How To Build Bigger Arms (Without Weights)

– What’s up, guys? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to the vlog. It’s a beautiful day in Miami. And today I’m.

– What’s up, guys? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to the vlog. It’s a beautiful day in Miami. And today I’m gonna be
showing you my go-to exercises for building big arms without any weights. I’ll see you guys downstairs. All right, so if you’re
trying to build bigger arms, you’re gonna need to be
working on the muscles that give your arms size. So today we’re gonna be
working on our shoulders, bicep, tricep, and forearms. All of these muscles need
to be trained evenly. Not just so you can have stronger arms, but so that your arms
are growing proportional. For example, you can do
a lot of bicep curls, and that doesn’t mean that
you’re gonna get big arms. You may just get bigger biceps. And essentially your arms
are only gonna look bigger from one direction, that’s facing forward, and only from one area,
which is your bicep. There’s only so much that
a bicep will do to make your arms look bigger. So you actually need to
fill the rest of your arm with all the other muscles
to really get your arms as big as they can possibly get. And because we’re not using
any weights to grow our arms, you wanna select the best exercises that’s gonna make your
target muscle work the most. And you wanna make sure that
your target muscle group is taking on the most amount
of body weight or resistance. For example, if your desired
target muscle is your triceps, doing pushups will engage your triceps, but you’re also engaging all of your chest to do this exercise, taking more weight and resistance
away from your triceps. So a better tricep exercise
would be a movement that engages mainly your triceps, something like tricep extensions. That exercise mainly isolates your triceps to move your body up and down. So that’s what today’s
workout is gonna be about. I selected by go-to
exercises that isolates the specific muscles within your arms to help us grow more
muscle without any weight. And, of course, before we get started, if you’re really trying
to gain mass and size, you need to make sure
your nutrition’s on point. Need to make sure you’re
eating enough protein to fuel muscle growth. Being a caloric surplus
will also help greatly. And, of course, getting
enough sleep and recovery ’cause that’s when your muscles are actually growing and repairing. So with that said, we’re
gonna start with the biceps. I’m gonna show you guys
the first exercise. That’s gonna be negative hefestos. (chill remixed music) ♪ Heria music ♪ All right, so there we
have negative hefestos. And remember, guys, to
get this workout routine on your phone, download the Heria Pro App in the App Store or Google Play Store. And not only will you get
access to this routine, but you’re gonna get access
to all my personal workouts and workout programs that I’ve created with specific goals in
mind like burning fat and building solid muscle. So if you haven’t already, make sure you download the Heria Pro App. And there’s gonna be some exercises that you may not be able to do. But I’ll be showing you the alternative progressional exercises that you could do to get started. And start simulating this exercise to be able to work up to the real thing. In all those progressions
you’re gonna find in the workout in the Heria Pro App. So the progression that
you can use to get started for this exercise is actually gonna be behind the back Australian chin-ups. And I love this exercise
because your hands are behind your back,
it’s emphasizing the most of your body weight onto your biceps. And the only way to bring yourself out of that position is to curl. And that’s why I selected
this move to grow your biceps. There’s only so many times you can curl your own body weight, and
then you’re really gonna start working on the negative
portion of this exercise. When you’re straining
super hard on a move, and you can’t even
complete the concentric, and all you can do is just
come down as slow as you can, that’s fighting against resistance and tearing a whole
bunch of muscle fibers. And that can actually get you stronger verses using an easier
exercise with normal reps. And it’s also a great
way to induce hypertrophy a lot faster. Tearing your muscle fibers
and allowing them to grow back thicker and stronger. So moving on to the next exercise that’s really gonna grow your biceps, we’re gonna be going of
chin-up one arm negative. (chill remixed music) ♪ Heria music ♪ All right, so there we
have another bicep killer, the chin-up one arm negative. And for this move, we’re
utilizing the same technique I told you before, really
working on building that overload as we come down, using the eccentric
portion of this exercise. You’re gonna be able to do more reps when you come up with two arms, but then you’re really
gonna put the overload and isolate each bicep individually
as you begin to descend putting your entire body
weight onto one single bicep. Now the alternative
progression to doing this would be the Australian
chin-up one arm negative. Work on those, eventually
you’re gonna be able to work your way up to these. Now let’s move onto the next muscle that’s gonna give us
