Fox Body Mustang Exhaust Kit Installation: Flowmaster Cat Back & SVE Off Road H Pipe

Here’s another problem solving money saving kit from SVE. We took our popular fox body mid-pipe and paired it up.

Here’s another problem solving
money saving kit from SVE. We took our popular
fox body mid-pipe and paired it up with a
quality flowmaster cat-back to give you a great
sounding exhaust system that’s not going
to break the bank. The reason you want to replace
all your exhaust components, well, let’s face it. What’s under your car
right now is probably completely rusted out. These components are direct
replacements for the originals and will bolt
right up to factory exhaust headers on ’86
to ’93 Mustangs as well as any aftermarket
shorty header. We’re going to walk you
through the installation from front to back
and then give you some sound clips on
this Convertible GT. Thoroughly soak down off
fasteners with penetrating oil and let sit. Remove the cat-back
to mid-pipe nuts. Remove the existing
cat-back from the car. The tail pipes may need
to be cut to get them out. Check out all the rust coming
out of our old cat-back. Unplug and remove
the O2 sensors. Remove the mid-pipe to
header retaining nuts. Loosen the smog tube
to mid-pipe clamp. Pry the mid-pipe out of the
hangar and the small tube and removed from the vehicle. Take this opportunity
do inspect all hardware and chase the threads as needed. Start installing
as the SV H-pipe by hanging the two starter
pipes in the hangar and loosely start the
nuts on the headers. Use the supplied hardware
to loosely attached the H section to
the starter tubes. Inspect all your rubber exhaust
hangers and replace as needed. You can grab brand new
ones off our website. Slide the tail
pipes over the axle and hook the rear hangers
into the insulators. Slide the supplied clamp
on to the muffler outlet and slide the muffler
outlet over the tailpipe. Hook the muffler hanger
into the insulator. And use the hardware
supplied with the H pipe to attach the
cat-back to mid-pipe. Use a jack to move the
exhaust up into position and tighten the H section
to the starter tube and then mid-pipe
to cat-back bolts. Tighten the mid-pipe
to header nuts. Reinstall the O2 sensors. Plug them back in. Completely inspect the
tailpipe for clearance around the gas tank, frame
rail, upper control arm, and front of the axle housing. Adjust as needed
and tighten down the muffler to tailpipe clamp. Repeat for the other side. Finally, it may be
necessary to adjust the position of the
smog tube attachment to connect the smog tube. Tighten down the
smog tube clamp. Replace that busted broke down
exhaust system on your fox body with a brand new SV exhaust kit. We have them in
versions to LX and GT, from ’86 all the way to ’93. Plus, they’re great for
doing true dual exhaust conversions on ’79
to ’85 Mustangs. You can even make
them 49 state legal by picking up a set of our high
flow mini catalytic converters. Take a trip over to
your exhaust shop and have them
welding in for you. If you’re not viewing
this video on our website, be sure to click
below to check out the full lineup of exhaust
products for your fox body at [CAR ENGINE]

22 thoughts on “Fox Body Mustang Exhaust Kit Installation: Flowmaster Cat Back & SVE Off Road H Pipe”

  1. Lol at all them cracks in the road I just found that funny don't mind me.
    By the way what kind of headers would fit well with this exhaust upgrade or any upgrade from stock in general?

  2. I'm looking at buying at 2001 Mustang gt that is modified. I cannot see the exhaust tips from any of the pictures. Should I assume that there has been a modification like this to the car? Please respond!

  3. Any chance is LMR going to have an X pipe on sale soon? I been looking around and there aren't many that are stainless steel and stay affordable.

  4. What series mufflers are in the sound byte? I want a good sound, but don't like the deceleration crackle. These sound good.

  5. I would like to know what type of exhaust you just installed? I would like to know what type or kind of exhaust is showing at the end of the video! I got a 1990 hatchback Ford mustang what type of exhaust do you recommend I should install? thanks

  6. apparently the left side is a very hard one to get strait on fox body I just got my lx pipes on and still left side just a little off (exhaust guy say best can get)

  7. Would this exhaust system bolt to the factory headers on a 1987 lincoln mark 7? And would there be anything that I might need to change or fabricate if I did this? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

  8. I had an issue when fitting my passenger side O2 sensor it won’t fit? It hits the k member and there is not enough room for the sensor to screw in straight. Has anyone come across this issue? I have bbk shorty unequal headers and bbk off road h pipe.

  9. I really think a clamp on bolt on exhaust is the way to go on a stang. Most of mine I welded and I know I'm gonna have to cut it to remove transmission to do the rear main seal.

  10. When installing an off road mid pipe and flowmaster american thunder catback, does it mess with the factory computer settings? Do you need to retune so not to trip the check engine light?

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