Previously on journey to home Everyone today is Sunday and my parents and I just finished doing the floors here.

Previously on journey to home Everyone today is Sunday and my parents and I just finished doing the floors here in the den the family The family room. I guess you can call it. So I just wanted to give you guys some updates on what we’ve done so far So I’m gonna start with the front door and then I’ll work my way into this area So behind me damage for you guys this but behind me we painted the doors blue We’re gonna have a pop of blue in this room Like for example, the throw is gonna be blue. The pillows are gonna be blue What else is gonna be blue some like pictures on the walls stuff like that? So Papa blue in this room quick little update for my dad went around and he was filling some holes in this hallway And I know if you guys can see it. But like I said, he was filling some holes and stuff Any areas that were kind of damaged he filled Something that is new is this little Handle, I went ahead and changed it before it was like a gold color and I changed it to this really pretty Sober knob I got this from Home Depot and I think it was around two to three dollars So it’s really cute looks way better. The other one was really really tiny. So I went ahead Removed the old one and put on this new one Still the merit is in the high side here. We have him put it back up It’s a really thin mirror so we might get something that’s a little bit wider. I think you guys know the carpet is gone I’m trying remember what I showed you guys already and carpet is gone. My dad needs to rip off the baseboards here and Put down tiles in this area. The tiles will stop right here so from The front door all the way to right here the tiles will end and then over here back here and into the Dead will be Laminate floors closet door is also blue. So then we get into the family room and the floors are almost done You can see we now have white baseboards and no long brown ones and I ripped all of this off in The previous footage I think it was yesterday and he did that or was it today can remember? Still need to get the cushions made for this and this I did order a couch for here. It’s a really pretty couch I’m looking for a rug and a center table Currently looking for a TV console and a TV. You want to go with a 55 inch nothing too big nothing too small something. I’ll fit perfectly right here and a nice console table that can hold like board games cards dominoes stuff like that You know on this side Not too sure what we’re gonna put on the wall. Yeah, but I was thinking a nice plant would to go there something on the wall here and Whatever goes there will match on This side no On this side of the room. I was thinking to put a large mirror right here So if you guys have any ideas at all on what we can do to decorate this basement Definitely. Let me know down below. I’m always interested in hearing you guys ideas. A lot of you guys have really great ideas so now on this side we have a little bit more of the flooring to do just a bit here a bit here and Behind the bar. So let’s go behind the bar Well, it’s pretty junky back here, but you guys can kind of see that it still needs flooring back here We have three stools that came with the home they match with the bar Once the room is complete these three chairs will come over onto this side. So update I did return the other two lamps that I bought this is the original lamb listen to Virgil lamp that I wanted But unfortunately, they don’t have this bendy Lamp anymore. So I returned them and I didn’t get anything else and then we have this little leather couch here That my brother’s friend’s mom gave to my brother we’re gonna put a throw in it a nice little pillow and We got to wipe it up because there is some paint splatters on it so we just need to clean it up and then decorate it and I think that’s it. I have to update you guys on Still waiting for the couch. It’s supposed to come September 6th My tenants upstairs the last few of them should be out September 1st. So Once they’re out we can go upstairs so Ask for fireplace I Feel like the fireplace looks a lot better now with these floors It was looking kind of dull before with the brown floors I mean other Brown floors with the tiles, but it looks a lot better now. We will refresh This part maybe spurt paint it in maybe silver or something. I don’t know This I don’t think we’ll touch because this is real brass Probably just clean it and shine it and just make it look a little bit better and ask for actual fireplace We are going to clean it because it is very very dusty Probably put some pictures up here Some more pictures there I was thinking of plants in this corner with maybe a picture here Yeah, Oh some really nice curtains we already got them for right here and Curtains for here. We already got them curtains that are gonna reach the floor So already got them and I think that’s it Then we need 2 new outlet covers and like switches Because the ones that were on before