How to Install a Towel Ring in a Bathroom

– Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone, I’m Mike. Today, we’re gonna take a lot at putting a towel ring on.

– Welcome to Tomahawk
DIY everyone, I’m Mike. Today, we’re gonna take a lot at putting a towel ring on the wall, so we can get this hand towel installed in the bathroom. Pretty important thing, it’s easy to do, let me show you how. Alright, so the first thing we’re gonna do is figure out where to position this. So, you can position it next to the door, you can put it over by the mirror. Obviously, you pick where
it’s gonna look good in your particular situation. In this case, this is
going in a kids bathroom so I’m going to keep it fairly low, and right by the edge of the counter. Hopefully, the towel
stays on the towel ring. So, couple things. This comes with a bracket. The bracket’s gonna go inside, like so. There’s a screw here, little tiny screw. Want to make sure that’s pointing down, so that the top is
looking nice for people. And then we’re gonna figure
out just how high to mount. So I’m gonna mount it right about there. The next thing I need to figure out is whether I’m gonna be mounting into a stud in the wall or not a stud. Cause depending, I may
need to use some plugs to go into the drywall to
help this not pull out, or if I’m just going into a stud, I can just use the screw by itself. Couple ways to do that. One way to find studs
is to knock on the wall and listen for a change in sound. (knocking) So, right about there. (knocking) You’ll hear a slight change in the pitch. Now, if you’re not confident in that you can always get a stud
finder, these are pretty easy. Push the button on the side. (beeping) And now we’re going to
move this along the wall. (beeping) And it beeped where the stud was. (beeping) Right there. (beeping) And there’s some more over here. So, with that, I know that
the place I’m mounting this does not have a stud, so I’m gonna have to put in these drywall plugs. Alright, so I’m marking the place where I’m gonna hang this towel ring. Going to go right there. And I’ve got my bracket. With my bracket, I’m
gonna mark with the screw so I know where to … So, with those marks with the screw, I’ll know where to drill
in and install this. With my two spots marked for the screws, I’m gonna get ready to drill these in. Now, there’s a couple ways to do that. One way, you can take a drill bit, and choose the right size compared to your plug and drill in. I’m gonna do it a way that
I found a little bit easier. Probably not as clean and such, but it’s a little bit quicker. I’m just gonna take the
end of my screwdriver here and use it to drill right in. (drilling) And I know you should really
use a drill bit for that, but saves a little bit of time. Now, with this in place, I
can get these plugs pushed in. And push them in nice and flush. Might want to use a hammer. I’m actually just going to use
the back of my screwdriver to pop these in nice and flush with the wall. (knocking) Now, I can get the bracket installed. Alright, with this in
place, we need to get this little set screw, loosen it out. That’s gonna allow this
to slip over the bracket. There, once it’s slipped over the bracket, we’ll tighten this screw back in place. There we go. And with that, our towel rack is hung up. So, there you have it. It didn’t take long at all
to install this towel rack. Pretty simple, I’ll put some
clips and links on Amazon where you can pick up some
great little towel rings. Don’t forget, like the video. Subscribe, leave some comments, and have a great day, thanks for watching.

14 thoughts on “How to Install a Towel Ring in a Bathroom”

  1. Thank you kindly, my man. You helped me figure out this mounting bracket problem. I didn't realize the screw needed to move, and couldn't get it on the bracket. Thanks again for the video.

  2. Thank you very much. I'm installing one tonight. I have all the tools I need. Again, like many I have no one to assist me! lol
    Best, Nancy

  3. One question. Do you know where I can get replacement plugs for the sides of the circular holder? Any work around jerry-rig ideas? Some of my towel rings have missing plugs….. cant seem to find them at the hardware store.

  4. I posted the following exact comment on another video because I had to watch two to get a good overview lol! ''Thank you for taking time to post this. I thought it would be simple and then I confused myself by which direction the plate should go and how exactly it was going to fit into the ring…and should the tightening screw be on the top or bottom. So these 'simple' videos are SO important and so appreciated by we who do these things once in a lifetime 🙂 THANK YOU!!!''

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