How to Network and Build a Social Circle — 3 Networking Tips

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  1. I'm seeing people complaining on not getting where they want, all I want to say.. it's not an overnight thing, I've spent sooo many hours learning how to edit and trying to apply that into my videos to try and make them the best video. After taking a break I also understand that consistency and networking is waaay more important than anything. It takes real effort to turn your countless hours to actual monetary gain

  2. Thanks for the great tips, but more importantly love hearing you share your real life experiences. It truly goes a long way! Love the content as always!

  3. This was really helpful to me. Just started an internet photo site. The meetup site I feel will be very useful. I was not sure how to find events to go to. I am going to be filming YouTube videos very shortly. Also, the suggestion of a list of " the stars" and of my peers I think will be helpful. To keep in my mind to post and interact on there sites. I try to do this anyway but this will be a reminder to do it daily not sporadic. Especially my "peers". I really have grown to enjoy them not just their videos. Thank you for these videos. I think I learn something from each one I look at.

  4. the channel help me gain over 2000 subscribers. Sean you deserve 1 million subscribers my man. Thank you for sharing your videos.

  5. This video was what i really wanted, coz i feel hapy if i have engagement with less views rather than not having loyal subs and tons of views. Thanks Sean ?? I wanted to ask if you should be the first one to ask for a YouTube collab, to fellow YouTubers with similar content? I tried to just communicate and take tips from a Channel 30 times larger than me but he didn't replied. Was that right, should I try again?

  6. Absolutely love this video. I have been employing many of these tips on my fishing Instagram page and have already seen results. I believe patience is key to networking and providing value by working for "free" for others really is a learning moment for you and does open doors. This life is a marathon so do good things, be patient, be genuine, and work hard and things WILL happen. Tight lines y'all!!

  7. South Florida has a very small YouTube Community I did find a Miami Youtubers meet up group that seems to only meet every 2 to 3 months. So in place of that I have been going to beauty and fashion industry networking events and since I started doing that my social circle has started to develop and grow. We do have social media week coming in September so I think that will make a major impact for me as Beauty Vlogger on YouTube. Sean thanks for pointing out the networking aspect of growing my channel. I do recognize all the big players in my industry however still trying to figure out how I can bring value to them…I do have somewhat of an idea I'm just not secure enough to present it as of yet. So I have to get over that next

  8. Maybe it's just me but I feel like all of his videos where he gives "advice" are all the same things with different titles

  9. The thing I need to do most is get started, find ways to meet and help others. My goal is not so much about making money as about leaving a legacy after I die.

  10. this is a great video Sean? very useful. I haven't seen this type of info other places. Thanks!

    I'm currently building my brand before my first networking/educational event in November.

  11. Thanks for the content bro. These videos have been popping up more and more and helping me with my own YouTube game. ☺️

  12. The most useful tip was definitely looking at the "tribe" leaders of my niche and finding ways and means to get involved in their lifes/their communities in whatever way I can. I don't think I can offer free services to these kinda bigger channels, but maybe I can look smaller and see who I can help.

  13. I love this video! Very inspiring. We aren't in a large city, but this makes me want to up my networking game both in person & online. Thanks ??

  14. I enjoy all of your videos. But this one is special. I am going to do my one meetup here in munich toghete with a good friend. Thanx for the content. 🙂

  15. Shameless plug! Any one in Kansas City should check out Guildit, it's similar to Creative Mornings or 1 Million Cups (another great meet up). I do video and some social Media for Guildit and it's a free forum were Artist and business people can meet up. If any one wants to learn more feel free to message me.

  16. ??? Welcome to my channel. for best royalty free background music for your youtube videos ???

  17. Hey Sean I love the videos that you make but I wish if u do a lumix g7 review because iam thinking to buy it

    Press a like ? to make sure that Sean see it

  18. I haven't made a video for over a year because I felt like no one was watching, hoping to start again

  19. Love this. It really refreshed my desire to spend more time on personal branding and networking. Thanks so much!

  20. Great video Sean. I couldn't agree with you more. I do quite a bit of in person networking and lunches. Your tips will expand my efforts. Hey as you grow if you need anything in terms of background checks or investigative services we do pro bono work for YouTubers and influencers like you. Take care!

  21. Awesome video. The main tip i took from this was to actually go out and find people to connect with. I do my best to apply all of your tips, i have wanted to start a channel for the longest time but never but never did until i started watching your channels. Just wanted to say you're a big motivation for me to actually start my channel and thank you for what you do, keep it up.

  22. Shaun sir….. Can I get some idea about vlogging…. I am planning to start a channel and I am good at dancing so will it be good to start a tips video on how to be more good at dancing… Plzz guide me sir… ??

  23. Great tips Sean! ? I'm currently focussed on expanding my online network because I always have the kids with me and all our free babysitters live overseas ☺️
    It has been so exciting and motivating to connect with other YouTubers and I'm learning so much and enjoying all of these wonderful conversations. In the few days I've been part of the VRA community I've learnt tons from the other members – I'm so stoked to be part of your Video Influencers VRA family ?

  24. I don't care about the views as much as I want to inform people and entertain people. Other than my friends I have barely gained any subs in a year and a half and 50 videos in. I need to post more but I made a huge investment and I'm rebranding my channel this weekend. With a lot of thanks to your videos

  25. Haha funny.
    I have been thinking – for the last two weeks – in ways of promoting my channel and I came across with the last tips you gave. Why didnt you release this video before! You could have saved me a lot of thinking hahaha.
    The thing is, by engaging in real and personal and social bonds, you can actually make your account GROW. Do bare in mind these tips, they are more than helpful.

