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– Hey everybody, how you doing? Joe here from LTD Premier Properties. We have a brand new product that we.

– Hey everybody, how you doing? Joe here from LTD Premier Properties. We have a brand new product that we just closed on yesterday. It’s called 367 High Street. It’s a complete remodel,
interior and exterior. It’s a fantastic unit. We’re gonna do really well on this, gonna try to crank it
out as fast as we can. Stand by here, I’ll show
you through the property, so you can see what we’re gonna do. So check it out, okay, here we go. All right, so I’m gonna take you to do a walk through here of the property. Like I said, we just
got this one yesterday, so it’s very, very fresh
and very, very new. So I’ve got the kids out here with me, we’re doing a little swapping of some materials here and there. But they’re hanging out with
us, so we’ll check it out. Here let me take you
through, so here it is. All right, right as you come
in through of the road here, see they got porta potti here,
already got her on station. Detached, two car garage. With a metal roof, metal
through throughout. Whole lot of bushes
right here at the front, which are all gonna have to come down. ‘Cause when I get the picture here, when you see it eventually, we actually wanna see the
front door from right here. I mean, right now it’s
just totally covered, but we’re take of this, get
rid of all this foliage. Here, coming in, this a
deck that needs to be, pretty much, removed. This awning is also gonna get removed, we’re gonna have to move the gutters. There’s a bunch of wasps there, have to watch out for that when the demo starts here, very soon. Let me show you inside
what we’re looking at. All right, so. Open entry here, to straight through, you can see the view there. That is west facing here in Freeland, looking west towards the
Olympics, over there. Very beautiful, you got shipping
lanes that come through, looks really, really nice. First door on the left is a giant bedroom, with the window there that goes out. Bay window, looks really nice. And carpet which is all
gonna get replaced here with the new Pergo flooring. So we’re gonna have that
flooring throughout. There’s a hallway here where we’re gonna, we’re talk about that when I come through, we’re gonna do a lot over there. And then a big space
here in the living room, which we’re going to rejuvenate. And then this is the kitchen, which hasn’t been updated, I don’t think, in a very, very long. (laughs) So all of this is gonna
start coming out on Monday, this is all gonna get demoed. We’re gonna get brand
cabinets, brand new appliances. New sinks, all with chrome finishes, it’s gonna look really, really, nice nice. Hey, you know what? There sink doesn’t even
match up with their window. We were trying to figure
out if we can get the sink to match up, it’s gonna be really hard. You know, ’cause this
corner is just super tight. We were looking at that quite a bit when we were doing the cabinet design. But, yeah, they got smaller
fridge in here right now, we’re gonna put a regular
sized fridge in here. And then we’re actually gonna
do some work here on the wall, we’re gonna frame this wall
to bring us some space here. The fridge is gonna come
all the way to the end here, on the end, and then these
cabinets are just gonna move back a little bit. So, yeah. Anyway, there’s the general,
showing up here on the site. He’s the boss. – Admiral!
– Admiral. Admiral contractor?
– Admiral contractor. – I thought you were army, so you want general contractor.
– Top dog! Couple of things here that you notice, well this door opens
the wrong way. (laughs) It’s a right hand swing and
I think we’re gonna change it to be a left hand swing, ’cause it just totally
blocks these stairs. But that light works. And there’s a sign here, there’s a couple really weird things, this little ivy that’s growing. That ivy has gotta come down,
’cause it is such a pain. Anyway and then the “Watch you head here!” So we’re gonna have to fix
this, ’cause it is right there. I mean, you can see me. Yeah, all this is gonna get adjusted, so we actually have the
head clearance that we want. So that’s gonna get fixed and that’s gonna affect what’s
going on down this hallway. All right, down the hallway, if we could figure out
where the lights for it are. Oh, there we go. All right. So it’s actually two units. So there’s it’s own separate unit, with a kitchen and bath
and large room upstairs, and we’re gonna do the
same thing downstairs. But I don’t really like the location here. We don’t really like the location, so it’s gonna get moved here. The washer and dryers gonna
get moved to over here, which is just a massive
closet that is lighted. If you could see it, it’s
a ton of closet space. So we’re gonna basically gonna put the washer and dryer right here. Washer and dryer here. There’s gonna be cabinets there, cabinets there, cabinets
above, cabinets above and they shelves over the top. So we’re doing some plumbing, moving here. And this is going to turn into floor to ceiling cabinet space. So this is gonna be a laundry area here and then cabinet space there. That’s what’s gonna happen. Here is the upstairs
bath slash master bath, and I don’t know if you
could say it’s a true master because you can’t access
it from the master bedroom, which is weird. So we’re actually going
to create space here, we’re gonna add a door so you
actually have a true master, you can access this
bathroom from the master. And that tub is coming out, its old. Everything’s getting
re-tilled, completely. You know, the entire bathrooms
gonna be totally remodeled. And then this is the master bedroom. Again, there’s gonna
be a door right there. Lot of electrical that we have to move, but we’ll take care of that. And then two closets. And then again, you get
view also from the master, which is really nice. Really nice, okay? And then this carpets coming out, ’cause again it’s gonna be
resilient flooring throughout. All right, lets go take
a look down stairs. So like I said, it’s a separate unit. So you could have it all as one big house or you could just lock it up
or you could lock this door and then you’d have your separate unit. And then you could have
Airbnb, kinda deal, and I’ll show you a
little bit how that works. So anyway, downstairs unit, here we are. I got kids. Oh yeah, there they are, all right. Get outside goofballs. – Are you okay?
