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My name is Johvan Spencer and the program I’m in is Home Renovation Technician. It teaches us about how to.

My name is Johvan Spencer and the program I’m in is Home Renovation Technician. It teaches us about how to renovate homes so from demolition to tiling.
From mudding and taping to do drywall, from working with wood frames. We were able to get an industrial unit
and we actually built two full-scale houses, single-level within the industrial unit itself from the ground
up so it was an excellent opportunity. The biggest thing that Humber has above most of the other
colleges is this new facility, which really was designed by people from the industry with the specific purpose
to provide hands-on practical experience for students. Being from the home reno industry, I have a lot of
connections with people who are looking for good workers and after spending 45 weeks with our students I’m pretty confident about
recommending them for the particular jobs that are available out there. It’s a really great program, like we learned a lot within less than
a year and hopefully when we finish this program we’ll be masters of being home renovators. Jump into it with both hands so to speak. Definitely put
the effort into it to get something out of it. Because if you don’t put anything in you’re not going to get anything out. Go in open-minded and be ready to learn.

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  1. 10,000+ views and only 1 comment? wow..let me brake the chain…..anyone here took this course? the idea of building homes and home renovation is interesting to me. Looking for any insight from anyone who has completed this program. what are the pro and cons if any? did you regret the decision and wished to go into another trade? if so why? After you completed the program did you get a job as a apprentice carpenter building and renovating homes? how do you like it so far? does it pay well? whats a journey make out here in ontario?. Any answer from real time experience will help not the generic google answers. thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!!

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