hi everyone this is geramicc85 what i have here is a windscreen wiper it is a bosch aerotwin AR530S as.

hi everyone this is geramicc85 what i have here is a windscreen wiper it is a bosch aerotwin AR530S as you can see here, the wiping rubber is worn off I’m gonna be replacing it today I don’t wanna throw this whole thing out
and buy new ones that’s why I bought just the rubber refill kit after looking online on how to get these caps off some people use pliers to do that but then you actually scratch the surface of the wiper blades and it is going to start rosting because it is made out of metal i found out a nicer and easier way to take out the old rubber and put a new one in and I just wanted to
demonstrate that to you real quick it might be usefull to you these caps on both ends they’re keeping the
metal blades that are holding the rubber together so you would have to squeeze those two metal blades together to get off this cap since that is not easy if the rubber is still in between it we just
gonna take the rubber out first we do that by pushing it
backwards a little bit then you can see that there is a small hole, we just gonna pull out the
rubber from there. then it comes out and then you just keep pulling once started you can just pull it
out all the way since the old rubber is damaged anyway it doesn’t matter if it breaks like now and that’s it, the old rubber is all off now you can see the two metal blades on
the side that are holding the rubber usually now there’s enough space between it to
press them together and take off the cap just like that you don’t need any tools or
screwdrivers to do that the cap on the other side you can
just leave on here’s the new rubber that i bought i bought it online and it cost me 5 bucks thats a lot cheaper then buying new windscreen wipers and what we do is we take them apart i am taking the new rubber now and I’m
putting it between the two metal blades and im inserting it all the way through, you can keep the two metal blades aside by it
using your fingernail then it’s easy to push in the new rubber i am pulling it back just a little bit and then cutting it off with scissors there’s one more thing to do we’re gonna put the cap back on and
that’s it I hope this little video on refilling the bosch aerotwin windscreen wipers helped you out, if so please klick “like” and please feel free to subscribe to my
channel for more helpful videos on easy car repairs on my Dodge Ram 1500 you can also visit me on Facebook, I
thank you very much for watching this is geRAMicc85 signing out


  1. First, I bought new wiper blade rubber on ebay. After I received them, I found your (this) video. I want to thank you for the useful vid. Also, I made a video of myself, as I follow your tip.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks much for posting. I'm tired of paying the dealer for new assemblies every time the rubber gets damaged! And they can't even mount them right, LOL. Now, one question though, to anyone who knows: are these rubber elements, the replacements, I mean, same for all cars — or do you need to pick the right one somehow?

  3. Thank you! I have Bosch Icon's, and figured it would work, too. Yes, it works, but
    **BOSCH HAS ADDED A 'No-Refill' FEATURE** – at least to some Icon's. At the center, under the metal ribs, are two 'nubs' – the existing rubber slides out, but nothing will slide past the center nubs (I was able to slide one thru w/o mod by leaving the original rubber in, slide new rubber in at one end, and 'pull/push' so as the old came past center, new was right next to it).
    FIX: Free the metal ribs, remove from plastic bracket, exposing nubs. Cut, scratch or grind them flush. Once flush, rubber refills slip on easily.
    And yes – the refill rubber (from Ebay) seem to be as good as the original. I looked at marks on the refills and originals, and they have similar mfgr marks. I'm sure some are sub-standard, but I also suspect some refills are better.

  4. Hello. As another comment asked as well. you need to list the brand and model of refill that fits. Different wiper arms, and different refills, have the grooves designed differently or with different widths. So not all refills will fill on all arms.

  5. This doesnt work with some new wipers. The original rubber is different as it has different shape in the middle and has a spoiler which the standart refill rubbers dont have.

  6. i didnt even know u could replace the blades. so easy instead of just trashing a pair every year.thanks for the knowledge,gna put this one in my tool box.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing. I will return the wipers I just bought and get just the rubber. Big savings$$$. Much appreciated. Now to find the right refill.

  8. It's easier to SLIDE the old blade out, the same way you slid the new one in – rather than kind of RIP it out the way you did.

  9. I want replace wiper rubber for my WV Jetta , any recommendation which Bosch part number will work on Jetta .

  10. Excellent! I love the simplicity of the task and your calming voice throughout this video, I'm currently doing this to my blades thank you !!

  11. Thanks for this video on removing the wiper blade rubbers. It was really well presented (I could see what you showed us) and surely is useful.

