How To Remove Rust From Any Gun or Firearm

Hey guys! In this video I’m going to show you how easy it is to remove rust from your gun,.

Hey guys! In this video I’m going to show
you how easy it is to remove rust from your gun, and how to keep the rust off
using a rust remover that’s safe on wood aluminum metal plastic, it’s safe on
everything except rust! man that’s a lot of rust…… Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath,
your clean safe and easy solution for getting rid of rust!
Let’s get started! Disassemble the gun. If you know what kind of gun this is, write
it in the comments below. The first person to get it right, we will send you free gallon the Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath. Now here is a closer look at some of the smaller parts. Man that’s years of rust! Check this out, the firing pin is seized up! It won’t even move. Let’s see if just by soaking this gun into Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath will fix the issue. Now I’m going to disassemble the rest of it. We’re gonna get these small
pieces off so I could soak them as well. Take a look at this! There’s a ton
of rust here. Something like this screw would be very difficult to wire brush.
And of course you don’t want to use an acid on any of these parts.
Make sure the gun or anything that you soak in a Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is completely clean of any grease or dirt before you submerge it. Alright, STEP 1 SOAK Wait a minute! A very important fact about using Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath on your old rusty gun. Note:Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath will remove bluing and oxide coatings from metal. Keep that in mind before you submerge your entire part in Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath. Alright, now let’s get back to the action. So pour Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath until you completely cover your rusted part. Yep, safe on skin. That small plastic tub was perfect for a small part but for the barrel and stock I’m using a PVC pipe.
Quick tip for you, make sure you glue the bottom of that
cap folks! Now just fill it up! This took about two gallons to fill up. Again Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is safe on everything so don’t worry about that wood. Alright,
STEP 2 CHECK your part and make sure it’s done. It’s been about 18 hours, let’s
see how we did. WOW!!! Now that looks clean! yeah, yeah that’s good….. Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath, it’s reusable one gallon will remove up to a half a pound of rust. That’s a lot of rust! Moving on
to STEP 3 DRY/PROTECT. Cleaning after using Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is simple. Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath doesn’t leave any type of residue behind. Dry it off and once it’s dry you’re going to need to
protect it. Just spray it with some of our Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray!
Like Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath, Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray is a water-based rust preventative that dries
to the touch. That’s it! It’s that easy! You’re done! Now let’s take a look at the
smaller parts. It’s been about 18 hours WOW!!!! These small parts look amazing! Quick tip, you know Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is working because it darkens in color the more it’s used. Now dry them off, and then spray it with Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray to prevent the rust
from coming back for a year! Now the best part, let’s take a close
look at all of our finished parts. Look at that! Check it out, the pin…’s unseized! It’s working again, just by letting it soak in Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath! What do you think? Now it’s time to put the gun back together. So next time you are looking to remove rust from your gun or anything, save yourself some time and do it the clean safe and easy way. Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath, it’s safe
on everything except rust! Pick a jug up at your local Home Depot AutoZone or Canadian Tire today! Like what you saw? Stick around, subscribe to our Channel! Thanks for watching!

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  2. It's a magnum research for sure.. 50AE. No maybe it's just the .44mag. Like dirty Harry.
    Anyways good job Metal Rescue Rust Remover. You too host.

    Will the product make my vehicle run smoother if I add it directly to the gas tank? I mean it's worth a shot! I took a look at the engine and it seemed pretty rusty right?

  3. I have a pump shotgun that was under water for years that washed up on the bank of the pond and the wood was all rotted and the metal was rusted the pump was rotted away and the trigger guard and trigger was rotted away so I didnt have a trigger or pump on it but I’m going to just get rid of the rust for now

  4. How would it be to soak an electric motor in it?
    Specifically an AO Smith pool pump motor that suffered through a season of a leaky seal. The rotor spins freely and it worked fine end of last season. But upon taking it apart to replace the seal I found a lot of rust and corrosion built up on the windings and inside the shell (electric bits look fine and can be isolated.)
    Thanks for the great video.

  5. Excellent. My primary question was the impact on the bluing. I did order some gel for my wheel hubs and the rust on my trailer hitch frame within the bumper. I suspect this will work great for those projects. But, for a gun, be careful with any chemical you put on it unless you plan to reblue. Of course, I would probably wire wheel the metal and sand until the finish was smooth. Then reblue and have a new looking gun.

  6. Hey last night I spill a cup of peanuts in my car, and just happen spilled on my gun. I see a little rust today. Is it necessary to soak over night or will a Good wipe down get it clean?

  7. To me it looks like 1903-04 n Harrington & Richardson Single shot 12 gauge. sold by woolworths & co. when they first opened in 1903. I am sure i'm not the first but am I right?

  8. I just saw this and know I am not the first to tell you that the gun is a single shot Harrington and Richardson 12 guage made in conn. I hope to try this stuff soon.

  9. This is actually a Glock model 1871 shotgun forged from leftover Excalibur metal shavings…Damn! How are there so many random answers on here yet everyone is sooo convincing😂 I'll read one answer like "hmmm maybe" then the next seems correct. Idk wtf it is but I have a few my father in-law left in our shop. If anyone is interested let me know

  10. i use white vinegar myself and it works very good and it just cost $2.50 a gallon i use t on tools all the time with great results.

  11. I really wish there were more videos on YouTube like this! The commentary is probably the best part!

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