swerve im an aspiring designer going on to uni to eventually go on to clothing design and develope a company of my own one day ha. Just wondering where aboust did you study for graphic design?? need to learn your skills man ha

  3. hi, im zyro and I just started a brand new design community channel! maybe you could help us out by submitting a video or giving a shoutout for small designers that watch your video's to grow their channels and hopefully we can make an awesome designers community! 😀

  4. Good to see ya back nailing these videos as usual, Swerve. But I think I liked the GraphicStock advertising the best in this one. Lol.

  5. Which is the website that shows a lot of colours that go well? You forgot to put it in the description box.. anyways thanks for the tutorial!

  6. You sir, are a really awesome designer! Thank you so much for your tutorials! Plus, the music behind is neat! See ya for the next lesson!

  7. the way your mouse moves is probably my favourite part of this and i don't know why. it reminds me of like, a little fairy zipping around

  8. Dude how do I set up?! God this is frustrating because I dig your stuff but I can't do anything cause I don't know step one. If i knew step one I'd be loving your channel but since I don't it just a big tease.

  9. Hey Swerve! Your audio sounds great! I can hear you are using a compressor. What ratio are you using?

  10. this tuturial is shit…. you dont tell anyone why you are doing the things you are doing. you simply say that your are doing them. even your cartoon shading tuturial which is your most in depth tuturial its still garbage dude… when you do a tuturial. if you arent explaining why its so. you are basically just telling your audience. this is what im doing. just do this. which is only adding to artist copying your work.

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