How to be confident in dating as a flat-chested, skinny girl *life-changing tips*

In this video, I’m gonna talk about dating and being in relationships from the perspective of a skinny and flat-chested.

In this video, I’m gonna talk about dating
and being in relationships from the perspective of a skinny and flat-chested girl, and I will
also give you 7 tips to feel more confident and sexy in front of the opposite sex or when
you’re in a relationship. Hello my love, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, hi, welcome to the ittybb
community for small chested and skinny women. I’m so grateful to have you here and please
consider subscribing as I make videos on body positivity and self love every week. So a question that I get asked a lot is how
do guys think of small boobs and how to feel confident when you have no curves, no boobs,
no butt, no nothing. So as you can see, I’m very skinny and I’m
literally the most flat-chested girl on the planet, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing
sexy clothes, that doesn’t stop me from wearing lingerie, and that definitely doesn’t
stop me from loving myself. Because I truly believe that sexiness is 95%
a state of mind, and the remaining 5% is how you actually look. And no, please don’t think that because
you don’t have what i have that’s why you cant wear these types of clothes and feel
sexy. You and I are different. I’m sexy in my own way, and you’re sexy
in your own way, so maybe you just haven’t seen it yet, maybe you just haven’t realized
how fucking sexy you are. But I’m telling you, YOU’RE SEXY. You’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, and
you better start telling yourself that too. I have been in 4 relationships and I have
to say that I’ve gone through a lot in terms of accepting how I look and feel comfortable
revealing my naked body to someone that’s matter to me, someone that I love. So in the beginning when I just started dating,
I often wear a lot of pushup bras whenever I go on dates. And you know after a while, people get closer,
things happen, you hold hands, you hug, you kiss then you start touching, and that is
when the fun begins Whenever that happens, I would be so insecure
and in my head, there would be a million things going on: OMG he’s touching it, does he
think it’s too small? Shit he does, he just moves his hand to other
places, oh no I know it he must have thought that I’m so fake, he definitely realizes
that my boobs look bigger because of the bra, shit why did I even wear bras in the first
place?! Yeah that’s literally my thought process
whenever I start dating a new guy or whenever we start doing something. But things have changed. I grow older, I learn to be more comfortable
with my body, and I finally learn to love my flat chest and embrace it. And I want to share what I have learned with
you all, my tips and tricks to look irresistible and to feel confident and completely own your
body and what you have. Tip 1: Don’t wear push up/ padded bras when
you go on dates Okay so my first tip for you is: don’t wear
push up bras when you go on dates. No matter if it’s your first date, second
date, 100th date or 10 year into your relationship, don’t. I swear it will mess with your confidence
and make you become dependent on it. There was a time that I wear padded bras so
often that I couldn’t stop wearing them. I thought because I wear bras to everywhere,
people would think that I have some decent boobs, so if I stop wearing them and looking
all flat, they would know that I’ve been faking all along. Back to the topic of dating, I know that push-up
or padded bra may make you feel like you look “better”, sexier or “more proportional”,
but imagine once the guy starts to touch your breasts or you take your clothes off and reveal
yourself, you may feel embarrassed and insecure because what you actually have is not the
same as what you portray to him initially. Tip 2: Wear clothing that compliments your
skinny figure and flat chest. So if you can’t wear push up bras on dates,
what kind of things can you wear to look sexy and attractive? Good question, make sure to check out my video
right here: how to style small boob | how to look insanely sexy with a flat chest. In that video, I shared with you 9 very valuable
styling tips for small chested women and I highly recommend you check it out Wearing clothes that compliment your figure
will help you feel more confident and sexy on dates, and I would highly suggest that
you dress up every day or most of the time. I find that whenever I take time to choose
my outfit and put an effort into looking pretty and presentable, my mood is changed dramatically,
I do everything more effectively and more confidently. And I think that is very attractive to guys. Everybody loves a confident person, right? You make yourself look good not to please
anybody, you do it for yourself. Tip 3: Spend time naked by yourself
Okay I know this may sound a little bit over the top but I swear that it’s a game-changer:
Spend more time naked by yourself. To a lot of people, the only time that they’re
naked is when they take a shower. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that
but I find that for me, being naked more often correlates with a higher level of body confidence
and acceptance, it helps me feel more in tune with my body and therefore, feel more comfortable
showing it to others. These practices may feel uncomfortable at
first because your eyes will likely wander to the body parts that you hate the most and
the negative self-talk will kick in, but trust me, after a while, you’ll get much more
comfortable with seeing your naked body, hence you’ll find a lot more confidence being
naked in front of your partner or spouse. Sometimes when I’m naked I would take pictures
of my body and in the past I would look at them and absolutely hated how my body looked. I felt like a 12 year-old boy where nothing
has developed and my lack of curves bothered me a lot. But after a few years getting used to being
naked in my room most of the time, sleeping naked, waking up naked, getting ready naked,
I just get used to it and now it’s hard for me to fall asleep if I have clothes on. So now when I take a naked photo of myself,
I would just see a beautiful and unique body that belongs to me and only me, and I’m
proud of it. Also, when you look at your naked body in
the mirror, try to focus on gratitude instead of criticism. I know it’s easier said than done and sometimes
I’m guilty of it too. But think about how much your body has done
for you and thanking your body for looking the way it does. Remind yourself that you are you; you are
created perfectly and you look the way you do because it’s meant to be. There’s nothing wrong with being skinny,
there’s nothing wrong with having a flat chest. You have every reason to be proud of yourself
and your beauty. Tip 4: Practice feeling sexy
This is the fun part. When no one’s watching and I’m in my own
room, I would put on these very sexy, provocative clothes and put on some music and dance like
there’s no tomorrow in front of the mirror. I know it’s silly but guess what, it works. I would also sometimes imagine myself to be
