How to build a home studio 2019 – What do you need?

What’s up guys you see a lot of fun music gear on my channel but you don’t need a lot.

What’s up guys you see a lot of fun
music gear on my channel but you don’t need a lot to get started with music
production. If you’re putting together a home studio you can begin with just a
few items. Here’s my list of the essentials – everything you need to start
making music. I’m also going to reveal the one piece of music gear that has made
the biggest impact in my studio setup. First you’ll need a computer I use a
2018 MacBook Pro. It’s got a 2.7 gigahertz i7
processor, 16 gigabytes of memory and 2 terabytes solid-state drive. But you
really don’t need the latest and greatest. If you get a computer with an
i5 processor and 8 gigabytes of memory you’re off to a really great start. If
you spend more money on upgrading the specs I suggest adding more RAM. Next is
a digital audio workstation or DAW like Ableton or Logic. A DAW lets you record
multiple tracks, instruments, and then mix and arrange them into a song. It’s going to
be the center of your music workstation. I use Logic sometimes but mostly Ableton. They basically do the same thing but there are lots of inexpensive options out
there like Reaper if you’re using Windows and some free ones for Mac like
GarageBand. Most DAWs come with a bunch of different sounds built-in so you
can get started making music right away. Everyone wants to spend their next pile
of cash on speakers also called studio monitors, but honestly you can wait. A
good set of headphones goes a long way I use the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones. They cost about $150 and sound incredible. More
importantly whatever headphones you get once you learn how to adjust your mix
with them you can get pretty good results even without expensive speakers. Whatever you get it’s always good to check your song on different speakers,
headphones, earbuds, and even computer speakers. Whatever you have laying around.
I start creating a lot of songs on the train during my commute and actually
begin a lot of them by using the computer keyboard like a piano. You can
do this in most DAWs. But a MIDI keyboard is going to make things
easier and more expressive. Now I get this question a lot so let me clarify. Most MIDI keyboards are controllers only, meaning they don’t make any sounds on
their own. You connect them by USB to your computer and they send signals to
your software which then generates the sounds which you hear through your
speakers. This is actually a good thing because you’ll be able to add more
sounds through software instruments later. And there are some amazing
software instruments out there. There are so many options for MIDI
keyboards but if you’re looking for something small to get started with, I
recently posted a video reviewing some of the best choices available right now. So check it out over here. Now let’s pause here for a second. You can get a
lot done with the stuff I’ve just mentioned. And if you’re just getting
started this is really a good place to begin. But there are more things you can
add so keep watching. If you’re finding this helpful hit the like button and
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more reviews, tutorials, music
production tips, and gear. All right, up next if you are a vocalist or guitarist
or you just need to get some external sound into your computer, you’re
going to need an audio interface. I use the Focusrite 2i4. It lets me connect a
microphone, electric guitar, or hardware synthesizer and works with my
DAW to get those sounds into my computer. The way you do this is by connecting
your audio interface to your computer. Next, in your DAW, select the audio
interface as the input and output device. To connect a microphone, plug
it into the audio interface. Once you’ve done that, you can start recording
directly into your DAW. Now if you want to go higher end,
I like the UAD Apollo interfaces. If you’re interested in how the UAD
compares with a Focusrite, check out my video here. Now I use the Shure SM7B mic
with my audio interface. Audio Technica makes some great affordable condenser
microphones as well. There are a few USB microphones out there which allow you to
record sounds without an audio interface. I reviewed the Rode NT USB in a video
here. I know I keep sending you to other videos but it really depends on what you
need more details on, so go check them out. Once you’ve got your audio
interface, you’re really going to want speakers. Let’s talk about studio
monitors. I’m using the Presonus Eris 4.5, which are small monitors for a
really great price. If you’re on a budget I highly recommend this setup. I paired
them with the Presonus subwoofer. The Temblor T8. Studio monitors let you hear
your sound with as little coloration as possible. This means you’re getting a
more neutral sound that will sound pretty good on different speakers. That’s
really the purpose of studio monitors. Now there’s always more gear you could
add depending on your needs. Software plugins which add
more instrument sounds or effects to your arsenal or drum pads like the
Maschine Mikro MK3, if you like finger drumming. And even external synths for
hands-on control. So what have you added to your studio that’s made all the
difference? Leave a comment below to share your
studio recommendations. So which of these pieces of gear has made the biggest
impact in my studio? If you’d recommended this to me a few years ago I probably
wouldn’t have put my money into it. I probably would have spent it on plugins
or something else. But this has improved my sound immensely!
It’s my Beyerdynamic headphones. Now Beyerdynamic is not paying me to say
this. I bought these myself and I would buy them again. An excellent set of
studio headphones lets you hear your mix differently. There’s so much I don’t hear
from my studio monitors. Little imperfections in the sound, the tone of
the bassline, and the stereo width of individual sounds. They sound different
on headphones and I’m able to tweak my mix a lot faster when I’m using
headphones in addition to the monitors. Not to mention that I’m also improving
the sound for people who are listening with their headphones. A few months ago
my dog actually chewed up the cable and I begged my cousin to repair them
because I don’t want any other headphones. And I’m certainly not
cheaping out on them. If you’re really interested in these Beyerdynamic
headphones I have links to purchase these as well as all my other music gear
in the description of the video. I hope you found that information useful.
Whatever your studio setup is, remember to make the music that you love and
share it. That’s the best way to keep improving your craft. I’ll see you guys

