iPhone 4s Screen Fix and Repair. COMPLETE w/ PDF Screw chart FREE

One of the hardest parts about replacing the screen on the 4 or 4s is staying organized. So I made.

One of the hardest parts about replacing the
screen on the 4 or 4s is staying organized. So I made this sweet little paper that will
help you stay organized. You can download it directly from my blog by clicking the bottom
left hand corner. One little tricked I’ve learned is to put a piece of tape over the
cracked screen. It will keep shards of glass from going everywhere. I will link replacement
screens in the video description below so it’s easier for everybody to find the good
ones. If you have any questions or anything, leave them in the comments. I respond fairly
regularly. Turn the phone off it you can and then take out the SIM card. As you can see
this tutorial is going to be pretty straight forward; no fluff, as quick as possible. Take
out the two bottom screws. They are a pentalobe screw driver. You can see the tools in the
video description below. The back slides up and then pops right off. I’m going to go
ahead and put that on my handy dandy little paper. Two screws holding the battery bracket
in and once that’s done, grab the little black piece and you better believe there’s
a slot on the paper for this as well. Keep everything organized. Then you lift the little
bracket up and that un-connects the battery and you pull up on the little pull tab. If
the pull tab breaks, which I’ve had happen before, just pry the battery out. It’s held
in place by a little bit of glue. Place that on the paper. And then I just fold the tab
over so it stays out of my way. There’s a little shield holding the charging port
connector. Take that shield off. There’s a spot for the screws as well. And then there’s
a top shield; four screws. Lift that up and out. There are two little slots in the bottom
holding it onto the motherboard. Place that on your little paper. And then the camera.
It’s like a little Lego. You lift up on that little bottom piece and it unclips. Take
the camera, put it on the paper. And then there are some ribbon cables. Kind of like
Legos; just lift up and away- gently always. These are to the screen, the digitizer and
the LCD. And then there’s this little black sticker covering up this little screw that
we have to also remove. Once that screw is gone there will be a little gold piece that
we also need to not lose. Place it on your paper. And another screw over here for another
bracket. This itty bitty bracket will come up and away from the board and you have to
remove that before you can start on the motherboard. Another little connecter and then we’re
going to bend up this other black part over here just to give us a little bit more room
to work with. Three more ribbon cables down along the bottom, well, and the center of
the motherboard. And then we’re going to lift up the charging port connector. Just
kind of fold it up and out of our way. Two screws holding down the bottom speaker. Put
that on the paper. Also the little black triangle. There’s a slot for everything. And then
this wire cable just clips up and away from the main board. And then there are four screws
holding on the main board. Once those screws are done you can just kind of wiggle it out.
Make sure it’s not getting caught on any of the ribbon cables. You want to be super
gentle with those. And then the little circle-y thingy as well. There’s a slot for that
on my paper. Then there are four screws in the corner of the phone. It’s very important
that you remove these because this is what’s holding the screen onto the frame of the iPhone.
There are six other screws along the sides and each of these has a little washer as well
so make sure to keep the washer with the screw. Now this is only for the iPhone 4: unlatch
that little latch and that’s for the Home button so you don’t tear the ribbon cable
on the Home button. The iPhone 4s ribbon cable is not connected to the Home button as you’ll
see here in a second. Now the iPhone 4s screen easily pulls away from the frame. You just
want to slide those ribbon cables through the little hole. Since it’s already broken
it’s not too big of a deal if it breaks the little heads off, but you know, be careful
anyway. And now you want to get rid of every little tiny bit of glass that you possibly
can cuz if there’s any glass in here, the screen’s not going to sit tight against
the frame of the phone anymore which is kind of a big deal. So clean it up as best you
can and take off the little plastic piece on the new screen and slide it into place.
You want to keep those cables up at the top as straight as possible. Keep in mind as well
that the CDMA and the GSM have differently spaced frame brackets. You can see that the
ribbon cables up top are not bent in any way, they just slide straight in. If you feel like
your cables are too short, chances are you bent one of them. Now that it’s in place
it sits flush with no glass in-between the screen and the frame. And now I need to get
my Home button up in there. I’m taking it off of the old screen, just peeling it away.
Getting all the extra glass off of there and then popping it right into its little slot.
And now we’re going to put it all back together. Four screws in the corner. Make sure they’re
all tight. Six screws along the sides, also make sure they’re tight with the little
washers in place. And that the screen is sitting flat against the frame. And then you take
the main board and slide it in the little grooves. It will sit completely flat against
the bottom of the phone. Make sure there are no wire cables or anything else pinched underneath.
And then grab your little circle-y device and slide that in as well. And then there’s
going to be four screws around the outside of the main board. Grab your loud speaker,
pop that into place. Put the top of the speaker in first and then drop the bottom of the speaker
down and then you can wrap the wire cable around. Be really really careful when you’re
putting this into place, when you’re clipping it in, that you don’t bend any of the sides.
Now you put your little black triangle into place and screw both of those in. And then
you can fold over the charging port cable. Clip that back into place. Get the itty bitty
bracket on top of the little screw hole. Screw it back in. Get the gold bracket next to the
camera. Place that in place. Screw it in. And get the camera in there; click it in like
a little Lego. You’ll definitely know when it clicks in. And then start folding over
the ribbon cables. These are the LCD and digitizer cables. And then you have three more. Start
with the shortest one and then get the other ones in place. And then the top shield clips
in with the bottom two brackets and then there are four screws around the outside. One more
shield covering the charging port cable. Left up your little tab and get the battery in
place. Make sure not to pinch any of the cables as you’re sliding it in. I like to put the
top in first. Take that little black bracket, get that into place and then screw in the
two screws holding the battery in place. And get the back on there. Two screws for the
pentalobe screws, and the phone works. If you have any questions make sure to leave
them in the comments below. If I helped you in any way, shape or form, please subscribe.
It does help me out a lot. You can also hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
And then check out my blog. I post stuff regularly. I have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for watching.
I hope to see you around!

100 thoughts on “iPhone 4s Screen Fix and Repair. COMPLETE w/ PDF Screw chart FREE”

  1. These instructions gave my son's phone another life. Thank you for exellent video and other info! Got it done in a bit less than two hours and two cold one's. I forgot to print the .pdf when I had the chance, but I drew my own. 5/5

  2. Truly a genius. I have never seen someone thoroughly explain a tutorial video with as much detail and appreciation as you do.
    I will reccomend you always.

  3. Thank you! My I phone 5s went red screen on me and nothing worked! I have no car so I couldn't go to AT&T. Then I remembered I had an I phone 4s that I was almost finished replacing screen. There were a few "doo dads" left over and I didn't have a clue! I wish I had the PDF from the get go. Anyway, the video still helped. I was missing some screws and had none for the outside of phone. I made sure it worked and it did! so I just glued the phone together(I will get my 5s repaired soon.) I just needed the phone for taking pics on ebay. (Our club house has wifi)I was able to "jerry rig" the sim card from the 5s to the 4s and that worked as well! so now I can make phone calls and use internet. Yippee!!

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