a superstar who’s super sexy and attractive, and like I’d practice with my facial expression,
find out what style of makeup suits me the best, how I can make powerful eye contact,
what clothing style makes me look the prettiest and so on. I feel like by having fun and just seeing
myself in the mirror in a positive way helps tremendously with my confidence. It also helps with times when I have to move
my body like when I’m in the club or when I’m trying to do some sexy things for my
man. Broll: wearing sexy lingerie having fun Speaking of that, if you have a boyfriend
or a spouse, make an effort to surprise him and dress up in lingerie or some sexy undergarments
from time to time. This not only will make him really happy,
but it will also make you feel so much more confident. To be honest, whenever I do that, it’s not
really for them, it’s for me. It’s important to remind yourself that you
don’t need anyone’s approval to be sexy. Often times I’ve heard people would call
a girl slutty if she wears provocative clothes. Gosh, it makes me so mad. Stop telling women what we can and cannot
do. I can wear whatever I want and it’s not
your job to criticize me or tell me what to do. Of course, I would dress appropriately in
different contexts but if I want to feel sexy and wear certain outfits or style, I have
all the right to do it. Tip 5: Fake it till you make it
Okay so what about when you date someone but you’re not feeling your best and you dread
every time you take your clothes off or when you guys get closed, you would avoid being
naked in front of him as much as possible. In this situation, even when you don’t feel
completely confident about your body, fake it. I do that many times in the past when I just
started dating. Getting naked in front of someone is always
very nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first time with this person,
but sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and plow through it like you have all
the confidence in the world. Even when inside you’re insecure and nervous
af, try to gather all your courage and just act as confident as possible. I truly think that when it comes to dating
and attraction, confidence is everything, your partner can really tell if you’re insecure
or at ease with your body just from the way you talk, the way you act, the way you present
yourself. And if you’re confident, you’ll be a lot
more attractive to him and like I said in this video (Small Boobs Confidence) – it creates
an aura around you that attracts even more suiters and people who admire you. After faking it like I’m confident all the
time, I gradually become more confident on the inside. You know when you act like you’re confident
and you love your body, people will appreciate it and interact with you differently. They respect you and treat you better. And seeing that change can further enforce
the positive beliefs in your mind. It’s like a positive feedback loop that
overtime will significantly change how you view yourself and your body. So my loves, if you’re not confident right
now, just fake it and you’ll make it. Tip 6: Focus on your other strengths
If you think your skinny body and flat chest is not a strength, could you think of other
strengths that you have? (BROLL)Maybe it’s your face, your caring
personality, your humour, your quirks, your kindness, your smile, your style, your hair,
your ability to connect with others, your smarts, your talents. You know there are so many things that you’re
good at and those qualities are more than enough to make you attractive and irresistible
to other people. Be kind when you reflect on yourself, ask
other people what they love about you. You are not defined only by your body or your
breast size, they are just small parts of you, you have a lot of reasons to be proud
of yourself and who you are. Tip 7: Have an honest talk with the guy you’re
dating So what if that doesn’t work, as much as
I believe in the power of positive thinking, sometimes it’s just not enough if your insecurity
is deep-rooted, and it feels incredibly hard to change your belief. In this case, I would advise you to have an
honest talk with your boo about your insecurity and struggles. Sometimes you just have to be honest and vulnerable
with il to the one you love. Tell him why you’re insecure, what you think
of your body, your boob size, and just be honest about how it’s hard for you to feel
sexy sometimes. Trust me if he truly loves you for who you
are, if he’s a kind and understanding human being, he will let you know that those insecurities
don’t bother him at all, or how you don’t have to worry because he loves you for your
personality and your quirks, your inner beauty and not only for your body. A good man will not make you feel insecure
by praising other well-endowed women in front of you, a good man will tell you every day
that you look beautiful even when you have no makeup on, a good man will try his best
to make you feel loved and appreciated. I know that it can feel like the scariest
thing in the world to tell someone you love your deepest insecurities, but trust me, it
can deepen and strengthen your bond with each other on a profound level, because maybe he
even opens up and tells you about his own insecurity as well. So my love, don’t be afraid to tell someone
you love your insecurity, because that may be the very thing that helps you two connect
and love each other even more. Okay, a bonus tip : You have to put yourself
first Let me set this straight: You are the most
important person in the world. You are the most important person in your
world. I am the most important person in my world. You have to remember that and remind yourself
that every day. Nobody’s opinion can change how you feel
about your body and especially some guys’ opinion will not change that either! You have to put yourself and your happiness
first. Have no tolerance for people who makes you
feel bad about how you look. There were times when I had to cut people
out of my life because they are just mean. I remember in high school I had a friend who
constantly calling me “ugly” every day, he wrote that on my desk, drew funny pictures
of me on my notebook and would make fun of my jaw and my teeth whenever he saw me, but
I never even said one bad thing about him. When I finally learn that it’s not okay
and develop more love for myself, even though we’re friends, I have to distance myself
from him because his energy is toxic and I can’t have that in my life. If a guy puts you down because of how you
look, that person doesn’t deserve you. I get it that everyone has their own taste,
they may not like skinny girls and that’s okay. They are not for you. You don’t have to be liked by everybody,
you don’t have to be sexy to everyone. You’ll find the right person that cherishes
and love you for you. I promise. Be with someone who lifts you up, not brings
you down. I hope that my story and the tips I gave will
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yourself and treat others the same way. Bye!

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