Flat Earth Girl Still Thinks We’re Dating

Whats going on guys you’re watching Reaction Time ! All right guys so, here is the deal. I made a.

Whats going on guys you’re watching Reaction Time ! All right guys so, here is the deal. I made a video about a girl that thinks the earth is flat. Then she decided to roast me. Cause she was not happy with the video i made. So after that I reacted to the video she made about her roasting me, And then she made another video, talking about how we are in love. And we’re dating which is not true. Cause we’re not, cause no. So then I reacted to that video, and i told you guys, that, me and her, we’re not gonna work out. So then she came out with a new video called : “TO REACTION TIME” Let’s put on our glasses, let’s go, we’re going to react to Schmitty, once again Did she just call me Sal? Am i the only one that heard her call me Sal? Guys, please let me… My name is not Sal, my name is Tal. Where the f*ck did she get Sal from?! I call myself Tal. *HUGE DRAMATIC BREATHING* Why?! What are we been through? Me and her have not been through anything, i don’t know what she’s talking about Aww… I’m sorry *LAUGH* You play me like a symphony. You play me like a symphony. Aye she got my name right! F*CK! That’s not my name! My name is not Sal. *SARCASTIC LAUGH* She’s after me guys. We broke up. *TAKING OFF GLASSES* What the f*ck? Woah… Alright, this sh*t just got serious dude. This sh*t just got serious bro. *LAUGH* *BLRBLRBLR* *PANIC ATTACK* That’s not my name! *HEAVY BREATHING* *SHAKİNG HİS HEAD* *GRRRR…* Forgive me for what?! *OVER SARCASTIC LAUGH* When i wake up, she’s there just going: *SARCASTIC LAUGH IS BACK* You look so beautiful when you sleep… Yeah you look so beautiful when you sleep *ANOTHER LAUGH* *PUTS ON GLASSES* Woah dude holy sh*t! I’m so screwed guys, i regret even like, making a video about about her… Awww man, oh my god. *SHORT REAL LAUGH* What’s happening? She alright? *LOOKING WEIRDLY AT THE LENS* *DRINKS GLASS OF WATER* *CHOKING ON WATER* *DRINKS ANOTHER GLASS OF WATER* You are! You’re lying! Guys don’t believe her, we’re not, i don’t have a thing with this girl. A victim? *LAUGH* That range tho, 10 to 17 year old fans. Alright guys seriously, don’t… *SCRATCHES NOSE* Don’t dislike her videos guys. *HEAVY BREATHING* Oh my f*cking god! My name is not… *HEAVY BREATHING AGAIN* Oh my… *WALKS AWAY BECAUSE HE’S ANGRY* *GOES BACK* *LOOKS AT THE LENS* Help me, help me What the f*ck was that? I honestly think she’s after me I’m not even joking i think she’s coming after me, and i don’t know what to do. If my address gets leaked i’m done. Like that’s it, that’s it. Game over She’s gonna wake up next to me in the morning, And say: *WEIRD LAUGH* Hey sunshine, how… how did you sleep sunshine? *AND ANOTHER LAUGH* Like… Alright guys i’m just kidding… i’m just kidding, this was all for fun, this was all for a laugh Guys don’t take her videos seriously, on twitter she tweeted at me, she said it was just a joke, we all know it’s just a joke, so seriously guys dont take it too seriously. Um you can go check her out, link is down below don’t send her hate either guys, come on she’s just joking around *TAKES OFF GLASSES* I think… Thank you so much for watching, leave some more sugestions down below that i’m going to react to and i’ll see you guys next time ON REACTION TIME! Aah… you see what i did there?

100 thoughts on “Flat Earth Girl Still Thinks We’re Dating”

  1. Girl:ahem ahe ahe ahe heheheheheeheheh
    Oof girl stop laughing

  2. schmitty : you know what we’ve been through SAL
    me: it doest sound like youve been through alot IF YOU DONT KNOW HIS NAME

  3. Did she rehears everything case that what it sounds like haha if she says it's the fans choice I say break up she is literally really creepy no offence to her I don't want to cause trouble

  4. In 2016, I'm literally 9… Like dude, what the actual f**k⁉️ I ain't 10-17 dat year gurl‼️Just get some help already‼️

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