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  1. When DAWs are mentioned why is the MPC 2.0 software never mentioned.  Is this not a DAW or is it just not recommended.  I recently purchased an MPC Touch with came with it. Can this be used comparably to one of the likes of Ableton? Can the MPC 2.0 be effectively be used along with an Ableton or Logic DAW?  What am i missing by not having Ableton or Logic?

  2. my home studio is
    Behringer Uphoria
    FL Studio 12
    Tonor Bm800

    I produce beats, master and mix vocals and am a rapper.

  3. Uhhhhhh. I got fl on my gaming pc. A 100 dollar midi controller. headset. Blue snowball. Logitech speakers :l

  4. Don’t go for the cheapest of he cheap you just gotta save for some what expensive so it will last you years instead of it shitting out on you in one year

  5. Hey Sanjay! Great video. After researching I have settled on buying the same headphones you mention here in your vid with 250ohm. The next problem I am facing is whether or not I need to buy a headphone amp to go with these headphones and which one that isn't too expensive. Are you plugging those headphones directly into your laptop? What Ohms are they?

  6. I have a Laptop with FL Studio 11
    Beats pill+
    Keyboard but almost clicking my notes and humanizing it.
    Thats enough to make hits lol.

  7. The DT770's have an impedance of 250 Ohms. They're pretty hard to drive by the headphone output of a "budget" interface.

  8. Thank you. This is very helpful. Can a single laptop (for example MacBook Pro) serve as both the source of my karaoke backing track and the host of my DAW where I record my singing?

  9. Personally I have a PC, Headphones, LMMS. But I don’t know how I can record my Electric Guitar specially (but also my Acoustic Guitar). Do you have any advice please?

  10. For the music I produce, I use a 2017 10.5 iPad Pro, and a pair of DT770 Pro headphones. GarageBand is my DAW, and I use a Line 6 Sonic Port VX which is a microphone and audio interface as one for my guitars. That’s pretty much it.

  11. hello! if you have a decent amplifier programm and plan to play near your computer, do you even need an amplifier or pedals anymore? is the pc able to replace all of those? thx!

  12. This is my super budget-friendly home studio:

    – Oneodio studio pro (Headphones)
    – Neewer NW-800 (Microphone)
    – Behringer U-phoria UMC22 (Audio interface)
    – Presonus Eris 3.5 (Studio Monitors)

  13. Hi Sanjay, thanks a lot for your excellent videos and information you're sharing! I´ve been researching the heaphones beyerdynamic dt 770 250 ohm, because of your recommendations, and i discovered ( I didn´t had a clue) that there's a need for a headphone amplifier for using them properly!! Is it really so, and if so, what do you do, is there any advice that you can share? Thank you very much!!