  26. Thanks Sean, 1 year ago I really did not know what you tube was. I am 63. I love you tube and get a lot info from you. Thanks ( life with Ken and Jane) will be coming soon. I think it's going to be fun. Working on my brand in my brain. Music, travel, family… see you soon. Lake Havasu city

  27. Been watching as many of your video's as I can, in-between getting my channel as professional as possible from what you teach me. You offer fabulous authentic content.
    I just closed YouTube after watching THIS video. Then re opened up to say THANK YOU Sean.

  28. I love both think media tv and video influencers, as a content creator any info I can implement to help me grow is great. I keep uploading and tweaking my channels as I go. Would really love a video on how to get music for use in content and avoiding copyright strikes. I'm already active on the social media accounts of the top influencers In my space and hopefully get to collaborate on some projects with then at some point

  29. Good advice social meeting is a great way to build your network brand I'm learning so much tips from you.

  30. I like the reaching out and collaborating with other influencers. I'd love to find those who can collab with me in my niche. Thank yo for all the tips though. Great video and information.

  31. Sean , which is the cheapest camera or camcorder with good image quality with external mic input?

  32. hey sean, can you make a review fot the sony fdr-x3000 action camera?? Is it suitable for youtube videos?

  33. was wondering if you have any tips for making reaction video's and what to react to and what not to react to ? please and thank you

  34. Great video Sean! I am currently working on building my influence and coming across this video definitely helped. I plan on implementing these tips and tricks asap!

  35. Hey Sean, been a big fan of your videos for a while, loving what your doing ?
    My question to you is: what camera would be good for sports recording? I play soccer and in need of making a highlight video. Wanted to get a camera for myself for that purpose. On second hand, the camera would also be used to record personal training I do and post on socials. A little help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

  36. I literally subscribed because of the setup he has in the back. Strong sound system, unique clamps, streaming desk buttons, and the motivational posters. Not to mention the computer looks custom built. I really did like the content of the video too.

  37. I am somewhat new to the YouTube thing. I love making videos and sharing fitness with people but it can be frustrating. The best advice on the video was "not to have an agenda." I have recently just been having fun and making videos that I like and enjoy. If nothing comes of it then thats, OK but make sure you enjoy it. Best of luck everyone.

  38. I don't seem to have any problems building and growing my Facebook pages (own a few), but growing my YouTube channel has been one of my biggest challenges too date. I joke with my wife that Iraq was a lot easier than building my channel. Lol

  39. Great video. I have been working hard on building my own travel channel. Time to start networking more at local events. You are absolutely right that you have to work hard and network.

  40. Sean, have you been coached by or have any connection at all to Tom Ferry? You guys speak very similarly in pace, cadence, and vernacular.

  41. I will be going to growthcon 2018 !!! I've been to conferences this year but I just started producing last month so .. I'm a beginner and I still dont have many youtuber friends… Hey if you're a new youtuber! Lets be friends!

  42. First off …Sean you rock. You always put great informative videos up that help tremendously. Whats the best way I can promote my channel on Instagram. I have not found I good solution yet. Issue for me is that I can't add a link to my videos 🙁

  43. Sean, Great Vid!!!! I am just starting out in a very spec niche. This video developed a page of notes for me to refine and develope as guide lines to follow. I've been following for some time now here and on VI, please keep putting out the content. It means a lot to many of us.
    Tks, Joe V.

  44. I’m in the music space and have always wanted to go to NAMM, the music manufacturer’s industry show. Thanks Sean! -AJ

  45. It is so true that networking can take your biz to another level and find lifetime friends along the way. Tank you Sean!! Best wishes from Ecuador?? South America

  46. Thank you for this video and share your knowledge with anyone who is looking to further their careers in any business. I'm so blessed that I stumbled upon your YouTube channel and I look forward to the additional knowledge I'll obtain in my future by watching you. If you have any other influencers on YouTube that could steer me into the right directions please do let me know! I'm kind of addicted to knowledge and growing my business and my connections in the smartest and most professional way while adding value to others!

  47. You convinced me that offering free work is the way to go and I it has gotten me good things in the past.

  48. You have a contagious spirit, man. I love your videos! Great advice and a really helpful channel! Thanks!

  49. Great tips, loved the tip about actually meeting people at events. it seems like something not a lot of people do these days.

  50. Really helpful video for social network-ere who wants to use social network as professional networking platform. Also checkout for the new social network for professional networking

  51. this video really gets you in the mood to be social on the social! Thanks so much Sean. Yet another video where you insipre me to keep hustling. #hustleseason

  52. Thanks a lot. Guess I'm ready to go. i think my favorite as the pro bono. It even feels great when you have the opportunity to do voluntary work. God bless you.

  53. "it is best done with zero expectations" BOOM, I feel like some people skip this or it just goes through one ear to the other. Once you start having expectations while network building, YOU LOSE. Now you're not focused on providing value, you're focused on what you can take. I feel like the point of Networking and building these relationships is to give give give in the front end so that HOPEFULLY (no expectations remember) you'll get value in return in the back end. Thank you for the content ?

  54. Nice Tips
    Think Media
    First is Show your value in online like you want conference
    Second is meet with your love to do community for involving, learning.
    Third is learn and more. You gonna success.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good Night sir.

  55. My main question is. Can you start your own independent brand and YouTube career? Because I know a lot of you tubers have their managers and people that help them along the way.

  56. Thank you for this! I keep working but I never realized how alone I am like I literally do everything alone for my channel and brand lol ❤️

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