How to Style Flat Lays

in today’s video I’m going to share with you exactly how i style flat lays so whether this is for.

in today’s video I’m going to share with
you exactly how i style flat lays so whether this is for a wedding that I
shoot or just for my Instagram feed these are the steps that I take every
single time I style a flat lay. so let’s dive in! step number one: is choose your
background. today I’m gonna be using this marble styling board by medium backdrops.
step number two: gather the items that you’re going to be styling so that you
can see them together and make sure that all the colors and textures flow well.
step 3: choose your composition. this means deciding if you are going to be shooting vertically horizontally or square. step number four:
begin adding your items large to small. so for this example, I decided I was
going to shoot vertically and since I’m going to be layering pieces I decided to
put the fabric underneath, and then put a tray on top. this really adds focal point
to anything that I put on the tray so I really wanted it to kind of take this
reverse S shape. one tip that I have for you is to layer items to add dimension
so you can use ribbons and overlapping to really add some interest visually to
your composition. I like to add stamps in any area that it may be a little bit
open. another tip I have for you is to keep moving the items around keep
tweaking until you’re happy with how things look. another way that I can test
whether or not I like a composition is through step 5: I get out my phone or my
camera and I take a test shot this is a great time to see little gaps or areas
you might want to tweak or change here’s another example of a horizontal flat lay
something I was really trying to do was keep a grid in mind as I designed this
so here’s how I made it happen I added my paper goods left to right and
I just really started playing along this whole grid theme so all of the lines
along the bottom I tried to keep in line the third example would be how I would
style a square flat lay so guys a really quick tip here is that ribbons are an
amazing little cheat if you don’t exactly know how to fill a shape ever
ribbons can be made into any shape so it’s perfect for those hard to style
areas or little gaps in your design so I get out my phone I look at it and I
decide hmm I’m not super happy with the way that those little sticks were
crossing and the ribbon so I went ahead and I made some adjustments from there
once I’m happy with my design I take my picture and then I’m done thank you guys
so much for watching if you like this video and you want to see more just like
it let me know in the comment section below and I’ll see you guys next week
bye guys

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  1. Hi Joy! Love this episode! ok, 2 things. bThat hanger .. thats BHLDN right? Thet are always out of stock! i love it. second. Did you buy the try distressed like that, or did you paint it?

  2. Thank you, Joy! It sure is helpful. The other day I was trying flat lays and wasn't happy with the results at all. I'm going to try your tips!

  3. Hello! Love this- i would really love to hear more about how you go about sourcing your vintage style items – for example the silver tray. Do you tend to collect items as and when you're in a fool shop, or source them for each time you're doing a flat lay? Great videos!

  4. Fun video thank you for the tips. So, I have a question. How do you store your props for your styled shoots?

  5. Joy, I would LOVE to hear some advice on how you time/schedule your wedding day. I have my first wedding coming up in the summer and my biggest fear is not having enough time to squeeze all the photos. I, of course, want to be fast and efficient but I also don't want to feel rushed. How do you balance this?! If you already have a video like this please link it!

  6. Ahh i love your channel ! I got you’re notification on ready! And stopped by for support. ?. Thumbs up always girl Fran! ?. Xoxo returning supporter ! Can’t wait for more !??

  7. I’m looking to add some lose fabrics to my stying kit. What kinds of fabrics are best to drape through the photo?

  8. This is helpful! I am looking for ways to take pictures of products or sketchbook for my store and Instagram. This is really good! I can't wait to try it out!

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