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Good morning friends, it’s Steven Woloszyk from Prime Lending. Today is Tuesday, it’s April 12th. It means that it’s time.

Good morning friends, it’s Steven Woloszyk
from Prime Lending. Today is Tuesday, it’s April 12th. It means that it’s time for Tuesday’s 2 minute
tip. Yesterday I received an email from one of
the customers that I’m currently working with. She had an inquiry about 2 or 3 K loans. It’s an FHA renovation loan and within just
a few minutes I responded back with giving her the different options with regards to
a traditional FHA, with the 2 or 3 K stream line which is a renovation loan program, little
less cumbersome and then the full blown 2 or 3 K program. I responded back with the answers to those
questions and at the end of the email, I said, does that help’ And she responded back, yes
thank you. A lot easier to understand then the plunder
of information from Google and her reply made me smile, I sent a quick meme to her about
not trusting everything you read on the internet. Listen folks, internet is a phenomenal tool
but there’s all kinds of information out there. Some good and some not so good. When it comes to mortgages, the single biggest
purchasing decision we make in our lives, please find yourselves someone that you know,
like and trust and that’s a professional to ask your questions rather than doing your
own accord. I guarantee you can find the right answer
out there but I also guarantee you can find a lot of misinformation out there. So if you don’t have someone that you’re working
with already. Ask a family member, ask a friend, ask a coworker
who they used for their mortgage. If you’re working with a realtor ask them
for a couple of names of people that they work with. It’s really important today to get with someone
in the market place that knows their business, so that you can get the answers to your questions
and every lender is different. So just because it’s out on the internet,
doesn’t mean that it may apply to the lender that you might be working with. So that’s today’s 2 minutes tip. Find someone that you know, like and trust. Don’t trust Google. Google doesn’t have all the answers. I’m Steven Woloszyk from Prime Lending, that’s
Tuesday’s 2 minute tip. I appreciate your tuning in and as always,
make it a great day.

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