Hair Braiding Techniques : Hair Braiding: Flat-Twist With Hair Added

Our next technique is going to be a flat twist with hair added. So we’re going to do the same.

Our next technique is going to be a flat twist
with hair added. So we’re going to do the same thing, but we’re going to add hair, and
the reason we’re going to add hair, is because maybe someone has short hair, and they want
it to look bigger, or thicker. She has thick hair, so she wouldn’t need to, but if she
wanted to, adding hair usually makes it last longer, and that’s why a lot of times, people
get extensions. If you braid or twist your own hair, it’s usually going to get fuzzy
a lot quicker, than if you add hair, so they can extend your style up to two to three months,
as opposed to a style that’s going to last a week or two, so on this technique, we’re
going to take a small piece of hair again, like so, and what we’re going to do, is we’re
going to start the same technique. We’re just going to start twisting, but what we’re going
to do, is we’re going to take that hair, as if it’s part of hers, and just start twisting
it, right in to it. Then we’re going to take this, and wrap it under, and then we’re just
going to start grabbing her hair, as we go down. I’ll try to do it this way, so you can
see a little better, and the hair is in there. You just can’t see it. You won’t see it until
you get to the end, but it makes it a little harder. It makes it a little more firm, gives
it a stronger base, than doing it with just your own hair, and this is just one of the
techniques. There’s lots of techniques. People come up with their own techniques. You can
come up with a technique that works best for you. We have a flat twist with hair added,
and you just do the same finish. You can twirl that around, and make it, make it into a little
ball, which finishes it real pretty. Just wrap it around, and there you are. See, this
one is a little harder base, than the one without.

40 thoughts on “Hair Braiding Techniques : Hair Braiding: Flat-Twist With Hair Added”

  1. I see that you start twisting down, maybe an 1/2 inch, before you start to add the weave hair that's hanging loose. Then it appears that you sweap the hanging hair into the twist, but at the beginning of the twist, the added hair shifts/slips down a little. How do you prevent the added hair from coming completely out while your twisting?

  2. @unsure411 Hello, Im a professional braider and twister. In order for the hair not to slip out, I suggest that you put a lil gel on the person hair and the false hair..then twist at least twice before you go all the way through

  3. expert village is doing a great job they cover every thing they no ppl is gonna wanna do 🙂 as the jamaicans would say at home unnu a guh harddd big up unnu self although i no u guys frm america wouldnt understand wht i just said

  4. This is one of the BEST & MOST HELPFUL videos. I just love this lady she should have books, videos, & dvd's. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've always wanted to try this style but never really knew how to add the hair in. I'm glad I stumbled on this video. Thanks!!!!!

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