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hi I’m Cressel Anderson this is Makercise in this episode I continue exercising my inner homemaker Cressel, what has been.

hi I’m Cressel Anderson this is Makercise in this episode I continue exercising my inner homemaker Cressel, what has been the top five
lessons you’ve learned in the first five days of having your own homestead. first
off having good neighbors like awesome neighbors short of awesome neighbors
having heavy equipment to make the lot clearing, if it’s an overgrown lot to make
that go much quicker like that would definitely be a big time sink to do all
that with the weed whacker that would have taken weeks versus you know hours or days wear long sleeves because poison ivy
like I didn’t get it until the day where I didn’t wear my long sleeves unfortunately thats a walnut tree but it’s too close to hot not gonna get any smaller The neighbor helping us out. That is the way to clear out an overgrown lot is to get that whatever-you-call-it grabber thing
on the front look the claw on the front of the tractor that’s the right way he’s
like annihilating what took Cressel 2 days to do He’s done in 10 minutes 30 minutes he’s gonna save me a whole
week worth of labor. Ridiculous! My hat’s on crooked. It’s okay.
…chopping down trees our neighbor came over, our new neighbor came over with
his mammoth machinery… I’m gonna get out of here. I’m getting eaten up by mosquitoes our neighbor came by with this tractor
and got that side of the house all cleaned up for us Dixon what’s your
favorite part of being near your grandparents chocolate cake chocolate
cake run over to that white post as quick as you can. just wait till you get
off the table. On your mark, get set, go! Keep going! The timers running! keep going! I’m such a terrible mother haha Yeh Way to go…oh…slides into home. Way to go Buddy! good neighbors heavy equipment I guess
maybe being careful with felling trees I had a little bit of a close call nut I
mean it wasn’t like a my life flashed before my eyes but it’s the kind
of thing I mean…you can hurt yourself taking out trees and things. so I
was cutting down move your head tree right there. It hit the house on
the way down and it caused the back end of the tree to kind of swing out and
push me back so the tree uh it was enough that it kind of made me think mmm
maybe I should be… ..maybe I’m not quite as … good as I think I am. I think the one you heard was that that
one right there is a pretty big one. Is that why some of the roof is hanging off over there? Is that where the tree hit the house? No that’s just that’s just the
normal wear and tear on this house. Hey I want to take a second and brag on my wife just a little bit she is the reason that I am able to do Makercise to
work on projects like the house I was able to quit my job back in January
thanks to her efforts and she inspires me every single day thanks Kim so I’m
really excited because on October 1st I had my first traditionally published
book coming out called live save spend repeat like you want with the money you
have and the point of this book is to help inspire women to make life goals
and put their money behind them and for us that meant we wanted life flexibility
so that’s what we’ve done so I’d encourage you that if you are a lady or
have a lady in your life who would love to learn more about how to use her money
to fund the life that she’s really wanted a life at you guys really want I’d
encourage you to grab this book it’s on it’s in Barnes & Noble it’s an e-book
form it’s an audible so anywhere you want to listen to it or how you listen
you can grab this book and it would be awesome because it would support us to
continue to have a life flexibility that we long for. So thanks.
check that out double Tomorrow the agenda is to ward it out board it up go back to Atlanta sell the house. We have a contract
on our house so hopefully it goes through. We need to get out of
Dodge. indeed! We are gonna move on to bigger and broker things. this is the soil it
looks so rich darken healthy and it’s got a lot of wood shavings from where my chainsaw…I sharpened it today and it was so just–oh man–it just like a hot knife,
like a hot knife through butter! right through! (saw impression) You know if you were ma-ma-ma-Matt Cremona, you know what you’d do? You’d chainsaw log these things. I may. Your new workshop? This might be the new workshop. Looks like it could use a little bit of work. You want to come inside and see it? Sure. New digs for Makercise this is it this is the original siding
but down at the bottom you can tell it was framed with this is about a 4 by 6
piece of rough lumber and you can see that there’s some pretty gnarly
looking bug damage probably termites I’m gonna make a special request if you like this video go ahead and click the like button just to let me know
I hope this project inspires you to exercise your inner homemaker
thanks for watching

55 thoughts on “Home Makercise First Days Wrapup of Farmhouse Renovation”

  1. Looks like you have a wonderful wife., And I'm looking forward to watching the progress on The Farmhouse, looks like somebody is going to need to invest in a stump grinder

  2. I like it, so I clicked the like button. It's like pressure-washer-porn but for an entire building lot 😀 Can't wait to see you get to the inside of the house

  3. Lookin' good! I used to own a John Deere 110 TLB just like the one in you video. I keep kicking myself for selling it. Such a great machine.

  4. Love the new shop! Those holes in the walls are just, uh, for natural light. Natural light makes for good videos, right?

  5. I'm tellin' you, once you get through the Gingery books you'll need to check out open source ecology and make your own tractor!

  6. Great neighbors like that are wonderful to see. Congrats and continue the project. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

  7. I know people say this all the time, but who watches a video like this and is like "naw fuck this guy" and hits dislike? I wouldn't even say they're wrong, it's just fascinating and I can't imagine what is possibly going through their mind

  8. Great to see you are using proper safety protection at all times. A fine example for all makers!

    Also, congratulations on your new book, Kim! A fine accomplishment!

  9. Great start on the homestead! Can’t wait to see it come along. And super congrats to your wife on the book! That’s awesome stuff.

    -Caleb Harris

  10. Your killing it Cressel and Kim. That's a huge step in the right direction. Congrats on the contract on your old house. Hopefully that goes smoothly.

  11. Nice, but you need to be more careful with the trees, as I was watching, I was thinking, that's dangerous, and then it happen.
    Near to other objects, the second cut shouldn't be parallel to the first, (30º to 40º), you need to let more uncut tree on the side to the way you want to fall, so the tree is secure, and in your case wouldn't hit the house, and also, cut less so it break on it's one, and you have time to step away. But of course, is my opinion, it's what I do.
    See this to understand https://youtu.be/W28q8sVJLOs minute 3.40

  12. Nah Kim, you're not a bad mom! I think the kids who sob hysterically when they fall are the ones with moms who freak out with "OMG are you ok?!?" over every spill and tumble.

  13. I found your channel because of the Gingery Shaper project however I am really enjoying these episodes about the new property and house. The house looks salvageable to me, I am thinking if the frame structure and most of the roof is not damaged you should be good to go. Cant wait for the next episode, thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I am loving this series! This is a wonderful thing y’all are doing, renovating this old home. It’s encouraging to see a family buy an inexpensive home and fix it up, rather than jumping into a mortgage of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I bet this little homestead will be a slice of paradise in no time at all 😉

  15. Just bought myself and the kids 6 acres with a trailer thats in bad shape on a overgrown lot also. Our first home. Cant wait to get started on it this spring. Subscribed to your channel will defiantly follow. Please feel free to do the same. Goodluck to us both!

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