IBM PS/1 (model 2121) 386SX in its original box [Unboxing] [English subtitles]

Hi! I’m doing this special video today because I got a very special parcel in the mail today – three.

Hi! I’m doing this special video today because I got a very special parcel in the mail today – three parcels even, as you can see here. What’s in there is the very first computer I got from my father back in 1992. Of course it’s not that exact one, but a PC from the exact line of computers: Those are difficult to get nowadays and they’re not that cheap, sadly. What I’m talking about is the IBM PS/1. As you can see it’s a 386SX with 2 megs of RAM – it has 20 MHz, by the way – and a 40 MB hard drive. Yeah… that was 1992, when I was just… 10 years old, so it’s… very very awesome that I got one. I already had two of them, but the thing is… both of them kinda broke over the years. Don’t really know how that happened. In any case… Those two were only the PCs, without their packaging or other stuff. Now, for the first time, I have a PS/1 in its original packaging, which I’ve never even seen before, not even back in ’92. With all of its contents, of course. With all the manuals and everything that came with it originally. Which means that this is a very special nostalgic premiere, so to say. I’ve already seen prices for the PS/1 (on eBay international) of 900 bucks and more. I got the thing for 220 €, plus 40 € for shipping, because it consists of three big parcels. This is where the audio was kinda messed up. You can see the user manual here and in a few seconds, you can see a small paper which came with the memory expansion module of 2 additional MB of RAM. So that I now have a total of 4 MB of RAM in the PS/1. Yeah! … don’t really know what all of this is, but I’ll look through all the brochures later. They’re not that interesting for the video, I guess. Also included are these two boxes of old diskettes. I’ll check later what’s on them. Three boxes even, here’s another one. Many people today might only know these as the “save symbol” of Microsoft Word, but yeah… these are diskettes. Because – of course – the PC didn’t have a CD ROM drive yet, but “only” a disk drive. Here, we also have a big pack of printer paper, because the 2nd parcel contains a good old dot-matrix printer, which I also got from the seller. The thing is called the “Panasonic Quiet”. I wonder HOW quiet it can be, for a dot-matrix printer… Can’t be all that quiet, but well. This appears to be the KX-P2123 Impact Dot-Matrix Printer. Ohh yes. Here we have… the original PS/1 mouse. … yeah, the buttons are particularly great…. That’s the PS/1 mouse. I’ll take that one out later anyway, but nice to see how it was originally packed. The original IBM PS/1 keyboard, which I could never find anywhere! I always wanted to get one for the other two PS/1s I had but…. oh, as you can hear… it’s one of those beautiful clicky keyboards. Maybe the back of it is interesting for some of you… Yeah! The original… Oh man, it even smells… No joke, it even really… smells exactly like the PS/1 smelled back in the day… Just the fact that I can… that’s insane! Holy shit, I didn’t expect that at all! Awesome. … that I would be able to… smell that smell again… Really, the thing can’t have been in use all that much… by the previous owner, because… its condition is so extraordinarily good and… the fact that the thing even really smells the way that PC smelled back in the day… I really, really didn’t expect that at all! I’m a bit over the moon right now, to be able to smell that smell again! Awesome! Sounds stupid, I know, but that’s just how it is. Okay err… The manual for Microsoft Windows, which back then was a “graphical extension for the operating system”, so, an extension for DOS, not an operating system itself. We’re of course talking about Windows 3, 3.1 or 3.11. I could maybe show you that Windows later. There’s something else in here, let’s see… Oh, an “Introduction to the PS/1″… cool… … with the reference card… Man, how long I haven’t seen those… I mean, I still know those and recognize them… There. That’s the start menu which appears when you boot up the PC… and even more manuals here, it seems… This here is the PC itself. This is all it was back then. You see: a disk drive, and that was all. Fits perfectly. You can see that I.. err.. wait a second… You can see I already have an IBM PS/1 mouse here, which I once bought seperately on eBay for I think… 40 € or something like that. Not that cheap, but… oh well. Okay, so let’s get the rest! The monitor and all… The IBM PS/1 monitor… with which you… it’s a 14 inch screen, I believe… with which you switched on the PC, by the way! The button on that monitor, that’s the “power on” switch for the PC. err… in any case… I find it very very brilliant right now, just how great the condition of the mouse is, cause… normally you have to hit those buttons like a madman, but this one already sounds perfect, like it did back then. So let’s go ahead and connect it. As you can see