  14. I'm 15 and I afforded all of this stuff by my self I perform in public I get 40 dollars per day for public performing.

  15. Personally, having bought the Push 2 from ableton and combining it with the Novation XL, greatly accelerated the work process 😀

  16. Can you please tell me how i plug the speakers? Do i plug the monitor speakers into the audio device or directly into my laptop? I really dont get it

  17. This man knows what he's talking about. Everyone is different… some WILL NEED those Genelec 8350A 8" Powered Studio Monitors (around $6K) to make good music, even if they are just starting out. Beginners, always shop and spend as much as you can when you're just starting out. It will help you out so much

  18. HI. I play a lot of virtual instruments like Galaxy Pianos II and the Acoustic Samples C7 Grand. Do I need an audio interface to get a good sound from these? Or do I not need one?

  19. If you have an interface and a mic, and headphones, I recommend a headphone extension cable. Mic placement is everything, especially when you don't have a treated room. When I record my songs, I love being able to put my mic anywhere in my room that sounds good without worrying if my headphones will reach.

  20. can i connect Beyerdynamic DT-770 250ohm Headphone directly with scarlet 2i2? does it require any external headphone amp? as its a 250ohm headphone.

  21. I have a keyboard piano, that has "General MIDI" logo on it. It has a "MIDI USB" connector port that my friend told me, and not the circular port for MIDI. Will that work as a MIDI still? Need help. Thank you.

  22. I really want to get started, but I’m on a 4gb ram computer and was just wondering, for playing around would it be enough it is it vital to get a good computer

  23. Thank you for the gear recommendation! I ordered a DT770 250ohm after I watched this video, it feels really great on my ears. Many of my friends suggest me to get a headphone preamp for it. I am very new to music production so I watched ton of other videos about home studio set up but found nothing about headphone preamp. Is it okay to just plug it into my audio interface or do I really need one of those preamps?

  24. I just ordered some gear like this, after i get setup I'll let you know how it goes, btw my best studio addition before now was the Zoom h4n, I know, but the budget is the budget, lol, thanks for sharing

  25. I got a good computer with ableton intro, mouse, mouse pad, computer bag, launchpad MK2, Serato DJ, DDJ-SB2, and nearly 500 dollars to invest in a studio room. I worked hard selling water in downtown Chicago during taste of chicago and lollapalooza. I bought my equipment and I am moving to Arizona. The new house will have more rooms which means I don’t have to share a room anymore. I can finally set up a studio. I just turned fourteen and I’ve always wanted to be on that stage at lollapalooza. My inspirations are skrillex, Martin garrix, marshmello and Moonboy. I hope that you succeed and I wish you the greatest luck in this great industry??

  26. Hey Sanjay really great video!
    When i got started with making music i bought way too much gear when i really didnt need it.
    People kept telling me that it is mandatory that u have a good set of stuido monitors so i bought some Behringer Truth 2031a, which kinda was a waste of money since my room is really small and i cant position my work station properly to get the most out of them.
    So i kept using my Bayer DT-990s Pro anyway since i already had them.
    The only thing i would really recommend is a good DAC with an built in Headphone amp like the FiiO E10 to get the most out of your headphones.

  27. Sanjay C hello bro I have to ask you I see you got beyerdynamic dt770 pro 250 ohm version and scarlett focusrite audio interface… and my question is: is your headphones loud enough when you use this interface with that? Because i heard this combo is no good for loudness of this 250ohm version headphones. Thanks for answer 🙂 and also sorry for my english.

  28. Hey I had a question if I buy the microphone u use and a Mac book and the audio interface for beginners in the description they would all be compatible?

  29. I recommend m32 everyone starting out. It has many daws included. Plus many plug ins. Just pads but that’s not a huge problem I find.

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