bigger arms, our triceps. The first exercise for our triceps is gonna by skull crushers. Let’s go for it. (chill remixed music) ♪ Heria music ♪ All right, so there we
have skull crushers, and as you can see you wanna
have a really good stretch. Try to get as much range
of motion in this exercise as possible, and you really
wanna be as explosive as possible on the way
up to really get the most out of your triceps and the
most out of this exercise. As you can see from this exercise, the primary muscle
allowing your body to move is gonna be your triceps. From this angle, the only thing that’s gonna bring your body up is from the strain of your triceps, making your triceps the main
muscle that’s being put to work and taking on the most
of your body weight. Now this exercise does not
need an alternative movement because skull crushers can be scaled depending on the angle in which you do it. If you do it at a lower angle,
it’s gonna be a lot harder. You’re gonna be using more body weight. And if you do it at a higher angle, it’s gonna be a lot easier
with less resistance and less body weight. To start off at a hight angle
if you’re just getting started and eventually work your
way down lower and lower putting more resistance, more body weight, and building bigger triceps. The next tricep exercise
we’re gonna go into is gonna be one arm bench dips. Let’s go for it. (chill remixed music) ♪ Heria music ♪ All right, so there we
have one arm bench dips. Now this is one my go-to exercises when I’m not using any weights and I wanna build bigger triceps, and even bigger delts. Just like the chin-up one arm negatives, we’re putting on the emphasis,
resistance, and body weight onto one tricep. And from this angle, we’re
leaning our entire body weight and pushing against your
triceps and even rear delts. So you’re kind of killing two
birds with one stone here. Isolating and growing your triceps, but your rear delts, as well. So a great alternative to this exercise for you to get started on would be doing bench dips with both arms. Eventually you’re gonna
build up your strength, be able to eliminate one arm
and perform one arm bench dips for a couple reps. Then you’ll be able to work on those and grow your repetitions. So now that we got our triceps done, we’re gonna be moving onto shoulders. We’re gonna be going
for handstand pushups. (chill remixed music) ♪ Heria music ♪ All right, so there we
have handstand pushups, my go-to favorite move for
building bigger shoulders, and definitely my go-to exercise for building stronger shoulders, as well. With this exercise, you’re
putting your entire body weight onto your shoulders, and
that’s gonna be the best way to get maximum resistance
for your shoulders when you’re not using any weights at all. And, of course, there’re a
whole bunch of other benefits that you’re working on
when you’re doing exercises inverted or in a handstand position like working on your control, balance, and full body awareness, not to mention crazy
stabilization and engagement from your forearms. Now for this exercise a great progression to first getting started
would be pike hold or even pike pushup. You’re gonna develop more
strength in your shoulders with these exercises, and
eventually you’re gonna be able to elevate yourself even
more and start going for elevated pike pushups. From there, you’ll gain even
more muscle and strength in your shoulders and be able
to kick up against the wall and be able to do handstand
pushups against the wall. Work on those and check out my video on how to handstand with five easy steps, and you should be able to
put those two together, and start doing handstand
pushups right away. Now the last muscle group
that’s gonna build big arms is gonna be your forearms. Now for all exercises we were doing, we were indirectly engaging our forearms with each and every grip and when we were stabilizing
for our handstand pushups. One of my go-to exercise to
really isolate your forearms and give you a super strong grip would be one arm hangs on the pull-up bar. Not only is this gonna
make your arm fuller and give you bigger arms,
but working on your grip is also gonna increase your reps and increase your strength tenfold. Remember, you’re only as
strong as your weakest link. And normally your weakest
link is your grip. You don’t want your grip to give out before your other muscles do. That means that you’re leaving
potential gains on the table. So you wanna really make sure that you’re training your forearms, and they can last just
as long, if not longer, than the other muscles in your body. That’s gonna be the workout
routine for today, guys. And that is how you get bigger
arms without any weights. Hopefully, you guys learned
something in today’s video. Work on this routine. And, of course, to get
this workout on your phone, download the Heria Pro
App in the App Store or the Google Play Store
to get this workout routine and all my personal workouts
and workout programs that I’ve created for
specific goals in mind like burning fat and
building solid muscle. Whether you’re trying to
achieve this with no weights or with weights, I have a routine for you. So make sure you download
the Heria Pro App and start getting in the best
shape of your life today. And if you guys enjoyed
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