Flatmates – S01EP01 – Kapde Pehen Le

Muah!!!! Love You. I’m outside Put on some clothes, Bathla. Rinky is in the bedroom. I am wearing something, Tandon..

Muah!!!! Love You. I’m outside Put on some clothes, Bathla. Rinky is in the bedroom. I am wearing something, Tandon. Rinky is inside, no? She is about to come out. What is this? Tea and melon? Seriously? Two days back, you were dipping parle G in the lemonade Seriously?? That’s because lemonade is rinky’s favorite and parle G is my favorite Ok, then, tea is my favorite melon is my grandma’s favorite I was missing rinky. I was missing grandpa Grandma!! and I am always so clean. You have made a mess out here Listen bro your girl makes surprise visits. I just come out and sit in the hall without complaining. Whatever you do in the bedroom, I never complain. What is your problem if I get comfortable out here? What nonsense!! You don’t see any problem in this? Rinky will come out, see you naked, she will be embarrassed. This looks so cheap bro First of all I am not naked, just not wearing a T-shirt. And bro, these shades can be cheap but this is Jocky’s boxer. And if I am looking so cheap why she should be embarrassed? I should be embarrassed I should ask her to come out with closed eyes. You don’t understand Bathla. She is a girl. It’s awkward for her. Nothing is awkward bro. You are overthinking. Relax! In fact, you should join me here and eat melon. You know what’s surprising? That you are still surprised about your single status. Bro, everyone is surprised about it So I am not surprised at your surprise. Are you stupid? Unnecessarily arguing with me Keep all arguments aside, isn’t it enough that a friend is requesting How will it affect you if you put on some clothes? And how will it affect you, if I don’t? It will affect me bro… That’s why i have been insisting Unnecessary arguments. Mother Fucker!! Did you just use a cuss word? You said, that you want stop swearing! From now on, every cuss word will have a penalty of Rs. 5.Ohh Shit!!! I am begging you, please put some clothes on She is just coming out I am ready to pay any penalty you want. As if it’s for my benefit No, it’s my benefit only I am begging you, please put on some clothes This is also for my benefit. Please. Please Bro. Don’t Beg, bro. You are making me feel guilty. Hey! Where are you going? Bedroom. To get some clothes I’ll get it. What is this… Wait a minute. The clothes on the bed… were yours? Yes.. Wait a minute.. Did you guys remove my clothes, before having sex? Obviously Bro, what are you saying..Wait, I’ll talk to you Mom’s Video call bro.. Are you going to talk to her like this? Fuck, fuck, I can’t talk to her like this, bro. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!
Hey! Batla!!!! You Mother Fucker!!!!

48 thoughts on “Flatmates – S01EP01 – Kapde Pehen Le”

  1. Okay!! So, this is not upto the mark… it can be easily understood that this is a very very low budget film… that’s alright.. but add some proper background music, rectify the lights and the dubbing too… the acting needs to be improved too… also, it is not so relatable… good luck for the upcoming projects. Hope to see you guys doing great! Honestly speaking, there’s a lot more expectations from Vipul… but this is not upto the mark.. direction needs to be improved too…

  2. Not bad but could be great by adding more dramatic music and camera angles. I guess you guys deliberately did it to make it look raw. Anyways keep up the good work and make more of these.

  3. Bilkul maza nhi aaya .. start me lleo ka yaad aaya thoda .. bro soda lega .. jagha kaha hai .. or subha subha sharab kaun peeta hai .. haan 11 bje theka khul jayega le aayenge .. jaise dialogues jayada hilarious tha.. time paas ke liye video banana band Karo saheb ..

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