James Haber (Brandeis) 2: Molecular Mechanisms of Repairing a Broken Chromosome

2 thoughts on “James Haber (Brandeis) 2: Molecular Mechanisms of Repairing a Broken Chromosome”

  1. PALB2 is the localizer of the piBRCA2, the BRCA2 chimera codenamed picollo. When those two work together, they're able to better localize non-mutated BRCA2 to repair the double strain break. Sometimes the mutated BRCA2 might be closest and used instead which might cause break and error. By better localizing non-mutated BRCA2. BRCA1-PALB2-piBRCA2 it functions synergistically breaking off the strands and repairing them the proper way.
    There even has been some research in plants and mammals where they enhanced the piBRCA2 genome and it caused rapid growth of tissue at alarming rates, but further research is required. Some geneticists feared it would be something like a resident evil T Virus.

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