How to restore motorcycle meter cover/cluster | how to change meter cover | repair meter |pulsar 150

Namaskar dosto welcome to sai repair today’s video is about meter cover also known as meter cluster if the meter.

Namaskar dosto welcome to sai repair today’s video is about meter cover also known as meter cluster if the meter cover got broken in accident or by other means as you see in my case visor got cracked and so is the meter cover got cracked if you don’t change it timely the meter components starts damaging so ill show you how to change the meter cover first of all you need to open the front fairing of the motorcycle if you know how to open fairing and meter you can skip the video to 4:08 to open the front fairing you need to open the bolts given on both sides these bolts are of 10 mm and two bolts on the lower side also of 10 mm open them too there you might have your number plate open it first to have better access opening with 10 mm socket let me open the bolts then show you next steps i have open all four bolts now you need to hold the fairing from downward and pull it upward and remove gently remove the head light connections by simply removing the socket place the front fairing aside carefully to open the meter remove the speedometer cable then open two nuts also remove the meter wires then grab the meter and pull upwards now we will the this old cracked meter cover for that i have bought a new meter cover its easily available at any repair shop buy it according to your bike model to open the meter there are some screws at the back side remove the back cover pieces felling off open two nuts to remove the meter bracket we careful, remove it gently don’t break the wires to open the front cover remove all screws at the sides my motorcycle is old and some screws are not there remove the front cover now its all broken and the insides are dirty the numbers starts fading too due to that the needles broke too needle plastic decayed and broke now we disassemble the meter components as you know there is a re-seter on this side to reset the reading of odometer my is broke long time ago to open that you need to unscrew it now we star opening these screws to open the meters place something smooth under so the needles won’t brake in your case or you can do that simply in your hands keep the RPM meter hold with the hands and remove all wire connections because this rpm meter opens toward front there is a rubber packing to hold these wire remove it carefully by simply pushing it with screwdriver just like that remove all the rest of meters let me quickly open them and then show you i disassemble all the components look at the condition its all dirty from inside that’s you need to change it on time if broke now we going to assemble the meter components into new cover if you want then you can clean your meter components not going to look new but without dirt they look fine for now we only need the center cover the white one start with the speedometer hold it until you put the screws back now we put the RPM meter just the way we remove it put all wire through the hole first then push the rubber gently hard to show on camera it will set on the center place it correctly zero must be on the downside hold the RPM meter and then put the screws back tight the screws properly they just look fine aren’t they ? now we install the fuel gauge meter place it correctly and hold till you screw it back for now tight it with just one screw now we connect the wires put all the bulbs it will be easy to connect connection later if you forgot which wire to connect where then you can read that behind every screw spot at first spot written as W/Y connect them connect the blue one from both sides at the center written as B/Y which is usually neutral wire last one on the third spot so our meter components are fully assembled now place the front cover and put all screws back after that place back the meter bracket be careful with the wires tight the nuts properly then put the back cover and put the screws back as you can see it looks new ,you can make your too now simply put it back on the motorcycle don’t forget to subscribe to see my future videos thank you for watching

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