Home Renovation: Master Bedroom Addition

The owners of Oak Lane wanted to expand their living space. In order to do this, they had to make.

The owners of Oak Lane wanted to expand their
living space. In order to do this, they had to make some major architectural changes.
Their decision to add a new master bedroom suite on top of the existing garage, served
to expand the first floor, increase square footage and give the main part of the home
a new “ranch house look and feel”. But nothing is ever easy… Building that
new bedroom above an existing structure demanded changes to that room as well. The garage required
reinforcement and additional alterations in order to support the additional room above. To start, we converted the single garage door
to a double-door. This allowed for a center steel post as well as another steel beam for
placement across the ceiling, providing support for the subfloor above. With the addition of the new living space
above the garage, came new fire code requirements, making it necessary to insulate the garage
and dry wall. Spray foam was used on the ceiling in order to deliver the tightest seal possible
and keep the bedroom airtight. With the master bedroom suite a distance away
from the main rooms and systems, a decision was made to add a separate 90% efficient furnace
and air-conditioning system specifically for the suite. The walls used 2×6 wall construction
for extra insulation. The home owners are able to control the temperature in the bedroom
comfortable, while saving on heating and cooling costs in the rest of the house. The roof of the garage was removed to make
room for the new walls. The plywood and rafters from the original roof were in excellent condition,
and were able to be used again to create the exterior walls, and lift up the sunken 70’s
style living room, making the main floor one continuous level space.
Once the garage was insulated and structurally sound, we began building out the master bedroom
suite. As in every project, something invariably
goes wrong… This time – one of the bedroom windows was built in the wrong location. Looks
like somebody didn’t follow the blue prints. Whoops! It became a three day set back, but
now you can’t tell it was ever in the wrong spot. A reminder to measure twice and cut
once – or maybe measure three times! To create the entryway to the master suite,
we used the original shower location in the old guest powder room. The bathroom was then
reconfigured, and the shower kept for guests to use after swimming. The master suite walk-in closet is a wonderful
example of reuse and recycled materials, using both pre-owned and new pieces of do-it-yourself
closet units. The unique barn door is a real conversation piece. This sliding barn door
was used, instead of a conventional door for easy, space saving access. No swinging door
blocking the walkway here! The master bathroom is a nice size with all
the necessary luxuries; a shower stall tiled to the ceiling with a built-in bench, rain
water shower head, glass sinks, custom dark oak cabinets, whisper quiet fan, and dual-flush
toilet. The dual-flush toilet helps save on the water bill. Push one, for liquid waste
with .8 gallons a flush. And push two, for solid waste with 1.6 gallons a flush. The new bedroom ceiling created significant
changes both inside and out. Inside, a large raised ceiling runs the full length of the
bedroom with a smaller raised ceiling in the walk-in closet, both helping to create an
expansive and open air feel. Outside, an obvious change to the roof design was done to bring
balance to the look of the entire home. This in turn created a need to balance the new
addition with a raised ceiling on the porch entrance. The result – a pleasing look and
feel with curb appeal. The completed bedroom suite is around 515
square feet, with plenty of room for a king size bed as well as a sunny nook for reading
and relaxation.

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