How To Repair Scratched & Guttered Wheels

100 thoughts on “How To Repair Scratched & Guttered Wheels”

  1. Just got a quick question.
    Can you use a "standard" tireremover (sorry for knowing the proper word for it:/ ) without damadging the filler afterwards?

  2. Would a rebalancing be needed after doing this? I feel like it would since you're adding mass to the rim that isn't the same material as the rest but I want to ask just to be sure.

  3. Hmmm. Bog on a wheel. Good for a quick "I'm selling the car" bodge but not for long lasting fixes. What happens the next tyre change? Or balancing? "Bog off!"

  4. My car has been vandalised 3 times in a month and I've been in an accident. I've had this car for 3 months. It's a fucking curse… haha

  5. tip for bog board – put down several strips of masking tape first, and then mix bog on that. When all finished, just peel of the tape and discard. That was a tip I saw on Diresta

  6. congrats on your growth in Mighty Car Mods. i remember always watching your youtube vids on buying old used cars, cleaning them, modified, and test them. Now you both have expanded your shows, congratulations. I will be looking forward for more vids.

  7. does anybody know if bog has a different name here in Britain? i cant seem to find it, any help would be superb

  8. bog…. the 1st time I heard you guys say that I was like wtf? we just call it body filler in the states, or as a general term, bondo

  9. Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the lesson! I was able to pick up a sick set of wheels for dirt cheap because one wheel had been curbed and the owner thought it was a worthless set. Well I followed your video and now have a sweet set of wheels! Cheers!

  10. instead of repainting the rims the original color, I'm going to paint those joints Chrome. bump it I'm going for it.

  11. It's a good trick this one and I've done this before a few times but instead of painting my rims I had them powder coated.

  12. Spot the difference ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. Too little… my wheel was pretty much square (no but it felt like it)… when to a rim repair… they said it was (I bought it second hand) was expensive rims… so they would try to fix it… but they destroyed it… Drifting a 200SX can be expensive 🙂

  14. ran 18s for 4 years … hit one of those curb islands in the left side of the intersection didnt see it .. kus i pulled a Uey boom ruin my rim

  15. Am I the only one that thinks this MCM Theme sounds like the main riff to "Black Sunshine" by White Zombie?

  16. …..or better still, save yourself the hassle and money. If you own a ute, take your spare wheel winder with you down to the local dealership at about 3am and pinch 4 spare wheels off new utes. Bingo!, 4 new rims, and 4 new tyre's.

  17. Problem with this technique is that the first time you go to get new tires, all the body filler you used falls off, and you end up looking like a proper ass.

  18. Never heard of bogging as with body filler now boggin her in Carrickfergus means your minging stinkin a stig of the dump or a viewer or home and away God show guys

  19. i kept getting this in my recommendations and every time i saw it i thought, damn i gotta fixed my scratched and guttered wheels, guess ill rewatch and learn

  20. I know this is a old video but it still has its uses, quick question to throw at you iv finished respraying my wheels (im in uk) and they look brilliant except for a very light orange peel on the clear how long would you say wait to wet sand/compound the wheels to give them that wow look at the shine factor after painting theirs loads of different opinions online saying from 2hrs up to 3 month later :O

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