  12. Companies design wiper blades to always tear off on the ends; what I do when this happens is to use bicycle inner tube glue to fix the problem.

  13. I've just changed wiper blades in my bosh aerotwin wipers but rubber blades stopped exactly in the middle of the way and didn't want to go any further. I needed to take out wiper arm mounting point which was causing a problem. I just noticed that you were using you nail to keep metal rails apart when rubber blades stopped in the middle, it this really helping? Because of this problem Bosh makes blades replacement difficult, maybe they don't want people to replace only blades but to buy every time whole new wipers, that not ecological, produce more rubbish and is more expensive for users :/

  14. Thanks, just bought new Aerotwins to replace the manufacturers one, but then thought what the hell do I do with the old wiper blades… had I realised how much is replaced I'd have just replaced the rubber. What a wasteful society we live in!

  15. Thanks for this. Ah the perils of DIY on used expensive cars! After research and buying the wrong thing, I know now that w203 Mercedes 2004 c320 4matic wagons and similar cars use a Valeo style SWF "slider" blade – its profile has a squeegee on one side and a rubber aero squeegee/blade on the sky-side of the wiper. Between them are two identical ribs and then a bigger rib on the sky side. So now I just need to buy the replacement bulk rubber squeegee refills. Where did you buy yours? Thanks.

  16. I'm pissed when I see this video I went to the store and asked do they have a wiper the same as was on my truck they told me they don't so I said can I replace the blades? They told me not a chance better buy a new one. Man thank you for your video it helps me for the future ??✌?

  17. My comment on how to make the rubber change EASIER: peel away the old rubber only half way = stop just before the center part. That way the two metal pieces are kept separated by the old rubber, while you then slowly insert the new rubber. Once the new rubber gets to the old rubber, pull the old rubber away 2 inches, then slide in the new rubber 2 inches, until most of the center area is replaced by the new rubber. The new rubber then holds the 2 metal pieces separated, and you can then pull out the remainder of the old rubber, then slide in the new rubber all the way. I just did it that way with my Bosch blades and it worked just great !

  18. This was a complete nightmare in my case. The new insert would not slide between the rails with the center assembly in place. After removing the assembly and positioning the insert, the rails will not fit back into the assembly. Despite ordering from the specified URL, perhaps my insert differs from that in the video. It took 3 weeks to get here and literally came all the way from China! Despite my rather adept mechanical inclination, this simply didn't work at all. Additionally, my hands are covered in what is seemingly black oxidation from the brand new insert. I'm done with this headache. I'm just going to switch back to conventional wiper blades.

  19. Dude!!! You're a deadset legend!!! Now i can put silicone refils into the bosch blades for $10 instead of forking out $80 a set pr $120 a set from VW

  20. To be fair my Merc blades were fitted in 2009 and I've just replaced the rubber now. Nearly 10 years! Even the whole thing from mercedes at that rate isn't bad haha

  21. geRAMicc85

    Such a simple video but thanks so much for taking the time to post this, also took me a while to find it, but yes worth it. I have a Seat Altea and the blades is about a grand in South African terms [cheaper with your exchange rate offcourse] 🙂

  22. Thanks for this video. I wish I had seen it before I spent a few hours trying to figure out how to change the rubber blades on my VW GTi. In my case I had to disassemble the whole wiper including the both ends and middle arm attachment piece because the new rubber would not slid in so easy as shown in the video. One additional thing I would add is to spray a small amount of WD-40 on the metal spacers to make it a little easier for the rubber to slide in. I also re-coated the rubber with dry graphite when finished. This simple repair will save you approximately 30 to 50 US dollars and it will help the environment because there is no need to trash the whole wiper just because it needs new rubber inserts. The greedy manufacturers whom are intentionally trying to make consumer products un-repairable may not like it though!

  23. After watching this video I am confident I can do it myself. I have two cars to sort out, my audi a6c6 and my wife's kia rio. Wish me luck. Thanks for your time!

  24. Pretty awesome!

    I tried this with my Hyundai I30 genuine rear blade (I bought a new one, but thought I would reco the old one for future). Sadly it won't work well as the cheeky buggers flared the wiper rubber in the middle. This acts as a support, using generic blades because this support is gone, the arm flops around a bit. Maybe making a support myself will fix this.

  25. Just 10 years ago, I could go to an auto parts store and buy the stuff off a spool. Those days are gone. I can't even find the spools online. I'd love to have 25-100 feet of the stuff.

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