How to Remove Your Center Console Fox Body Mustang

[MUSIC PLAYING] JONATHAN MCDONALD: Hey, everybody. Jmac here with more interior tech. Today we’re going to be showing you how.

Hey, everybody. Jmac here with
more interior tech. Today we’re going
to be showing you how to remove your
center console. Now removing your
center console is necessary to gain access to your
shifter or even just your lower shifter boot. Now it is a little
involved, so follow along and we’ll show you step by
step what needs to be done. We’re going to start by removing
your center console armrest. Go ahead and pop
off your oval plug and grab you a 5/16 or
8-millimeter socket, and you can remove the two
bolts on each side that hold the armrest
onto the console. Repeat that process
for the other side. I already have ours done. So you can just pick
straight up on the armrest and it’ll come free
of the console. You can set it out of the
way, and we’ll move up here to the shifter handle. Just pop up your
shifter boot and bezel. You can just pick it up. And then remove the two bolts
that hold onto your shifter handle. Now every shifter’s
going to have a different piece of
hardware holding it on, so you’re going to
use anywhere from a 10-millimeter to a
13-millimeter socket, or even an Allen-head socket for
some aftermarket shifters. You just remove those
two bolts to get that handle out of the way. Then go ahead and remove
your AC trim bezel. That just snaps out of
place really easily. And grab you a set of
radio removal tools. If you still have
the stock radio, we have these available
on our website. If you’ve got an aftermarket
radio in your car, you have four screws holding
in the adapter plate, so you can pull
those four screws out to gain access to the
back of the radio. Engage those into place. Pull out and straight
back on the radio. And unplug your antenna and then
your two electrical connectors from the back. Set that out of the way. Now we can move on over
here to the driver’s side. You’re going after remove
your lower column cover. It’s held on by two
Phillips’ head screws. You’ve got one over here
by the key release button. Get it out of the way. And then one over here, right
underneath the lock cylinder. And then your lower
column cover comes free. Make sure and keep
your screws with it, because you don’t want
to be hunting around for screws later. Now your plastic
cover, trim cover, for the bottom of
the dash, it’s held on at the bottom
with three screws, and it’s got two
push clips up here. This car is already
missing one screw. It’s 5/16 or 8-millimeter head. Go ahead and pull
those out of the way. And grab hold of the panel
and pull straight back to disengage the clips. You can set it out of the way. Then you’ve got this
metal trim piece. It’s held on, again,
with two bolts. It’s got either 5/16
or 8-millimeter head. We want to pull
those out of the way. Then that metal
plate comes free. Now you want to
drop your glove box, open it up, and then
push in on both sides, and then it’ll
completely fall down. Because you have two
Phillips-head screws on this side and two
Phillips-head screws on this side that
you need to remove. Now you can go ahead and remove
the two Phillips-head screws at the front of the
console top panel. Then the two
Phillips-head screws at the back of the
console top panel. Pull up on your
E-brake handle and you can take your console
top panel up and off. Then disconnect your two
electrical connections– one for the cigarette lighter
and then the other one for the power mirror switch,
if your car’s equipped. Then your console
top panel is free. Now you have two more
Phillips-head screws at the back of the console
that need to come out. And now your console is free. Lower your E-brake
handle back down, pick up on the back
of the console, and pull straight back. Lift up, and you’ve got an
electrical connector over here for your trunk release. It simply pops out of
place, and your console is free from the car. Now to reinstall
your console, you would just simply reverse
these removal steps. For more interior
restoration videos, check out [MUSIC PLAYING]

34 thoughts on “How to Remove Your Center Console Fox Body Mustang”

  1. Would this console fit in a 79 Mustang? I can't find the original console for the 79 anywhere and this console would be my last option

  2. How about a video on removing your dash to get to your heater core on your fox body. That would be pretty helpful. Just did mine, and for a $25.00 part seemed like a tough job.

  3. You do? Well that's great! Should've looked into the website a little further, because that would have been nice to have…. Hahaha thanks a lot

  4. check out our Fox Body Windshield Wiper Install and Removal video. Enter " ifyMNjd8HN8 " into the search on youtube.

  5. I was hoping you could help me. I had to replace my center console on my 93 GT. My problem now is that I can't put my shifter bezel back on because the shifter is sitting too high. Is there a way to remedy this? I've been driving for a few years now with no shifter boot.

  6. That is exactly the color of the car and trim on my mustang. but I dont know what what color grey that is!? is it smoke grey? 

  7. Great video but it doesn't mention the 4 screws, 2 on each side, that are under the dash connecting the console to the stereo amp bracket. I had to replace my heater core and used your videos to get the job done properly and was having a problem getting the console out, watched the video a couple times before finding the other 4 screws. Thanks for making these DIY videos. I've had my 90GT since 1989 and the heater core was OE and I had not pulled the dash apart before, your videos made the job much easier than I anticipated, still not a fun job but the videos made me confident I could handle it myself. Thanks !!

  8. I followed all instructions and when I pull back on the console, the top part will not budge. It seems as if its still stuck on something. What did I miss?

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