Get a Life and Get Offline: MAYA’S WORLD VLOG Ep.12

Jay Ellyiot on the track! Get up, get inspired and live your life out loud! Swipe your card to the.

Jay Ellyiot on the track! Get up, get inspired and live your life out loud! Swipe your card to the MTA
All the way down to the BK Say hey to the strangers along the way
Make your way To the Brooklyn Museum
Jean Paul Gaultier High fashion runway, beauty
On the walls Okay, so what I’m just trying to say is, just get out of your home. Get inspired, there’s so much around you! Look it up, read the community newspaper, go online and see what is up and get out! Oh my goodness, this exhibit. Gaultier; if you’re in New York City, it’s going on until mid–February. Check out the description box for information. Let’s head over to Rhode Island, boo! It’s a snow storm! LILI: It’s a snow storm! We are in the snow storm shopping for miss Maya, because she’s a grown woman. And this grown woman needs to get her home together! Because if you get your home together, you get your life right, and guess what, that attracts people to you. And by ”attracts,” I mean a man. MAYA: I’m going to get my life, boo boo! LILI: It’s about, well, I think that your environment should reflect who you are. You was doing hobo chic. There’s hobo chic, but you was just doing hobo. We were at the bargains for billionaires restoration hardware outlet store, which right now everything is 40 percent off. MAYA: What’s 40 percent off $1000, guys?! I’m not about it. Not $600 for a chair! LILI: Yeah. That’s baller. MAYA: Even when I am a millionaire, I don’t– LILI: Yes you will! You will! You’ve got to live the lifestyle and put out the vibe that you want to get back. And I always feel like, you dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. So guess what, I’m wearing a fur Cavalli jacket! That’s right, b***h! That’s right, check this! I got no money in the bank, but I look good! What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl representing Rhode Island, word to Big Bird. I’m here at my drag sister’s place. We’ve got some contacts. Look at this! Totally not fair. Okay! Just going down the pink hallways. LILI: We’re just hanging out! MAYA: is this the look for tonight? LILI: No, I just threw this on just for the cameras. MAYA: Let me see! Put it up here. LILI: The rhinestone. MAYA: You b***h! Where did you get this from?! LILI: These were a secret gift from a very special friend. And that’s it! MAYA: Okay boos. This is the OOTN [Outfit of the Night]! There you have it! Night on the town with the girls. Okay? This is how we get down. Shameless painting this town. FRANCESA: What are you guys doing tonight? You guys just hanging? LILI: We’re going to eat out right now! We’re in the car. FRANSECA: Are you dolled up? LILI: Girl! We’re in full stitch! Both of us, she looks like– FRANCESA: You’re giving looks? You’re giving shows? LILI: Yeah! She’s Mayas of a Geisha. Not Memoirs of a Geisha, she’s Mayas of a Geisha. ARI OLA: Hi everyone! I’m Areola, like the nipple! IVANNA: Hi babies! I’m Ivanna, but not so much right now. LILI: We have to show John Dellarocco’s georgeous artwork too. J.D. 2013. We keeping it clean in 2014. Hello! I’m here in Boston, Massachusetts! At Machine, okay? Giving you moulin rouge, giving you velvet rope, giving you bozo realness. So anyways, I’m going to see you guys inside. We’re going to turn it out–flop it, drop, it, kick it–get with it! There she is! RAINBROW FRIGHT: She’s beating it; she’s gluing it down, then she’s beating it. MAYA: I’m trying to teach them. RAINBOW: Teach the children, right? Teach the children, there we go. You do 3 layers? Me too. MAYA: And then I Ben Nye it up. What are you giving me? What are you serving up? LILI: What, this? It’s just campy. It’s like, Mrs. Roper goes to the disco. MAYA: Giving us eyes! RAINBOW: Lights, camera, and me without a stitch of makeup on! For those of you that know me, you know I am a drag queen. Or at least I want to be. But I get inspired by the drags, they just teach me how to live my life out loud! Be proud and be shameless! Fuerza Bruta, if you were fortunate to have seen this show when it was still on for the last 6 years here in New York City, you were blessed. Post-modern theatre, this movement piece was beautiful. But again, check your local listings on exhibits, shows, performances. Art is around us, and it’s so inspiring. I hope this video helps you guys. Please comment below and let me know what you guys do to stay inspired outside of social media. Remember to do you, be you, and stay true. Be shameless.

