LED TV Repair Tutorial – Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Repair LED TVs

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  2. my led tv is a qube brand there is sound when i turn on but the screen is dark and there is a shadow ,before that there are vertical lines on the screen

  3. Hi, i have a UN7200 Samsung TV , it does not turns ON, no stand by light or anything.

    Any idea what could it be, or how could i find where the problem is?


  4. Great video! I have a 40" samsung led smart tv that has a picture, but certain parts are darker, some bright like they should be. Is this due to needing new led strips? Thanks!

  5. Hi
    My Onida LED 49 inch tv screen is turned black ( i can see the pitched if I use torch light with an angle) sound is coming , could you please suggest what could be the solution ?!

  6. hi, I have a Sanyo FW50C85T when i power it on it has the sanyo logo, shortly after half the logo goes very dark. when the picture comes up half is gone i thought totally but then i turned off the room lights and i could see the other half its just very dark. so going from right facing the tv the picture is fine the further to the left you go the darker it fades. thanks for any help you can offer.

  7. My tv has the problem you mentioned about the tv turning on and off.  If I start the tv it will start run a little while and then turn itself off.  All I have to do is plug the tv in and it starts and runs for a few seconds then turns itself off and then just keep doing that until I pull the plug.  I have tightened all the screws and inspected everything I could but it doesn't work. The one odd thing is that if I don't run it for a while it tends to stay on a few minutes and then turns itself off going back to what it does above.  My tv is a Samsung 32" model number UN32EH4003F. I did have to replace the power board 4 years ago when their was a lightning strike.  Everything else on the tv works.

  8. HI, I have a Vizio 70" model -P702ui-B3. When powered on no pix or sound. light at lower left of the TV comes on then slowly dims out. After 3 attempts it will turn on normally. I power cycled it many times, but no change. How can I fix it, or what board should I change?

  9. hi, i have a vizio E70-C3..i have full visible picture, but i have dark squares that cause the picture to be really dark in those areas..started on the right, about 6" tall dark line just above center..now have same line plus most of the left side n another line along bottom. im very mechanically inclined n would like to fix it myself..help? MJ

  10. Hello, My Sony 900F flashes red 4 times. I tried to factory reset never go pass the Android booting logo. I Download the new software from Sony on the USB have the power unplug, plug in USB hold down power button and – at the same time. The monitor never turn on but the USB flashing, After about 30 minutes the light go out on the USB the screen still not on. I used remote to turn on, The TV start at this time I can see the langues setting and the monitor shut down. I opened the back, Factory reset again, One light on the LED board turn on and off green, One flashing red The monitor start Sony logo, Android logo and shut down! I tried reset over and over again the red light on board red and TV shut down every time…Is my LED board bad? Is the software bricked Please help..

  11. I have an LG 55LX6500 and the tv will not turn off and the remote and the tv power button will not control anything. The tv’s front panel lights stay on. When and if they goes off the tv works fine. I’ve tried unplugging for 2, 5 and 60 minutes. But not change. Which board could be causing this?

  12. Hey ShopJimmy! Sony Bravia KDL-46VE5. Red Blinking standby light blinks 6 times, off for 3 seconds and repeats. Tried all the Sony recommended tricks, nothing works. After powering off, then on, red light is steady on, turn on power, goes to green for a few seconds, then back to red blinking.

  13. Dear Bro i am regularly watching your videos, its very very useful to me, you are excellent. I have an issue if you solve it please , i will be grateful to you . I dont know how stand by release in CRT tv. Tell me With handmade drawing circuit or as you can. Thanking you.

  14. I have Samsung UN40J6200 40 inch LED tv. Lately the picture has been going dark; that is, we can see images but they are very dark. I've checked the picture settings and reset to factory defaults but that doesn't appear to correct the problem. The first time it happened I checked the picture self diagnosis screen and the test picture appeared fine, so I then checked the TV antenna input and found it slightly loose. After tightening the antenna coax connector the picture returned to normal. However after about a month the issue returned. This time the antenna connection was nice and tight but the self dianosis picture test picture appeared dark. Also, the picture seemed to fade in and out – got a little brighter then went dim again. After turning the TV off and then on again the picture returned to normal. However I'm concerned that something is on the verge of failing. I'm guessing it could be either the inverter/led driver of the led backlights starting to fail. Is there something else it could be causing this? Also how would I diagnose whether it is the backlights or the driver that is failing. Thanks for any thoughts about this.

