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This time I�ll be going through the whole house removing the old and damaged interior. I’m starting in the Living.

This time I�ll be going through the whole
house removing the old and damaged interior. I’m starting in the Living Room by removing
the door. I’m using a scoring tool to perforate the
paper which allows the steam to penetrate. A bladed scraper makes it easy to remove the
paper. I’m working from one side to the other. The room quickly fills up with steam… …but it does make the job easier. I’m cutting through the pipes so I can remove
the radiator… …as it’s much easier than disconnecting
the valves… …and then I unscrew the brackets. I’ll start wrecking the fireplace by removing
all the tiles I’ve cut the carpet into 1 meter strips to
make it easier to handle. It’s much easier to remove the trim than try
to repair it. Next, I’m removing the fitted furniture in
the front bedroom… Next, I’m removing the fitted furniture in
the front bedroom… …and it comes apart easily. Looks like the carpet’s faded quite a lot
over the years, Just like in the living room I’m stripping
the walls… …removing the door… …and the radiator. I noticed the wall below the window is really
soft… …so I’m removing the plasterboard to investigate. Looks like there�s no insulation and the
studding is rotten. Before I continue with the walls, I’m removing
the carpet just as before. I’m cutting through the studs with a reciprocating
saw… …and removing all the trim. This wall is in bad condition so I’m removing
all the plaster Now in the rear bedroom, I’m removing all
the fitted furniture. Surprisingly these aren’t secured to the wall… …and are held together with a few screws. I’m glad it’s not glued. This electrical socket is built into the cabinet… …I’m checking it isn’t live… …then disconnecting the cables. There�s another socket on the side which
I disconnect in the same way. More wallpaper… …another radiator… …and another door to remove. I’m removing the trim and carpet just like
in the other rooms. The walls are soft around this window also,
and there is no insulation either. It makes sense to remove the rest of the plaster. This stud work is rotten also, so I’m cutting
it out. I’m ripping up any remaining carpet… …removing the radiator… …and the last door. This wall is badly made so I’m tearing it
down… …it’s unstable and it protrudes from the
staircase. …and this handrail is way too low. To remove the door frames I’m cutting through
the nails… …and pulling them away from the wall. This wall is badly damaged so I’m removing
the rest of the plaster. I can’t save the vestibule tiles so they have
to go. The vestibule doorway is quite dated. I’m
removing the small panes and preparing for a single large
pane of glass. I carefully prying the beading away and gently
removing the old glass. The muntin and mullions are removed with the
reciprocating saw. I’m stripping the paint with a heat gun and
tungsten scraper. The last of the molding is removed with the
reciprocating saw… …and neatened up with the router. Finally I’m removing the hallway ceiling So the cost so far the house was one hundred and thirteen thousand Conveyancing was eight hundred and twenty
five the mortgage broker was two hundred and fifty waste removal was two hundred and eighty The cost of this stage of the project was
one thousand three hundred and fifty five and the total so far one hundred and fourteen
thousand three hundred and fifty five Thanks for watching please like and subscribe if you’d like to
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