Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE – #11: Last Mission (EN,HK,TW,KR,TH,FR,IT,VN sub)

The key…to a door? Yes. As we were investigating the Silver Tower, we came across a door that we couldn’t.

The key…to a door? Yes. As we were investigating
the Silver Tower, we came across a door
that we couldn’t get past. We tried everything we could, but our equipment
wouldn’t even scratch it. So you need our Gunpla? No. Actually, we found something
like a relief there. Its shape might resemble
what you have. Bingo! Right? Yeah. I knew it! So when Mr. Muran said
this was a key to turn the tide, this is what he meant! Yeah… Shall we get going, Hiroto? We should withdraw for now. – Huh?
– Huh? She’s right. Huh? I assume that the enemy knows
we have this in our hands. – Huh?
– Huh? The enemy gave this place up
without a fight because… they’re waiting for us at
the top of this orbital elevator. We need to make preparations
for a space battle. Could you give us some time? As we have gathered most of
the Resistance’s troops in Seguri, each area is shorthanded on defense. Perhaps a few…three days. Understood. Well, we’ll just think of today
as an exploration event. Once we’re up there,
the difficulty level will be high, too. I’d say this looks like
the last mission. But why would they
practically invite us in? I don’t know, but… The stage for the last mission
is outer space. “Last Mission” We’ve done everything we can. I’m still a bit worried, though. We can’t scout the field in advance. This is about all we can do. You seem to be the best prepared. I’m amazed you built those parts
in such a short time. I just want to contribute to the team. But Mr. Hiroto’s done
way more than I have. – I’m the same.
– Huh? I’ve been building those parts
for some time. Oh… You definitely couldn’t
build those in a day or two. It’s time. (Transfer to mission area) We’re finally going. Yeah. Isn’t this…heavy? Must be packed to the fullest. I did hear that the vegetables
turned out great this year. Oh, dear… Hey, Jed. When will the One-eyes be gone? Huh? Let’s see… Hopefully we’ll live in peace
by the next Space Crossing. That far away? That’s very soon, Towana. Just wait for the carrots
to grow 2 more times. You’re a kid but sound like a grandpa. Behave yourselves and wait, OK? Yes! Alright. I’m off. Be careful, Brother. Is something wrong? Didn’t they set up
that event part because we’re right before
the last mission? What makes you think that? Well… There’s a pattern to stories like this. But they do that all the time. What? Oh, fine… Sorry to make you wait. Being superstitious? You know, when I was a kid,
before my dad would go fishing– Fishing? What do you mean? Oh, it’s nothing… – Freddie.
– Huh? You’re always with Build Divers now
like you belong there. You said I could, Brother! I didn’t plan on
having you join in battles. But it seems you’re
more useful than I thought. I’ll say no more. Besides, we can’t move the ruins. Brother… Give it your best. Yes! You just might be
our Goddess of Victory. Huh? Goddess? But I’m a boy. That’s not what I meant! After all’s said and done,
you’re actually helping us out. Right? Yeah, that’s right. I am Freddie, the Goddess of Victory! But you’re not riding in
my Justice Knight anymore. No way! But I’m a goddess! Why did…he have this? Please be careful. Leave it to us! We’ll put an end to this. We’re counting on you, Build Divers. This is…amazing. Yeah, it sure is Gundam-like. What is it? Something wrong? Did you get sick? Oh, no… I never imagined that
we’d make it this far. We were complete strangers. It’s not like we gathered, saying, “Let’s play Gunpla Battle.
Let’s do a mission together.” But little by little,
we’ve become a team. I feel that
we can fight like a force now. Let’s give it our all
in the final battle. Enough with the speech,
it’s making me embarrassed. Not that I dislike it… A force… The Goddess of Victory
will work hard, too! This is… Outer space! So this is Eldora! It really is round. Huh? E-El… It’s not Earth in the story setting? I wish I could show everyone. Asha and the gang
would be so surprised. What are you doing here? Stola! Ouch… I’m sorry, Mr. Jed. I ended up coming. You’re shorthanded, right?
I’ll do anything. Please, Mr. Jed! Jed, this guy’s serious. Maybe have him help in the rear? He could run errands for us– No! Mr. Jed! Go back to the village. How come? I want to help protect everyone, too. And Freddie’s with Build Divers! Did you not hear me? Go back right now. So, what do we do from here? Don’t tell me… Are we going with these? Wouldn’t there normally be a shuttle? It’s all there is. The moon? It’s leading us? Mr. Kazami, why do you have
such a scary look? This situation… There’s obviously
going to be an enemy raid. But if we get attacked now… That’s right. We’ll all get
thrown out into space, and that’s how the mission starts! Wait, nothing’s happening? Weird… No enemy raids on the way. No signs of enemies on the moon. And look… Don’t tell me we’re supposed to
fight the last boss already. What’s going on? H-H-Help me! No… When you move through these places,
you should go like this. They don’t get it. It’s like… someone’s inviting us in. In that case… Huh? No one’s here. This is… GBN…? Welcome back. I’m back… Wait… Do you know him? I’ve been searching. Seeking and waiting. You ordered me and named me… Alus. A…hologram? I have been protecting. Protecting? Why? Have you not returned? Are you different ones again? Just when is “someday”? Do you understand this? N-No… Not at all. Something’s off. The way they’re dramatizing this.
This is a lame direction. No will to fight… I don’t sense it. So this isn’t the last boss? When I awakened… eternity had already… forgotten me… Just what are you talking about? There was another similar person. But that one was different. All of you… Are you different too? Have you returned? All of you are… my… Must I still keep on
protecting by myself? Is he mistaking us for someone else? No… I think… Huh? He’s confirming something? All of you are… All of you as well… Once again… Who are you waiting for? Who is this other person you spoke of? Why? Why are you with that thing? “That thing”…? You mean me? Tell me. You’re the boss
of those One-eyes, right? Why do you attack us? Hey, Freddie. Be careful. What did we ever do to you? We were just living
quietly by ourselves. We didn’t fight with other villages. We all helped each other. We took good care of the land
we inherited from the Creator, and we all got along. What is it that you were protecting? You didn’t protect anything. Rather… you’re just destroying
what we want to protect! Why? Why…? We don’t know how to fight. We don’t want to fight. So please… Stop this. Just stop it! I’m begging you! Hey… M-Mr. Hiroto… Well, did we branch
into the wrong route? No. Probably there’s no other route. How do you know? Let’s start over. We’ll go back to the others… Is there someone else? Huh? The Resistance. Their headquarters in Seguri. Kazami. Seguri… The people who’ve been fighting
the One-eyes you send in. They don’t have any Gunpla,
but they put up a good fight. At least learn the story setting! The Resistance… Seguri… Like I said, his people have gathered
to fight your evil ways– Kazami! Don’t answer anymore. Huh? Target confirmed. Point TY-0. Request to cancel protection category
level C-Minus target protection. Authenticating access permission for
emergency cancellation request. Target protection canceled. Change to battle area confirmed. We’re heading back. Don’t shoot beams directly at us! What is he trying to do? Make way! Hey! Wait up! What…is this? That isn’t… it’s not… a moon…? How long… must I…? (Display limit) Whoa…there’re too many of them. What we thought was the moon
is a geostationary satellite. What is it that “he” is protecting? We can’t let them
fire that massive cannon! Next episode, “The Shuddering World.”

