Kitchen Remodel: Custom Kitchen Remodel vs. a Semi-Custom Kitchen Remodel

– Welcome back everybody. From design to installation a full kitchen remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to.

– Welcome back everybody. From design to installation a full kitchen remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to nearly half a year. Not everybody has that kind of time. Plus, everybody goes into these projects with different budgets, right? Well one local company
has come up with a way to customize the entire
process just for you. Joining us this morning is Jenn Lewis. She is a designer with
Right Kitchen and Bath, that’s a division of Mosby Building Arts. Jenn’s a first timer here on Great Day, welcome to the show.
– I am. Thank you, I’m so excited. – You’ve been in the studio before because you’ve been with
Mosby for some time. So the deal is, this isn’t
a cookie cutter thing. This is not the same ordeal for everybody that goes through it. So what we’re gonna talk about today, is kind of a custom kitchen remodel versus the idea of a
semi-custom kitchen remodel. So let’s start with the
custom kitchen remodel, what does that mean? – So a semi-custom, semi-custom is, it has a more streamlined process, you don’t have an overwhelming
amount of selections to make, it’s a quick turn around process, you’re not moving any walls, you’re not moving any
plumbing or appliances, your footprint is staying
pretty much the same. – So the skeleton, the basics,
they’re all gonna stay, you’re just doing more
or less aesthetic things, which can still bring a huge change. We’re gonna show some
photos to everybody at home of a mix of custom and semi-custom. You might not even be able
to tell the difference with some of these. So that’s kind of the
semi-custom, let’s talk custom. This is a much more involved process. – [Jenn] It is much more involved. It’s a larger scope, you’re
possibly moving walls, opening load bearing walls,
you could even be going as extreme as moving your kitchen from one end of your house to the other. So it could be a very big process. – [Host] Or keeping it where it is but changing the footprint. You could be doubling the size, gobbling up what used to
be the formal dining room that you don’t think you need anymore. So a lot of people are gonna
think, well, I don’t know, semi-custom sounds like I’m not gonna get the same kind of
attention or craftsmanship or selection or quality
of product, is that true? – [Jenn] That is absolutely not true. We use the same quality of
products on all of the projects whether it’s custom or semi-custom. It’s just more the time frame. If you really need to have
this done by a certain time you’re going to fit more
into the semi-custom or our right kitchen program. If you are one of those
people that really need to see all of your options, then a custom kitchen is more your idea because with the custom you’ll actually be going shopping with a designer, where with the semi-custom we’ve already pre-selected items that fit
in most designs, most homes. – [Host] So let’s talk timeline then, because at the end of the day it sounds like that’s one of
the biggest differences here, so break it down, how long does custom
versus a semi-custom take? – [Jenn] So a custom typically
takes, the design process is usually two to two and
a half months on average. It could take longer, could
take shorter, all depending, and then the installation process, again, on average is about two to four months. Again, if you’re moving that kitchen from one end of the house to the other, it could take much longer. A semi-custom design,
you’re typically looking at design process of just a few weeks and then the installation
could be a week to a month. It really just depends on
exactly what that scope entails. – Really, as short as a week potentially. – Potentially, if it’s
just your countertops, then yeah, that’s pretty quick. – But either way you’re gonna
get the full Mosby treatment, you’re gonna get a team of
professionals helping you, a designer that’s helping you
and all the great craftsmen that we like to brag about too. Okay, so she’s a first-timer, not only did she nail it,
but there’s goats talking on the other end of the studio and it’s like she didn’t even notice. (Jenn laughs) – Oh I did. – Oh I know you noticed, that was good. There’s goats on the show later, you could stick around for the goats. – I would like to. – So let’s get your
remodel started, my friend. See, the goats are excited. To get in touch with the fantastic team at Right Kitchen and Bath
and Mosby Building Arts, just give them a call. 314-909-1800. (sheep bleats) (Jenn laughs) Yep, that’s right. Or visit their website
for more information. That would be or, for you goats in the audience, (host mocks goat bleating) (host and Jenn laugh) Got it? (man in blue shirt mocks goat bleating) (host laughs) First time and she’s got goats. – It’s actually a sheep
that’s making the noise. – Oh, I’m sorry, you’re right. – But that’s okay. They’re all related. We’re all mammals. (everyone talks over each other) – Oh boy. – Thank you and we
apologize for the outburst.

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