How to Approach Your Bathroom Renovation. A Step by Step Guide

Hi. I’m Alana Gray from Bathware Today we’re going to talk about renovating your bathroom & a step by.

Hi. I’m Alana Gray from Bathware Today we’re going to talk about renovating your bathroom & a step by step guide to doing that. So the first thing that you need to organize you’re renovating your bathroom is planning so you just need to list the things that you don’t like about the bathroom. I think that’s probably the easiest way to start. The second step is putting together a budget once you’ve work out what it is that you want to do and the third step is the execution.So let’s talk about PLANNING This bathroom is going to be our model bathroom for the day. The things that we don’t like in this bathroom are, there’s quite a few- the style and the color are a little bit old fashion, the color is a little bit bright; the the tapware is three piece and it’s white, plastic kind of tapware. inside,here… the shower screen is broken-it doesn’t close properly; and then the actual glass itself is
cracked Also, sorry, within The shower head is low so in order to get your head underneath the shower you need to duck down and then the last thing that we don’t really like about the bathroom, we don’t like the fittings- plastic toilet suite, plastic accessories but also the layout is really cumbersome- we’ve got 3 doors so you’ve got an entrance and an exit and a middle door and 2 rooms It’s ….i think in the old , you know …. once upon a time, it might have worked but I don’t think that it still does. So the next step is budgeting. with regards to budgeting, we can look at it you can look at 2 different ways. You can look at budget option or the low cost option or the dream luxury option So with regards to changing the style and color, the budget option is to paint the walls, obviously; and you can even keep the tiles as they are and thoroughly clean the grout the tiles are not perfect but they’re perfectly acceptable. If you have a white grout between them, it would look much nicer. The dream option is to remove all existing tiles and to retile the floor and also possibly retile the walls and also you could select probably a lighter color, maybe white or off white because the space is not large so you want to be able to create a pereption that the space is larger than it is. The second thing that we didn’t like was the tapware so so you could simply replace the tapware with another three piece tap set, perhaps a little bit more modern and then so that would be your budget option and then the second, dream option, would be to replace them with mixer taps which would mean changing the plumbing slightly and obviously you will need to change the basin and probably the whole vanity in the dream option to do the mixers. With regards to the shower screen, the fact that it’s cracked, means that probably there’s no real budget option to fixing it so you would probably need to replace the shower screen and the the dream option would be, I would suggest, move this entire shower, change it to a a different configuration as it’s quite small shower and we’ll talk about that when we talk about the layout. the other issue that we had with the shower was that the shower head is too low. The budget option would be to simply replace that shower head with something that has a flexible arm or S arm so that you have the shower head sitting higher above you head so you don’t need to worry about getting underneath. With regards to the dream option, I think if we change the way the shower was positioned then you would be able to put in a new shower thread and could have it at whatever height that you wanted and could have whatever shower head you wanted. The the other thing that we didn’t like was the toilet. uh… The budget option is just to replace the existing toilet suite, keep the plumbing where it is; you can get something that’s really not too expensive-for 3, 4, 500 dollars you can have a really, really nice toilet suite. The last thing that we didn’t like about the bathroom was the layout. now there’s no real cheap option when it comes to changing the layout, you need to accept that there’s quite a bit involved in the project.It’s a full renovation of the bathroom and also there’ll be a certain cost involved so let’s take a look at some of the possible changes that we could make t to this bathroom So some ideas that I’ve got, you could look at the at closing in the end door so that that’s just a wall, you remove this wall and the door frame so you’ve got just a rectangular room with 1 entrance then we could look at, because you’ve got this as just a wall, you could put a fixed clear glass or clear shower screen frame here, clear glass, walk in; you’ve got all this area to have a shower. You could have a shower rose coming from the ceiling and also you could have a hand shower on the wall if you wanted. It’s a good option when it comes to cleaning. Then we could look at using, you’ve got all this space then, you could use this whole area for vanity and possibly you might have space for 2
Then we could look at using, you’ve got all this space then, you could use this whole area for vanity and possibly you might have space for 2 basins and I think a really good idea, it would be to use the space really well with the toilet suite, you could have a toilet pan that either hangs off the wall or sits on the wall and then you could have the cistern up in the ceiling and that way you could have the button on top of the vanity which gives you so much space You could even have a wall hung vanity to create a perception of space which is something that we’ve talked about in previous Youtube clips so those are some ideas for this bathroom so the key when it comes to bathroom renovation is planning budgeting and executing executing is all about going from the floor up, so you need to start with the tiles whatever’s on the floor and the plumbing and then you go up from there so remember that when it comes to scheduling your trades & also the products that you need once you have decided on the final plan for the bathroom, you need to really look at what’s required, make sure that you’ve got all the trades working in with each other, you know, so the tiler can’t do his work if the plumber hasn’t done certain things. You need the shower mixer in the wall before the tiler can put the tiles up and so on and so forth so there is a lot of coordination involved. It’s really a good idea to put a lot of time into the planning process the execution shouldn’t be as stressful as it can be. So I’m Alana Gray. This is Bathware and I’ll see you again next time.

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