our old and broke and we threw them away Also, we need some vent covers For in here, I think there’s one more Ok, no I lied. There’s no more. Oh, yeah right here one right there. Give me some new bed covers and yeah So since the basement is kind of dark the floor is appear to be more of a brown but if you guys were to see this in natural lighting like outside you would see that this is actually very very light, but in here is pretty dark, so it appears to be Dark, but it’s not But it still goes So I can’t wait to get these changed like I told you guys before we’re keeping the actual wooden part, but we’re changing the Cushions to may be a gray a light gray or blue Something like I don’t know. I’m not too sure yet So yeah, that’s pretty much it. That’s all I had to update you guys on everyone. Today is Monday got myself a lemonade from well frozen lemonade from Tim Hortons My dad is currently over at the house and this is bright. So yeah, I woke up with this crazy idea that I Wanted to make my own coffee table and my own TV console because last night me my mom were on overstock Wayfair Pinterest for the basement because down there has a farmhouse theme so I like the wooden Barn, look if you know what I mean I’ll try and insert a photo so you guys can kind of get an idea of what I’m talking about but then when you look online for those types of Furniture. It’s like three four five six even like a thousand dollars so this morning I Woke up, and I was thinking to myself I’ve seen people use stuff from Ikea and just Completely transform it. I’ve seen people start from scratch So I was like, maybe I can get my dad to make those items for me But then I was like, you know what he’s doing so much work already. Let me not do that Let me not put more load on him. So I went on Pinterest and I started googling or Pinterest thing whatever like for example, I was typing in do-it-yourself Coffee table IKEA. So I typed in that something random and This IKEA hack came up for a coffee table Another one came up for a TV console and it was just perfect. So pretty much you buy a IKEA coffee table just to play simple unfinished wood coffee table and what you do is you go to Home Depot and you get some plywood and It’s a plywood. I’m not sure the correct word, but you get some wood I guess it’s like two by fours and You get maybe about six of them to cover the top of the coffee table? and then you you nail it down you stain it you satin it you stain it the color that you want and then voila there’s your Coffee table that looks like a farmhouse coffee table, which is exactly what I was looking for online that was like three four hundred dollars, but instead it would only cost about sixty so That’s what I’m gonna do then So same thing with the what’s called? the TV console So now on printer s I looked up TV console hack IKEA and I came across This dresser hack for your TV. So originally, I was actually looking for a TV console that would be tall and Wide enough for a 55 inch TV because we have wood paneling downstairs Trying to mount a heavy TV onto the wall. It’s probably not a good idea because what paddling isn’t like super strong or anything It’s really hollow. It’s not very thick at all. So putting up a TV on the wall Rocks in for trouble. So I Figured you know what? I need something nice and wise I can put a TV directly on the stand I came across this IKEA hack where you pretty much take an unfinished dresser. You remove the top drawers so it kind of creates like a cubby and you leave the two bottom drawers if you want to and You stand and you paint and you whatever you stain if you want and it turns into a really nice TV Console so that is what I’m going to do instead of get my dad to do it I’m just gonna buy a really cheap coffee table a really cheap Dresser from Ikea and turn it into what I need it for then I had this other idea Sorry about the rambling, but then I had this other idea. Why don’t I just go to Salvation Army so There wasn’t any Salvation Army nearby but there’s a volume village and I found a lot of things. I’m going to show it to you guys later. I found a lot of things about the village board games Some books some books that I can use to decorate the tables and stuff So you pretty much take off the outer cover and then you leave the hard cover underneath and you use it to decorate your table I know it’s not supposed to be used as decor, but it looks really nice So whatever and some other stuff, I’ll show you guys later. So I went down to the very back where they have all these dressers tables Desks chairs all kinds of stuff still steps tools all kinds of stuff all types of furniture I should say and I came across this unfinished table and I was like all this perfect. I was looking for a coffee table Like I was telling you guys I was gonna gonna IKEA buy this little coffee table and turn it into something crazy Well something nice so I went ahead Took off the legs popped it into my shopping cart went up to the front and as I’m getting ready to cash