Jimmy Kimmel Asks Shaq if He Really Thinks the Earth is Flat

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Asks Shaq if He Really Thinks the Earth is Flat”

  1. Flat Earth fools just need to call someone where the sun has set already, but they can still see it… If the Earth was flat the sun would set for every human on Earth at the same time. I guess they are also too stupid to use a phone…

  2. The Earth is like 30% flat on the internet and mainstream maybe 2%.But, we are growing at an alarming rate and soon we'll dominate the net with FE thinkers.Good luck with mainstream lol the sheeple are die hard hell bent on mind control

  3. Earth is flat and motionless. If you bellieve otherwise, go try and prove that earths oceans have any convexity at all, let alone 8”/mile squared. That means over just 10 miles there should be 66 feet of drop over open water. Hilarious. The surface of water is totally flat ergo earth is flat.

  4. You will see more and more crazy stuff like this Religion is broken, they will grab anything that brings there fake fairy back

  5. He is not joking. When he was talking about flat earth he had a ring illuminati. Now he talking that was joke – he dont have it. Something was happened. 😉 Simpe as fck.

  6. The properties “flat” and “round” are not mutually exclusive. Think about pancakes. All this arguing for nothing. Can’t we all just get along?

  7. This is one of a handful of theories that if someone brings it up I just leave. I cannot have a meaningful conversation on that topic with someone that dumb.

  8. TO many atheist or weirdos now believe this in college too. I just met a guy whom claim the earth is flat. So I had asked him a simple question when you look at the moon what shape is it?
    I expected round.. he said empty on the other side like a light bulb and the back of the space is fake like wallpaper.

    These nuts are trained in school. See what happens when you take mathematics, literature and general abstracts and replace with common core dumb liberal education.

  9. THE EARTH IS FLAT. There's too much evidence to prove otherwise. More and more people are waking up every single day and once you see all the lies that have been fed to us throughout our lives, you start to question everything. Flat Earth matters a great deal, it means there's possibly more land that "their" hiding from us or maybe it's the end (edge) and we won't be able to see that due to monitored and controlled area's of Antarctica. You only get to travel in limited area's and they're always watching your every move, plus they have us outnumbered, they have military, the Government and other agencies covering up the biggest secret of the World. It's a shame that we have to be born and raised in such a messed up environment, always being forced to believe in something that was never real, just a fantasy. We live in a satanistic world that is controlled by Demons who worship Lucifer but don't let them deceive you, you have the power to reject their false knowledge and you have the power to turn to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God Bless everyone, God loves you but shall not accept you if you dare take the mark of the beast, only you can make the change, no one else can.

  10. Nah he knows it's not flat. Also, he's a muslim and the Quran says the earth is spherical so that would go against his beliefs.

  11. Shaq is the man..all these years and I dont think i've ever heard anyone say anything negative or disparaging about him..that being said one of his publicists or managers or whoever were definitely like ""soo umm Shaq maybe lay off the whole..the earth is flat thing??..ya know?..maybe ex-nay the at-flay…

  12. O Shaq made to keep this stuff a joke so he stays in his successful hill he only wants to tell the truth but his leaders don't allow just like Kimmel

  13. EARTH IS A BALL, NOT A SPHERE, NOT FLAT AND HERE IS WHY! Earth is not hollow, but is round, and when a sphere is filled it is to be considered a BALL, so, therefore, Earth is neither a sphere or flat, but rather a ball Shaq.

  14. Whats so funny. Shaq is laughing at u guys.. mockery.. hes also a 33 degree free mason..he knows whats up. The earth is flat. People are dumb. How could the romas say the earth was a globe wen they never been to space. They wefe the first to call it a globe.

  15. Well I guess I have to give up the truth because Shaq and Jimmy say so. If it was ridiculous it wouldn't be made fun of so much

  16. Shaq is a freemason, so he knows the Earth is flat. He is mocking you! Only mind controlled people believe the Earth is a globe. See how Shaq is saying he's joking but then he keeps saying that, yes he believes these things. You have to be able to read between the lines. Ridicule of this subject really shows how infantile the minds are of the masses. They consider you a herd of sheep and you know what? I agree. I'm not better as a human being than most of you, but about 99 percent of the people are basically children and can't think for themselves and they need to be fed information from authority and that is why they believe in nonsense, like a flying space ball with water sticking to it because of some magical force called gravity, that has never been proven by the way.

