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My favourite cup of coffee at the moment is a Flat White and I’m going to show you how to.

My favourite cup of coffee at the moment
is a Flat White and I’m going to show you how to make the perfect CRU Flat
White. First thing you need to think about is water. Great water in, equals a great
cup of coffee and if you think about those really cool speciality coffee
shops out there, they’ve usually got two filtration systems on their water to
make sure they get in great water, so use mineral water, drop that in at the back. A Flat White is less milk and more coffee that’s why it tastes so delicious.
So think about the cup that you’re using for this one I only need one shot but
for this one it’s bigger so I put two shots in that. The next thing you’ve got
to think about is warming your coffee cup especially in the morning it makes
all the difference. If you put beautiful hot coffee into a cold cup, it just kind of
dulls it, you lose a bit of its personality so warm your cup – just a
little bit of hot water in there to heat it up. Okay so now your cups warm let’s
grab some CRU coffee and drop it in. Now don’t press the coffee,
let’s froth the milk first and then we do the coffee, that way everything is hot.
And fill it about a third full, place the milk into the frothing arm and what you
don’t want to do is move it around too much you want creamy milk for a Flat
White, not frothy milk so just turn it on and let it slowly heat up. So that’s
froth, take it out, and now what you need to do is you need to give it a tap to
get rid of some of the air bubbles. Once you’ve tapped the air bubbles out, set it
aside and hit your coffee button. So the coffee’s done,
the milks done. Perfect, now we’re just going to bring them together. And that’s
how you make the perfect CRU Flat White.

18 thoughts on “How to Make The Perfect Flat White | CRU Kafe”

  1. So lovely to see you at the Ideal Home Show. We must do a video soon! Love how this is looking Mr Q. Big love, bless you x

  2. "it dulls it, you lose some of it's personality" – what the fuck are you talking about why can't you talk normally?Β 

  3. Well you want to reverse the order. Always pull your shots before steaming milk. I would re do this video

  4. Perfect ! for the day, very useful information in regards to flat white coffee. I noticed you said that you need to warm your coffee mug before making coffee as it makes your coffee super hot , that is also very useful comment I have ever heard. I always make my morning coffee at my office and I have this jug there as it helps to keep my coffee hot all day .

  5. Erm, except a flat white is similar to a latte, just with less froth…

    And you should tap the milk once, then swirl it to give it a velvet texture, while leaving some of the froth of the sides of the jug, that way you get less froth in the flat white… Lol.

  6. Thanks for posting this video. Always good to educate those who do not understand the flat white at all, such as the gazillions of coffee shops who have jumped on board offering the flat white to their customer, taking their money and serving a cup full of something which could never be called coffee let alone a flat white.

    I do have one question though, the cups you show appear to be 6oz and 8oz but just wonder why you would make the 6oz with a single shot, as in Aus & NZ (we'll let them argue who came up with the drink) they use double shot in 6oz or the very biggest 8oz. As you rightly say it is about more coffee less milk.

    One of my pet hates is when i go to a coffee shop and ask for a flat white and they say "which size, small, medium or large?" lol!

    And yes, I am a coffee geek πŸ™‚

  7. Can you tell me pls what's the proportion between espresso and milk? One shot of espresso means 20-25 ml? This means 40-50 espresso and the rest milk (aprox 110 ml). Is that correct? I use nespresso aeroccino to froth the milk. is that ok? thank you very much in advance for your answer.

  8. ….. flat whites are meant to be minimal froth, and the shot is always first…….. but yeah if you’re doing this for yourself go for it but for cafes and busy places not ideal

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