  15. NS-55DR710NA17 No picture. I did the flashlight test and do see a image . Im thinking its possibly a bad leds. I did some voltage testing and I don't have the 3.2 vlts going to the main board on the last point (.yellow wire) all other voltages are pk im not sure what the voltage is suppose to going to the leds +Vled all have about 52.9 v and the -vleds have 7.5 v any idea ?

  16. Thank You ShopJimmy for your video. I have a Sony XBR65x850D which is out of warranty. I called Sony and got the "Thank you for being a customer but your are out of warranty we won't help you" response.

    My problem is my TV will not power on. It does have some power. If I plug in a USB stick, the LED on the stick flashes. If I connect a computer to a HDMI input, the computer sees a second display although no picture ever shows.

    This all started one day when the TV display that an update was available. I clicked yes to do the update and after an hour or so, the TV appeared to be frozen with a blank screen. It was connect via wifi. I then cycle power via the remote, the power button, and the power cord and nothing changed – the TV would not power on. No SONY power up LED.

    I tried the unplug two minute. No change. I tried the hold in power/volume down button while power on nothing. I tried power/volume up button while powering on nothing happened. I downloaded the new firmware and followed the instructions on support.sony.com for install including leaving it plugged in with the stick for 1 whole week – nothing changed. I franticly over several weeks tried all of these methods multiple times even holding the buttons until my fingers bled – nothing change. I even tried calling Sony several times and climbing the ranks of support personnel and their Customer Relations personnel but still got the "out of warranty" line.

    Currently, I can not see any light from the inside of the TV in a pitch black room.
    I don't see anything ever on the screen with the flashlight test.
    I am at a lost of what to do next.

    Please help.

  17. RCA LED 55c55r120Q
    I have power. I have changed the main board and the T-con. Still no picture or sound. I have done the flashlight test. I have verified back lights work. Still no fix. Can you help please?

  18. Help I've replace 7 leds in my lg TV. The leds blink all except for 1 that stays on for the most part it does get dim I believe. Can anyone assist me with this

  19. I have a Vizio E40-C2. S/N LWZQSFCR. The set powers on with the remote or the power button.The screen lights up blue then dims after a few minutes. I have tried to press input, menu, etc and nothing appears on the screen. I have tried it while connected with hdmi cable and without. I pulled the back cover off and nothing looks burnt or damaged. The main board looks like it would be easy to swap but the other board (T-con?) is a long strip at the bottom of the set and doesn't look like it was intended to be changed. What should I do?

  20. I have a Mitsubishi Led tv model Lt-46164 I purchased a tcon board installed it and problem persists, purchased a led driver board installed it and problem persists, problem is the tv turns on have sound and picture, then a a variable time, tv screen will immediately turn off not fade off, just suddenly turn off but the sound is still there, I plugged in my Apple TV box after the board repairs and the fb playing fine for over three hours and the screen turned off and has been doing it ever since, I have no idea what it is and not testing tools, please help us We are seniors and all we have is our tv, I need to know how to fix this once and for all I have no more money to put into it!

  21. I have an element ELEFJ556. The right half of the TV got dim this morning and a half hour later the screen went black. The sound still works but no picture. Can you help me figure out what I need to replace. Thank you

  22. Samsung UN60F7050 had a couple of vertical lines appear around a year ago. The other day we turned on the tv and it now has a 6in wide white vertical stripe in the middle of the screen. I took it apart and below the metal strip at the very bottom of the tv there are 16 ribbon cables that look bonded to the panel. One has a burnt hole in it. I’m screwed aren’t I?

  23. hello i own a lg 32LN5100 while i was watching my tv it suddenly made a weird sound like something got burnt and the light under the screen that is always seemed as if electricity went trogh it from right to left like a little lightning bult, and than the fuse jumped in my room when i got everything running again my tv stopped working. doesn't even turn on any insights?

  24. Dear shop jimmy, i have a 46f6500 samsung tv, and a while ago it started to have colours fading away from left to right of the screen. This means on a full red screen, at the left of the screen is red, and it starts to fade reaching at a pink color on the right of the screen. I changed the tcon board, with no avail. Do you have any idea on where the trouble could come from?

  25. I have a Samsung un40es6100 hdtv. For some time it had a dark patch in the upper right hand corner. Then it went away for a month or so but then came back again. Then one day while I was watching tv, the dark patch started alternating between the upper right and lower right corners…..kinda flickering back and forth. When that stopped after about a minute or so, the upper right corner was bright and now the lower right corner is dark and has been that way for about 2 or 3 weeks now. Any idea what might be causing this and is it worth trying to fix?

