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Today we’re at steampunk house which is one of our latest projects and it’s called steampunk because it was a.

Today we’re at steampunk house which is
one of our latest projects and it’s called steampunk because it was a really
unique brief. Steampunk style as part of the brief from the client. It’s a
three-bedroom terraced house and the brief was actually to open up the kitchen
dining and lounge into one open plan layout without the extension in the side return. So there’s
some really nice design ideas that we’ve implemented here and we’re going to show
you around show you them now. Let’s go for it. George why are you standing in the
middle of this big yellow thing around you? It’s not a thing, It’s a yellow Steel Ewald. So we’ve used this to open up this floor layout, so this used to be a typical
terrace house two rooms hallway and we just opened it all up to make it open plan and
completely reveal the structure that we’ve used to do that and we painted it really beautiful mustard yellow. We really like this stair, can you remind people how we achieved it? Sure, by removing the wall here, we revealed this staircase, we reclad it, we used some bold colour and making it into the feature it is today. This is one of my favourite bits. This used to be a window and we’ve replaced
it with a door to get into the garden and we created a really beautiful arch
that wasn’t there before and then next to it to really build out this room
so that feels that this room goes through to the outside, we’ve got a whole bookshelf built in. We are in
the kitchen as you can see and the main thing that we did here was there was a
small window here before and we decided to make a full width opening into a
beautiful landscaped sized window in steel slimline frames and the galley layout
right now looks a lot more or a lot better for the clients. The
appliances are in the right places and there is so much more cupboard space. George, there are a lot of colours going on in this kitchen. Yeah and that’s exactly
what the clients wanted on this project so we went quite eclectic we’ve got
these concrete work tops is green on one side and red
on the other and it makes the space really playful and really personal and
really unique and adding to that we then wanted to work with reusing materials
that was really important to us here and this timber here that’s on the kitchen
fronts that were bespoke made by the builder, they’re actually reclaimed
floorboards that we took from another part of the house and they’re so
beautifully made and composed together, so it’s a totally bespoke kitchen. So going further into the kitchen there used to be a wall here or in a small
cubby door we decided to remove all that add in the door to bring in some light
at the end that washes the whole floor and lights up the space quite nicely before going into that bathroom, giving the extra access to that garden. It’s just working a lot better altogether. A really good little design tip
here, put in a roof light above the stairs it brings in so much light down
into the space in this house. Surely we should have extended here? Well, the
reason why we didn’t extend was these two here. These are windows giving out into the side return which is why decided to create two large openings from the kitchen and lounge, making a huge impact on those two spaces and a very strong connection to the garden. Favourite bits? The yellow steels. You?
Green concrete. Good choice! Biggest challenge? The arch above the window. How about you? Working with the reclaimed materials, definitely, for the kitchen.
Yeah. Thank you for coming to visit BVDS Steampunkhouse. Follow the hashtag on
Instagram to see pictures of the construction process and we hope to see
you next time again.

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