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  1. okay this is my theory :

    Using that information about EL divers from previous series,
    if 1 El diver can create anomaly in huge scale this is possible to create another world, in another means, they create a virtual space in the area they wanted.

    so i assume like this :
    In the end of previous series, the administrator has contained the anomaly into another sections of GBN and sealed it off,
    but there is crack in there, which is freddie used to summon Build Divers into their world, that's why they need all of them to teleport (in the ruins, probably something happens behind, but i not sure about them),

    if you ask why they can only teleport into there?,
    its because when they decide the team name, it giving a part of location where is that and only 4 of them meet at same place and teleporting, all coordinate matched and teleporting into freedie world.

    Freedie we know may an EL diver, but maybe he dont, only the main problem all of them is alive in that world.

    now into the series it self :
    After Alus explanation,
    i think the "he" referred it maybe other EL diver or someome (i presume he is the creator of break decals, not the original one but the other one we still doesnt see)
    Break decal it self maybe placed on Alus making it so powerful for guarding the planets, but somehow its become anomaly in there and alus deciding to attack them.

    so maybe it clash between two eld drivers in there

  2. The story will going to be legitimately epic,that purple bald guy may be the creator, his One-eyed army and the satellite canon is probably a antivirus and antimalware program to prevent the game from running out of control, it must be very interesting if this is true

  3. i wonder how many times this AI has had that happen. it has to be more than 5, over a 5 year span at least.
    And not one team has figured out the, issue.
    That every time the end mission is reached, the station destroys the op-site for the transfer.
    That means that the elder fox fellow was aware of what had happened before, and genuinely hesitated when he was aware it might happen again.

    tldr, oof, repeating cycle of destruction

  4. Ok, gonna speculate here. I think Eldora is either a representation of the GBN system itself, or some sort of simulation program either A: GBN was built on top of, or B: was unintentionally added as part of the story mission update.

