How to Fix a Car Amp

How to Fix a Car Amp. Don’t let troubles with your car amplifier silence your fun. Learn how to troubleshoot.

How to Fix a Car Amp. Don’t let troubles with your car amplifier
silence your fun. Learn how to troubleshoot your car amplifier
to resume enjoying your music. You will need Multimeter CD player Headphone
to RCA cable Working speaker and cooling fans (optional). Step 1. Unhook all cables and wiring from the car
amplifier so that only the power, ground, and remote leads are connected. Step 2. Check the connections. Make sure the amp is grounded to a bare piece
of metal free from rust, and that the remote wire is hooked up and connected to the blue
wire with a white strip on the head unit. Test the connections with a multimeter set
to measure volts. Step 3. Inspect the amplifier for loose hardware,
screws, or nuts. Step 4. Reconnect the speaker wires and RCA cables. Keep the speaker wires from touching the vehicle
as this can cause a motorboat effect. Step 5. Remove and check any transistors that read
zero ohms. Replace the transistor if it is defective. Step 6. Turn down the gain. If the amplifier is getting hot and shutting
down, the gain might be turned up too high. Add external PC cooling fans to cool down
the amplifier. Step 7. Using a headphone to RCA cable, connect a
CD player to the RCA input of the amplifier to see if the amplifier has sound. If it does, the head unit’s output or cable
is bad. Step 8. Hook a working speaker up to the amplifier
if you are not getting sound. If you get sound from the working speaker,
then the speakers in your car are blown. Step 9. Take the amplifier to a repair shop if none
of these fixes work. Did you know In 1930, Paul Galvin and crew
of the company that would eventually become Motorola, built and installed one of the first
car radios.

17 thoughts on “How to Fix a Car Amp”

  1. As someone who is learning how to fix Computers and other electronics in school right now, this is a dangerous thing to do yourself when you have no knowledge about what you are doing.

  2. Its called learning dumbass! Do you think there was always schools to teach people? No people learn on there own, I rewired my house over to a 200 amp service which Ive never done or seen done and Not only did the master electriction sign off on it so did the towns electriction and im still using it today. Its a 12V car amp worst thats gonna happen is you will fuck it up or maybe drop it and break your foot while fixing it. And yes I agree with the top comment as well FUCK YOU!

  3. I didn't say it was impossible or that people shouldn't do it, I just said that it was a dangerous thing to do when you don't have the knowledge of what you are doing. I'm glad you were able to rewire your house though I'm not sure why this matters. Also, I never said anyone had to go to school to do this, I'm just saying that you should find someone or study the subject on your own instead of just watching a video on YouTube without knowing why you are doing the fixes or what could go wrong.

  4. ok, this is coming from a certified electrician (me) FUCK YOU BUDDY.
    this video is a fucking joke. my girlfriend who dont know shit about vehicles or nominal voltage can tell you more than this video.

  5. @ koibitooflife89 for future reference mr 12 AWG solid copper is not for use on a DC circuit. AC ONLY DUMBASS!!!!!!! Maybe you should be taking the basics or atleast understanding them before trying "that complicated"

  6. Sorry, but advising noobs to "…replace fuses that read ZERO ohms" (:59) is costly advice, my friend, and they will potentially be there for years.

  7. I did not READ install tactics diagnosis. How to fix a blown amp, idiot. No repair shop. That is a crappy video. 1. How to replace components on the speaker side in lou of a bad conversion of dc to ac for speaker out. 2. How to replace parts on the switching, on the other half of the amp…. If I wanted a simplton video, I would of not clicked due to the title. CHANGE THE TITLE.

  8. I thought I was gonna watch an amplifier repair how to video and not a how to check amplifier for loose connections. The funny part at the end is " take your amplifier to a repair shop" Lol

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