    If you want to rebut that then tell me which science experiment proved gravity. Things fall because of their density and they rise if they are lighter than the surrounding gasses, hence air balloons. How do balloons work with gravity? Are they anti-gravity? If I drop a straw, it falls on the ground. If I drop that same straw on water it floats, because it's more buoyant than water, so if gravity is real and pulls everything down then that shouldn't happen. Bedford level experiment. Michaelson-Morley, Airy's failure, just a few of the actual science, not theoretical science like Einstein garbage or Hawking bullshit, proved already that the Earth is both flat and stationary, just like your senses tell you.

  17. Look at the 33rd dregree free mason being like "nah… he he he I was kidding then slighly flashed my masonic ring in the same interview" lmao

  18. I have an open $1,000 reward for any evidence for a flat Earth just in case some of the jokers think they are serious.

  19. Nobody believes the earth is flat. They do it because they think it's funny to watch people's reactions, and it is! What's really funny is the number of people who get riled up over this nonsense.

  20. everytime i hear a flat earther attempt to come up with evidence it makes me laugh how much they struggle

  21. On a clear day, you can stand on a high mountain near the beach and watch through binoculars as a tall ship goes over the horizon. Clear day, high mountain, binoculars, tall ship. Enough said.

  22. Yes Earth of course is globe, water sticks right to a basketball just like globe earth try it…try that one all you flat earthers everyone knows water sticks right to basketball and it floats

  23. Shaq, hahaha you know the truth,it is flat, you lie to avoid mockery. You're a smart man you gotta do what u gotta do. Sheeps will witch hunt you if you keep spouting out the truth, much respect.

  24. Shaq want to say the earth is flat but he scare to say it. He was warned just like all the famous people and the ones that lost their lives trying to warn us.

  25. "I drive from Florida to California it seems flat to me."
    You're seriously basing your idea off of a ridiculous point like this? I seen some pretty weird reason why a few people think the Earth is flat. But this one is so stupid it has no redeemable points.

  26. Shaqis part of the elite he obviously was told to say he was joking the elite don't want people knowing the truth. It's pretty obvious due to the fact he was so nervous when Jimmy Kimmel asked him if he was joking

  27. Tbh when you see people like shaq, it really doesbt become hard to believe that there is another version of him, just furrier, less civilised and lives in snow.

  28. I just recently heard that Shaq believes the Earth is flat and I just could not believe it. I was stunned and baffled by it but now I am relieved to learn he was joking. Alll is well again.

  29. Shaq does have a sense of humor but believe this, he was not joking when he said the world is flat. Shaq got alot of heat and most likely his agent advised him to retract for his own public perception health.

  30. Jimmy fake hackle and audience canned laughter, Jimmy not really asking Shaq questions just making him look stupid, Shaq dummed down, good for him. Comparing his answer about California to Florida looked flat, kimmel immediately compare it to big foot by asking Shaq about his feet, being 7'2" I don't think Kimmel would dare ask him how big his feet and then wait for it, the fake hackle. Never got a clear answer about the title of the show, and I will say it was the answer about California to Florida was flat. All of this was scripted and I appreciated Shaq during the fake interview!

  31. It is obviously flat. Surveyors and engineers never account for the required curvature of 8 in per mile squared for a circumference of 24,901 miles.

  32. shaq is a proud and outspoken freemason.. These people have knowledge that everyday people like you and I don't have. They know many truths that the public does not know and it's like this for a reason. POWER. So when he "joked" that the Earth is flat, don't be surprised if it was putting truth out there in plain sight. Yet people dismiss it for comedy or sarcasm.

  33. It's a big joke or is it. People do not believe me. But released government documents mention a flat non rotating earth. (It's flat). Shhhhhhh quiet……. no joke……

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