out I look underneath the table and it says IKEA lack And that is the exact table that I was going to buy My new this table was ten dollars The one on IKEA was about fifty something so it would have been up to maybe 65 after tax and everything You know Canadian tax. So this one this one was only $9.99 The only thing about this table is that it’s missing its second level. So it’s a two level Coffee table it was missing the second one, but no big deal. No big deal. Only ten bucks So my plan for this one that I found at Value Village is to use it as a game table So my family loves to play dominoes We love to play cards board games. So I’m planning to use that one as a game table I’m going to do everything that I mentioned before we are going to send it down. Stain it paint it Whatever make it look nice and use it as our game table I thought that was really funny that I was going to buy the exact same table For sixty something dollars and I got it for ten at Valley Village. So I thought I would share that with you guys So yeah, I will show you guys everything I got I’m really really Surprised like I’ve seen people go to Salvation Army goodwill and that stuff and buy stuff, but I always said to myself I’m never gonna find that stuff People find really really amazing things and then like transform it into something even more Amazing. So I’m really surprised that I was able to find that table and Yeah, I did see some dressers, but unfortunately I could not carry those by myself They’re really really big and I think they were a little bit too big for the space The one that I saw in Ikea is going for about 124 and it’s a good size. Good height good everything so I’m just gonna grab it and Transform it change the knobs on it. Maybe paint them silver or something and just You know make it into what I want And yeah, so I saved a lot of money on a coffee table, which is awesome All right, so enough with the talking, hopefully that wasn’t too much what’s happening right now My dad is finishing up the floors. You guys saw that in a previous vlog or previous footage He’s finishing up the floors by the bar. He has to do in front of the bar and then behind and Then he has to make his way to the hallway and then we gotta get tiles for the rest of the way which would be the mudroom and Yeah, so that’s pretty much that so let me go over to the car. I still have the IKEA nykeya I still have the Value Village stuff in the car because I was tired There was a lot of stuff that I bought today from Value Village and I just wanted a nice drink so I came home and left everything in the car and sat down So I’m gonna show you guys what I got More like a sneak peek. I won’t show everything Just because everything’s wrapped up And packaged because I did get some glassware So the cashier had brought them out for me, but I’m just gonna show you guys what I got Let’s head over to the car. Oh my gosh. It’s so bright and my dad is out cutting wood All right, so I’m in the back of the car. So this is a table but as you can see it is kind of dusty Which is fine it’s everything in that store was really dusty I’m guessing they’ve been in there for a little while. So you’re starting to collect dust. This is the exact same one I was looking at it that the one I was looking at was in the color white and this one is in a birch color So I took off I screw it off the legs because it couldn’t fit into my cart Because of course, so let’s go to D wide or too long so it can fit in my cart So I screwed them off. There’s lady beside me with staring at me I think she thought I was taking the legs and gonna leave But now I just screwed them off so it can fit into the cart. This is the bottom of it So it looks really weird, but if I flip it over Struggling, but if I flip it over It does have a little bit of like damage marks But like I told you guys we are going to pretty much that send us down and stain it I’m gonna wipe down everything make sure it’s nice and clean sanitized and then Design the top and of course staying this because the color is a little bit too Yellowy the camera is not really picking it up. And we said I can darken it. It’s like this blonde color Kind of like that if that looks okay. I don’t know what you guys understand. It’s like a blonde brown color and Yeah, it’s not really the color that I want now Let me show you guys I got some board games. I honestly don’t know if it’s missing pieces, but I’m pretty sure I can find the matching pieces on eBay or Amazon they usually have like Board game pieces that you can use so I got connect for this was like two dollars I got Sorry, and I don’t know if it has all the pieces. But again, I will check online. I got some books I got Some novels that I’m gonna use to decorate my coffee table so pretty much what you do you take off this outer layer and you use the hardcover as your decorative piece, so this one has a Is this the one that I wanted I don’t like I picked up the wrong one So it’s like a black navy color And That’s what it looks like I’m