97 thoughts on “Get a Life and Get Offline: MAYA’S WORLD VLOG Ep.12”

  1. OMG!!! I LOVE THIS VLOG!!! I miss NY so much more now! So much to do and No time at all to do it! Thanks for the post so inspiring! 

  2. omg I just wish I could hang out with you for one day…I only live in the next city over Philly ofcourse Maya your so inspiring and w/e happened to that MetroPCS meet up thing 

  3. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! UGH! Drag Queens are the real Queens! <3 Love this so much! Your make up btw is THA BAAAAUUMMMMB! 

  4. Omg maya…. it looked as tho yall had a ball… i would love to have been there 🙂 and girl i loved loved loved that red hair straight gorge!!

  5. Hey lovelies! I’m Kirsteen and I just uploaded my very first fashion video over at my channel. It would mean the world to me if you guys came and checked it out!! Thank you so much<333

  6. ooookay… who is the guy (not) driving in the snow.  He's too cool. I need him in my life!!!!!  Hobo chic – going for it!!! LOL

  7. Lili WA didn't have not a single hand on the steering wheel the whole time in that snow storm! How the heck was she driving?

  8. Ok am I the only one wishing that you'd do a makeup tutorial in the mayas of a geisha look? Because, it is too cute

  9. How is Todd driving when he's talking with both hands?? LOL!! My mind was blown for a minute, there lol! Then I got scared cause ya'll were truly in the middle of a snowstorm. 

  10. I love your videos and that guy who said "I ain't got no money in the bank but I look good" that's something I would say after thinking about the item for awhile then buying it. I love it ❤❤

  11. yall are too funny .. Im really out going not as out going as you but I tend to say what I think and have very strong views.. sometimes I feel like I need to change that. Shut up let others say what they want be a little more submissive in my character but you make me feel the beauty in my character. Its okay to be assertive and wild etc  #shameless  I hope I can fully be that one day

  12. Here in Birmingham AL where everything shuts completely down (and I love it) with a couple flakes of snow and some ice, your friend was TERRIFYING me with his "look ma, no hands" driving in the snowstorm.  LOL. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video. #livingvicariouslyuntilicreatalifeofmyown

  13. Omg your a female I'm honesty confused how do you say your a drag queen you don't need to be your an actual woman im confused af.

  14. I sooo love this video! For my DIRTY THIRY I'm throwing a Drag Party! But have know idea what to do, YIKES!!!  😀 #ShamlessMaya  Help me!!! LOL

  15. Girl I feel u. I'm a Mac girl so I have plenty of gay friends and they say I'm more of a tranny and drag than they are lmao queen at heart yaaaaassss

  16. Lord knows I need this video! I've wasted too many days ( errrrrr years smh :/ )on the net! Love this vid Maya 🙂 too inspiring

  17. Lili WA was hilarious.  Can you cut a track of her saying "I ain't got no money in the bank…but…. I look good!" lol

  18. "Remember to do you, be you and stay true" So inspiring, i'm gettin my ass out the house today!! hahaha

  19. "Remember to do you, be you and stay true" So inspiring, i'm gettin my ass out the house today!! hahaha

  20. What performance or show was going on at the end? It looked so cool. Anyone know the name of it so i could watch it online or something?

  21. Anyone in Las Vegas want to get their shameless on? I'm pretty shy and I want to get out and get. a. life.

  22. I go to some of my local museums, my favorite being our Musical Instruments Museum (the MIM). I take in some Theatre, dining, karaoke, or drumming. If one lives in a big city it's really easy. Years ago I lived in a small college town and it was easy to find Art there too.

  23. I love when your friend said you've gotta live the lifestyle that you want!!! Think like you've got a million dollars baby because you will get it one day!!

  24. 👀 was he driving with no hands 🙌 or was this a self drive vehicle 🙈… can you tell that I'm new at using emojis?

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