here… I hope you CAN see it… here you have the power cord which goes from the monitor to the power outlet, here are 2 cables which connect the monitor to the PC. One of them provides the PC with power via the monitor, and of course the one which goes to the graphics card. So let’s connect the mouse… … and even more importantly… the quite… … I mean the incredibly… man, the fact that it still smells like back then… I never thought I’d smell that smell again… and as I said… the condition is… I just find it incredibly surprising… just HOW mint the condition is. Okay people, the moment of truth… It’s counting the… OH!!! It’s FOUR megs of RAM! … err… why does the monitor flicker like that…? Well… that’s not how it should be… Maybe a defective connection or something…? I do have another one of those exact monitors… Nevertheless, I’m a bit… I’ve seen the seller’s photos in which it worked perfectly… Ah, there we go! There it is!! So, I’ve exchanged the monitor now, because I had a second one of the exact same model in the attic… and I also exchanged the disk drive which was in there, because I had two more of those, you can see the remaining two here… As I said I’ve already had that computer twice, the IBM PS/1, both from eBay, and… those two stopped working sometime later but at least I could salvage them for parts, so to speak. One of the three disk drives still works, thank God, so I put it in there, which was really really easy, fortunately. And here you can see the main menu of the computer… and it mostly contains programs which teach you how to use the computer. That’s what the system was known for! There were several TV commercials which advertised that it teaches you how to use it in 5 minutes. and… yeah… it’s really cool that you get a small introduction here, showing you… what you can do with it… Let’s go here… It shows you here what you can do… with all the different hardware, because back then you had to actually explain what the function keys are for, the numpad, the arrow keys, as you can see… here it shows how to use the arrow keys and so on. quite neat! It also explained the mouse to you… It even explained how to double-click and what it’s for. You can draw rectangles to practice using the mouse. A bit difficult with this mechanical mouse… Oh well. That’s that. One really interesting thing: there’s also add-ons! You can see that there was a PS/1 printer… then… a RAM expansion card which I have in here! The 2 MB add-on “chip” I showed you the packaging of. … an “acoustic adapter” (a sound card), and a joystick, more disk drives and hard drives… and a 5¼” floppy drive, for those floppy disks… so the real floppies and not the 3½” ones, which were smaller, harder and thicker, but the real floppy ones, like “floppy” in the literal sense, the bigger 5¼” ones. and then there were other expansion cards and so on. Yeah, and now that my disk drive is working… the first thing I’ll do, is, of course… I’m going to play several of the good old classics which still worked on that computer… I’ll probably start with Monkey Island, figures. Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken, too, of course. Most probably I’ll also install the old Zork games… That’s just the most authentic way to play those on an old 14″ CRT monitor. We’ll see. Most probably also Lemmings… … and all the old classics I’ve played back in the day, sometimes together with my dad. 🙂 … which was wonderful. We’ll see. (Might & Magic collection) (Looking Glass Studios collection) (Little Nemo comics & Thief trapezoid boxes) (Wing Commander collection, with the novels) (GameBoys & Sega Game Gear) (more of the Looking Glass Studios games) (The Elder Scrolls collection) So much about… the good old… wonderful… IBM PS/1. Finally I got it again. With the awesome keyboard!! … which is really… just… in superb condition. I’m very very satisfied with it.

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  1. Da hast du dir ja wieder ein echtes Highend-System geholt… zumindest für seine Zeit. Mein damaliger 286er hatte allerdings schon einen Slot, wo ein 5.25 zoll-laufwerk drin war 😉

  2. I totally understand the "smell" feeling. Got it recorded in my brain in 1991. Thanx for sharing. +1

  3. Das Problem mit dem Flackern beim ersten Monitor lässt sich relativ leicht beheben, Monitor Gehäuse öffnen und an der linken Seite mit einem kleinen Schraubenzieher den gelben V Hold Regler einstellen. War bei mir das gleiche, mit einer Drehung um 1/8 nach links war es behoben.

  4. ich bin selbst jahrgang '82 und möchte dir hiermit einen exzellenten geschmack attestieren was deine spielesammlung anbelangt – schöner gaming room daumen hoch dafür!

  5. Hi I remember a game in which you have to control a little X shaped object, trying to run over all the lines of a square grid and escaping from another X at the same time. Do you have something like that in your PS/1? I loved the game when I was a kid but now don't remember its name..

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