– It was Sammy, she just slammed through the window. – [Joe] Did Sam smash right through? – Just right gone, clear through it.
– Yeah, yeah. Ay yi yi. (laughs) All right, so downstairs here,
just a nice big living space. Looks nice. Lots of room. This is the kitchenette downstairs, we’ve got a lot we have to do
in this kitchen downstairs. This electrical panel is
getting moved completely. Not far really, but because
it’s so close to the water here, we have to get it moved. So it’s actually gonna go
on the outside of the house, which is no problem. And then that sub panel is
gonna get tied up into that one, and so it’s all gonna
be connected together. But this, all new cabinets here. And what we’re doing, is they have this dungeon
room back here? (laughs) It seems like a dungeon room. Just this really weird looking space, that we weren’t really
sure what to do with it. So we came up with an idea and you see they have these cabinets here where it’s just straight
back to the foundation wall, there’s just nothing there. There just pretty basic. So think what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna take out these two walls and we’re gonna make the
kitchen a lot bigger. So it’s gonna be like
that this galley style. So we’re still gonna have a fridge there and then more cabinets here, but we’re not gonna have a
wall between this kitchen and that space. And then this walls gonna come out and then we’re gonna move
the stove a little bit and then more cabinets here. So the kitchen will be
a lot a bigger here, but this little portion
is getting removed. And so what you’ll see is
cabinets here, longer though, and then cabinets there, longer. And then the space beyond it, it’s gonna be like a dinning room, is what we’re gonna turn it into. And so we’re put some lights
up in the ceiling there and we’re put a nice dining room table. Kinda stage it as like, oh you could have a private
dining room, whatever. I suppose some power
outlets so people could put there TV on the back wall, if they wanted to sit there and watch TV, if they wanted to be away from the windows for whatever reason, maybe. We’ll put a heater back
there too, as well. So that’s kinda the though for this space and then we have to do a
little bit of reframing here for the closet, to make
all of that flow through. And then they kept it open
underneath the stairs, I don’t know why. So we’re gonna frame that off and then make this like a real closet. It’s not gonna be the
bi-fold doors anymore, it’s gonna be real actual doors. So, it’s got all this paneling here, this paneling that’s coming off, we’re gonna put actual dry wall in. For this unit down here
we’re going to put, in this bathroom, the
stacker washer and dryer. So a stacker. It’s already the drain
and plumbing for us, so it’s gonna be super simple,
just throw that in there. The heaters gonna stay, but
I think we’re gonna move the location of it a little
bit. Dryer vents gonna move. (sneezing) Excuse me. Dryer vents gonna move. Double sinks, dual sinks here. Oh and dual sinks upstairs,
which I didn’t mention, but that’s happening too. And then the same design
throughout the whole house. So the tile is gonna be
here with the new tub and the trim, the accent. I’m think we’re gonna go accent
straight down, like that, as appose to across the whole space. I like that for some reason, we’ll see. Then there’s a water heater that’s getting replaced in there. That’s pretty much about it. And then this other room over here. Again, we’re gonna dry wall it. We’re going to go ahead
and, they did this, made this closet super big and it’s just a bunch of
wasted space back here. I mean, I don’t think people
are really gonna use that. So what we’re gonna do, is
we’re gonna demo it out, we’re gonna frame it out
and put an in-wall cabinet, right there. Right in that space. And then we’ll frame out this closet so it’s actually little
bit more constrained. So it will be a little bit smaller, but we’re gonna create
more space back here that’s functional, that
you can access from here, by just having to crawl
all the way in there. And then the dryer vent,
instead of being down there, is gonna come up to the
ceiling and be in a box that’s gonna go out there with that wall. Downstairs also here, we’re going to be replacing
every single window, all of them. This slider also, we’re gonna
get one with a lock on it. You know, slider with a lock. So that they can make sure that people can get in from outside,
they can walk down here and they can get into
their own separate unit, is how we’re gonna do that too. Little bit of septic
work needs to be done. Not too much. We’ve got the guys coming to do the septic work on Wednesday. And I’m still tryna figure
out what we’re gonna do about the landscaping. But we have a bit of stuff here. We already came in on Friday
to get rid of this tree because we have to get a
dumpster in here on Monday and I wanna put the dumpster right here, so guys can throw stuff away from the top and then from the bottom. Oh and there’s also a hot
tub up there on that deck. All right everybody,
that’s pretty much it. That’s the end of the
tour here, at the start. I’m gonna take pictures and stuff. I was suppose to bring the camera today, I forgot that, I’m gonna have
to do that tomorrow morning or maybe I can just take
pictures with this phone here. But LTD Premier Properties, we got another project
online here we’d be out on. This ones gonna be a
beauty, it’s gonna be done fast, fast, fast. You’re gonna be amazed to see
how fast this is gonna go. All right, so give us a call
if you’ve got a problem, you need some help and
you need an investor to get a look at your project,
go ahead and give me a call. And I’ll be happy to take a look. All right, see ya.

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