    Either way, it's pretty obvious now that Eldora probably isn't an intended part of GBN, and that the furry people are another race of emergant AIs, and purple guy is a representation of some sort of security program who sees them as viruses and is drawing on the GBN data to try and eliminate them. As for Seltzam's pilot, given Mei's reaction to them, I'd guess they're another El-Diver who has decided to help purple guy for some reason.

  5. hmm, different theory. First episode said they were on the verge of releasing a big expansion to GBN with more processing power etc to avoid the El Diver incident of 2 years ago. Persons purple mcdickless is a security program meant to limit the formation of El Divers, but has got a bit corrupt and decide to just murder them once they form rather than manage the data so it doesn't form them.

  6. Kazami always the noob in the team, stoopid character who always fked up yet all talk with his cringy role play.. bruh hate him

  7. Dude THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD and literally 22:17 to the end of the episode with the music and visuals all in play was jaw dropping. Definitely my favorite episode in the series so far.

  8. Getting a little scared at a Gundam Series…..well done directors and scriptwriters, well done Sunrise. That sense of mysterious and unknowing is really creepy, got this feel way back when .hack was a thing.

  9. Can't tank, worst shot-calls, unfunny (Just straight annoying), and just really unlikeable. Didn't even show much, if any, improvement after his episode. Why did they make a character like Kazami? At least his Gunpla is cool.

  10. This show gets better per episode. Build divers was what we all know as a shit show , this however is the complete opposite.

  11. 11 episodes in but the MC is still so boring. I would rather have the el-diver or the knight wanabee to be the MC instead of that bland person. I miss Sei and Reiji. Even the tri fighters MC was interesting..

  12. 這敵機數太扯?

  13. This is essentially an interesting plot development. Sadly, since this is a kids' show, it'll probably go out of the window so the show will use the safest plot routes possible.

    And I lost whatever little interest I had in May's character development as soon as she was reveal to be an El-Diver Super-Action Waifu That'll Solve Everyone's Problems(ok, I'm exaggerating on the last bit, but you get what I mean). It would've been nice they kept the mysterious air she had going for a while.

    But prove me wrong. Please.

  14. So it is indeed another world… Are their minds projected into near-physical astral bodies or do they disappear from their login stations? OR is it the same tech that brings May to the real world?

  15. In this episode….
    A master class in how to create a climax! (in every way! In how to create and break a mood!)
    When the satalite breaks and that music whif plus off the "thounsand of one eye´s"?(And for one realistic time a radar in gundam franchise has a error for capt too many enemies!!! Even in Seed and 00 when the "heroes" fight "thousound´s" the radar works unrealistic well…)
    That give chill´s for real!!! The last time that happen´s when a see a fiction was when i see star wars for the first time and Obi Wan say the "classic": This not a moon! it´s a battlestation!

  16. Even more proof that Kazami is a child in real life. You don't give out your or others' private information to someone you just met in less than 5 minutes

  17. My guess is this world is a quarantine zone during the first purge of El Divers, and that thing is essentially what the GMs placed not to let them exceed a certain amount of "data" and thus culls them when they go over a certain threshold.

    Though considering the efforts of the real world to give El Divers their own body, this may be an abandoned project/program hence it doesn't get any attention from the actual GMs. This world/server is probably isolated and ruins dotting the land are old terminals in place from the time it was part of the game to access the main data centers. Considering furry race were anomalous data, to begin with, it was only a matter of time until someone like Freddie came along with the right coding to access the old terminals.

    It, being a quarantine zone though could possibly mean Hiroto's El Diver girl could also be in this world in some capacity, either reshuffled or maybe even it's governing body.

  18. 카자미가 입을 잘못 놀린 게 아니라 정보가 너무 없던 것이지. 그 다음에 너와 달리 기개 있다고 말한 걸 보면 처음부터 비판하려고 언급한 것 같네요. 다음 화에 빔포라면 카자미가 직접 막을수도?

  19. I mean……

    Build fighters:Ends at episode 25

    Build divers:Ends at 25…..

    Looks at episode title

    My life is ruined

  20. So glad it's over the npcs have far to much dialogue and its just soo immature bandai dont screw up the next show please no more baby gundam stuff give us ibo back little kids dont like gundam and your betraying your actually fans

  21. And why dog people npc disney still the only one who can use dogs as people I never expected bandai to just cut and copy so much Disney sword art online and I'm sure they just copied mostly everything else

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