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  1. sorry, I didn't understand the first tuning because you where holding at the string A at 6 and… doesn't the sound get lighter?

  2. i appreiciate it very much for showing me how to tune 1/2 step down i must have went threw 20 or 30 videos, and i couldnt get it.

  3. @shelbyblacklab and + if he looks at a tuner, it means that he got like 20 tuners around him. becouse his not staring at one way.

  4. nice man helped me alot never knew how to get to an e flat i knew how to tune that way with standard but not for e flat but nice video

  5. Where is e falt on a tuner btw i think its 430 on a tuner but then when i tune to e flat with out a tuner it lower than 430

  6. your supposed to be teaching. your not a professor. im not sitting here taking notes. im watching a video. to learn. go a little slower please.

  7. How is this "tricky?"
    Tune every string a half-step down. If they don't start buzzing like a mother, check your intonation and you're good to go.

  8. If you tune down from E to Eb(D#) i would suggest going up in string gauge.. 10-46 in standard tuning E on a Fender scale 25.5" is pretty tight (Daddario 9.5-44 is easier to bend, i am not fund of 9-42 personally as I find them to soft).. Those 10-46 strings in E-flat tuning will be much sloopier and softer.. So going up to a daddario fusion set like 10.5-48 is recommended..
    On a short scale les pal type guitar (24.75") that have less tension than a fender scale, I think 11-49 in E-flat tuning are really great and musical (Slash uses this a lot). Some might find the top strings a little to stiff on the 11-49 set on a 25.5 fender scale even wehn tuned down in e-flat. Depends on finger strenght and if you are a strummer of a big bender…:-)

  9. 9.5 gauge strings tuned down 1/2 step are almost exactly the same tension as 9's in standard tuning. .I found this helpful so the setup process was next to nothing

  10. If I wanted to play an A minor pentatonic scale in Eb tuning would I just start a fret higher than I would in standard tuning?

  11. I don't know what every chord is supposed to sound E flat so I can't really do anything with your example since when you do it you don't provide enough time to even let it make a sound.

  12. i think you didn´t make it clear enough that you tune it down, some people seem to think they have to match the 5th and the 6th string and snap their e string as it seems in the comments..

  13. Just capo first fret close to fret tune in standard using tuner the remove capo your in E flat i play E flat on scoustic it sounds more richer tone to me .

  14. Hold and Eb on the low E string, then tune the A string to it. Then relative tune. Easier because it's the same note.

  15. si no entendiste y tenés un afinador en el celular, solamente bajá las notas hasta -10. suena bien para mí

    if you don't get this way, and you have a tuner in your phone, just down the notes to -10. it sounds like e flat tuning, i think

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