How to make a “Bow” Only Build in Dark Souls 3

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  1. hey Ymfah, how is the millwood greatbow AR supposed to be when at max str/dex with flynn's and lloyd's? Because i'm getting 845 AR and it seems oddly, oddly high.

  2. After I completed the game, then the giant was dead (I went back for some reason or another before ng+) his body was just there with the ring 🙁

  3. Fucking mad man as always man.
    Been on a bit of a binge with your vids like I usually do every couple months or so, and was wondering, if you ever went back to Bloodborne, would you ever do a video on a viable/OP stake driver build?
    Hope u good fam

  4. I love the subtle little slide that just said shit, as you walked off the rafters in Firelink Shrine.

    I only mention this because I've done this aswell, literally on my first play through of the game. Big sad.

  5. Can you make the pure mage? On ds1 or on ds3 a italian youtuber called ginosmile have make this chalengerun,the rules are beat the game(possibly with all bosses)with your catalyst you can do the r2 swag Attack or use the spells.rules start with sorcerer and you can level up only intelligence and attunement and you cant use item like the fap or the prisoner s chain for the stats up but ember yes,plz make a try.

  6. Hmmm this glitch has something to do with the spell bow glitch that's become absolutely cancerous in the game lately. interesting

  7. Hey thanks for the video mate. I've been all about the millwood greatbow since I got the game. I use it more than any other weapon. However, I'm just not that gud. I cannot seem to figure out the mechanics of this glitch button wise. I must be hitting them in the wrong order or moving too slow because I'm not able to use rapid fire.

    UPDATE: Okay, I just needed to read the texted instructions and practice for a bit. Wow. I did not know you could do this.

  8. I recently have had a series of invasions over the last couple of days with the same player one shotin me with some kind of crystal magic and another with lightning arrows that also seemed to hit me with chaos fire at the same time somehow. I was just straight doing PvE, not in any fight club area at all, just by myself. I thought it was weird because I rarely lose to mage invaders period, let alone the same invader, at the first possible place you can be invaded and being able to get hit for 1970hp in a single attack. I know I'm late to the party, but is it possible to do this with spells as well? Cuz that would explain some really odd things I have seen lately.

  9. The thing with Dark Souls and Bows is that most people just use them for aggro enemys because its to annoying to fight Bow "only", but once u managed the timing u feel like a good rollin and sniping everywhere

  10. 이거 암만 해봐도 하프라이트 보스전 바깥에서 대궁화살 쏴서 죽이는거 안되던데 어캐한거임?

    밀우드 활로 전투기술 제대로 썼는데

  11. Pro Tip: Instead of wasting an hour with 'Part 1' Start as Deprived and just run through with your club, you'll also have some more stat points to distribute…fkn casual.

  12. Thanks for making a youtube list of the music played in this, that was a nice touch! I couldn't remember that FFBE song for the life of me.

  13. i though of doing a only bow user in ds3 before watching this video. I play as archer in most mmo so i wanted to try and keep fiel to my normal class. after some time i was like: "this is stupid idea. lets get back to the sword"

    And now there is a guy who done it and succeeded.
    You are a true Archer!

  14. Never forget my run through of DS1 with the heavy crossbow at lvl ?? (10 I think? Whatever was the least number of souls needed to lvl up the stat required to use it – sorry, been a while).

    Upgrade it as far as you can and the game becomes completely different after that. Smough and Ornstein? Easiest fight ever. Gargoyles? No problem at all. So much of it was made way easier. If I recall, DS2 took away the targeting with the crossbow though? Completely fucked me up ?

  15. I read it as "bow only" as in the gesture smh. "How to make a bow only build?? Sure why not, everything else has been done, why not bow the person into submission?"

  16. Отлично, круто, а теперь объясни, можно ли это провернуть на нг+ 1 ?

  17. lol if you will use a fucking glitch why not use mods or better cheats BoW only MY ASS!!!!get the fuck out here you phony

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