How to Renovate Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood – DIY

Hey Everybody, So I had the crazy notion to pull the carpet off of my hundred year old stairs in.

Hey Everybody,
So I had the crazy notion to pull the carpet off of my hundred year old stairs in our heritage
home and not knowing what I was getting myself into, but not a big fan of carpet on stairs,
and super thrilled with the results, so I’m going to show you step by step how I did it
and everything you will need for it.. Remove the carpet
Remove carpet strips and all staples and nails Use pliers, a hammer,and screwdrivers
Fill any holes and imperfections with wood filler
Sand the wood filler and any necessary areas of the stairs Use paint primer on the tops of the stairs
if they have been previously painted. Apply painters tape to get ready for the white
paint Prime, then paint the fronts of the stairs
white Finish the tops of the stairs with floor enamel
paint I finished the look with carpet stair treads
from Home Depot Use double sided carpet tape to keep the carpet
treads in place Peel off the waxy paper from the top of the
carpet tape Then center and apply your carpet treads Done!

77 thoughts on “How to Renovate Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood – DIY”

  1. Thank you for posting this – very helpful.ย  It will help me do the same on the old stairs in my 135 year farm house.

  2. Great Job –ย 
    ok, ok… you persuaded me to tackle my 100 year old carpeted stairs… They are just as bad if not worst than yours were…. ย here goes nothing….

  3. Thanks to your video, I had my stairs painted, I love the new look. It was the best option for me. I found peel and stick carpet stair pads, but I haven't put them on yet. I did take before and after pictures. What a difference.

  4. If you have a look at Hyezmarโ€™s design in his Woodworking Bible, you can get a great alternative design for this.

  5. The hardest part when I did this was getting all the little staples out that held the carpet down. Some were so tiny you couldn't get a screwdriver underneath. Toe nail clippers did the trick. Just an FYI for anyone else struggling with those little staples

  6. If you want to get cleaner edges:
    -first paint the white, don't worry about it getting on the dark area
    -once dry, tape for the dark area
    -paint the edge of the tape that you intend to make dark, white (yes again). This fills any gap the tape isn't properly covering
    -once dry, don't touch the tape and paint the dark area with your dark paint
    -once dry, remove the tape very carefully.

    The edge should be very sharp with none of those areas that paint got behind the tape. (It did get behind the tape, it just was just white getting behind the tape so it's seamless)

    There's also kits where you paint the edge of the tape clear, but that's more for if you're not repainting the taped side (like maybe a wall to ceiling where you're not repainting the ceiling)

    I hope that made sense, I'm a bit out of it atm

  7. but you still have carpet on then albeit little bits of carpet. I hate carpet anywhere in my home. They are dirty things, and harbour fleas if you have pets, and can't be properly washed.

  8. I put a lovely expensive carpet on my stairs and it matches the hallway. It makes the house warm and homely. Each to their own I guess.

  9. How wide is this stair case? I need to add stairs to a bonus room/attic and want to go as wide as possible, but I'm looking for proven examples like this. thanks and best wishes

  10. removing carpet to add paint and more carpet to the stairs, seems not logic to me. also double taping the carpet is overkill, you could use a non slip underlay. that will make the cleaning of the stairs easier since the carpet can be easily removed…

  11. Oh, why would someone paint nice wood planks instead of just doing a little bit more work and refinishing them. it would be much better looking.

  12. Lot of paint bleed through on the tape. Lines look very uneven. Painters tape is pointless and it never really works right. No substitute for a steady patient hand when it comes to painting.

  13. if you want to know how to make it yourself, just go to woodprix webpage. There you'll find your answers ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Wow, so clever. Yeah let's have the cat walking up and down for no reason apart from effect. Such CGI has never been done before. Nice one. MORONS!!

  15. I have carpet on my stairs and I hate it!! So many people have slipped down our stairs!! This was pretty informative especially for people who aren't millionaires and have never done this before!! Thank you!
    It's sad that so many experts are queuing in to give their opinions other than make a video themselves!

  16. I loved the beginning (especially backwards kitty) but then you went into "music montage" mode. I would have preferred narration throughout. That's why thumbs down.

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