gonna take off this piece and then I have some other ones in here I think one is like a soft cream and one is like a bright blue which goes with the theme for the basement So that’s that And then over here we have some my dad is cutting wood right now but if you can hear me I like some ceramic bowls In here that I’m gonna use for decorations I got another book in here and Then some more books and then here’s the legs that I screwed off So yeah, that’s from which what I got So this was ten bucks and here’s a little sign that I saw When I got to the cash desk and it says IKEA lack and this is exact in one I was looking for on IKEA so Yeah It’s crazy how things are So I’m gonna take this into the house – basically like this this line lining it up with this No, not this line this one I know You can Do anything but ah, so yeah, let’s take it in 1713 by That’s before this is going to be the mudroom so we’re gonna be entering from this store in the wintertime that’s gonna like a bench right here and probably here so you can sit down took off our boots and We’re also going to putting tiles to right there so all of us will be tile and the rest will be Go over to Home Depot and get Tyler I’m gonna head over to the back yard because I do have some vegetables back there and I want to make sure that I’m picking them and they’re not falling off and Rotting, so let’s head over there. All right, so we do have some tomatoes that are ready to be picked Even if you do pick them when they’re still orange, they will still turn red once they’re inside So I’m gonna go ahead and pick these. Well not this one. It’s a little bit too yellow All right. Let’s go on this one These ones are still a little bit too yellow. This one’s good. These ones are too yellow So I’m gonna go ahead and pick these I probably have some peppers that need to be picked as well I’ll go and check those out in a second. So I was right I do have some peppers that are ready to be picked These are sweet peppers. I thought they were spicy. But no my dad said they’re sweet So this one’s a little bit too young. I’ll leave that one. This one looks kind of young This one looks pretty good. I Have some bigger Tomatoes over here, but they’re not ready And we got a pepper on the ground that’s I want to come over here because When they get really ripe they just fall right off And we have an tomato that’s coming in it’s not ready though. I Think we had a zucchini here. My dad picked it and he said it was a really big one They picked it and they ate it When I was in here Unfortunately, I don’t know my beans are not doing very well I only got one beam off it off my tree our plant My scallions are coming back aka onions It used to be super full it was like this huge bunch, but now it’s my dad cut it down So now they’re going back This is all that I picked from the garden about I want to see what every week I get about a handful of each handful of peppers and a handful of Tomatoes this one kind of popped on me. So I might just throw this one in the garbage because it’s gonna rot So just start out wanting no garbage But yeah, these will turn red in a few days. I’m just going to add them to our little veggie Bowl And then these ones were 4d but he forgot to take them the last time he was here so Some of them are probably going bad. I gotta take notes on them Sitting here for a few days and these are baby cucumbers Totally funny-looking and they’re really tiny Cute either cucumbers or zucchini a comer but they’re really small and These ones are from I think my parents backyard These ones are going beds and when it dump these Came back home to charge my phone. I haven’t had a full battery in like weeks, so hopefully it charges so I’m gonna head back over to the house and Start taking down some more wallpaper because we have a lot of it. We have a lot of wallpapers so I’m gonna try my best to Get a good chunk of it done now, I don’t think I showed you guys the before but if you check back in the original house tour video you would have Seen that we had like this 12-foot wall with tons of wallpaper. So I took down Probably 50% of it I can’t reach Super high I mone five six so I can only reach up to about maybe six feet the rest of it we definitely need a ladder and Probably need to make some type of platform so you can get up high to get the rest But I got about 50% of it. I still need to get the rest. So I’m gonna do that right now So I just came back over to the house and my dad is almost done He only has this piece to do he finished all behind the bar He was also telling you that we can make a hole in the Paneling and fit these wires behind the wall, so that way they’re not exposed and just hanging out. So we’re gonna do that Yeah, it’s coming together And he’s outside cutting some wood right now making all little pieces Next on journey to whom he hasn’t seen the house since we put down the floor So he’s gonna see for the first time in so I’m gonna give his reaction


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