  26. Hell I have an insignia nsdr55620na18 I have power backlights no image.i hear a song when I use the remote so if that is considered sound I have it.screen is a blueish glow no image.the are a where I use this tv is humid/damp you could say.what would be your best guess as of what to check for o already did a visual.thanks for your response in advance Alan.

  27. my tv is a china made led.. the problem is the keys on the tv was lock and i have no remote??? is there any means to unlock it without a remote… tnx

  28. i have vizio m65-d0 when i turn it on the screen cycles thru red, green, blue, black, white, red…i have manged to preform a factory reset (because sometimes it will work fine) any ideas?

  29. Great videos….

    I was looking for a fix for my 3 yr old Emerson Model   LF461EM4 A, A 46-inch LCD HDTV with LED backlighting, but I could find nothing close to this… The Picture has 3 distenct horizontal bands, (the bands are not made up of lines, just darker picture)… the top band is very dark, but can see the picture the middle band is a little dark, and the bottom band is just a little lighter than the middle one, and maybe near perfect.  Do you have any ideas as to what this could be or where to find out about this problem.

  30. hi buddy
    i want to experience motion interpolation in my tv but option for the same is not available only.

    i want to increase refresh rate of my vu pixelight 55 inch 4k hdr tv from 60 hz to 240 hz and company is not providing any update or solution.
    is it possible to replace the mainboard from samsung 55 ich qled tv's mainboard.
    any other solution if possible


  31. Hey I have an LG model # 42PA450C it was working yesterday I got home from work today and it won’t turn on, the light on the front is red and when I press the power button it blinks but won’t turn on so it is getting power and knows I’m trying to turn it on, any advice?

  32. Hello, just want to ask about my vizio tv model number Vizio M470NV. No picture and the vizio logo is blinking. Steady orange for 5 seconds and then blinking white to orange for a while then back to orange again. I already tried to cycled it coz thats the vizio service told me when i called but nothing happened. I dont know what seems to be the problem. Can you help me please? Thanks.

  33. Hey. I have a LG 55UH6090-UF
    I have replaced the main board, t-con board and the power supply board.
    I have backlights and sound, but no display. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

  34. I have a 48inch Haier tv and it will bring the red light on once I plug it in to power source but when I go to turn it on I get nothing. Is that just a bad button or is it the main board?

  35. Vizio 420i-Ao One vertical black line Approx 3/4 thick 12 inches in from right side……No other issues.the rest of the screen is fine.no audio issues. HELP !

  36. I have a Samsung KS8500 55inch curved TV that is need of repair. It does have the one connect box. The TV smart menu started lagging real bad. The TV's brightness started to get real low then the colors would look odd. Soon after the TV would start becoming hard to turn on. You can see the power light on. When pressing power button the power light responds. Occasionally you can see the SUHD come up on the TV looks just fine then does nothing else, you can see the backlight when the tv is turned on. I am thinking its one of the boards that went bad.

    Its worth mentioning i did install a new over the range microwave in kitchen that was on same breaker as everything in my living room including TV. The microwave would trip the breaker and shut everything down in living room. That happened several times over a few months before i finally moved microwave to new breaker. Thinking it might have created a power surge that damaged something in TV. Any ideas?

  37. I have Samsung Model# UN60J620DAF when plugged in power screen lights blink as well as red power light at same time.
    Any idea?

  38. I have a 32''samsung model UA 32D4003B. We move the TV to another room and set everything up. However, we are not able to set the channels/ link it with the main TV.

  39. my tv is achina made techwoo 24 inch led.. its key was locked so i cant unlocked it coz the remote was lost… ddo u have any ideas how to fix it coz the remote is very hard to find and theres no universal remote that match it… tnx and God bliss

  40. LG model 50LF6100-UA screen flashes on quickly and off for aprox 1 second. sound works fine. flashes are brief, but the picture is visible. some brighter than others.

  41. I would to say what Is the problem In my led TV, the monitor remain black but the led Is turn on.
    Ther' isnt sound and the TV remot work good. The TV Is a lg 55. Model LE85M55T240V5. Tanks


  43. My Samsung TV doesn't turn on I have to move around the power cord In order to turn on and sometimes that doesn't work.
    Model number is UN55JU640DFXZA

  44. Hi I am trying to repair my Panasonic plasma TH-P42X30D. I have an unusual problem. The TV works fine. Both audio, video and HDMI is fine. The problem is that AV inputs AV1, AV2 and AV3 don't work. The screen shows white and black horizontal wavy lines on the screen continuously. Is it repairable without changing the board.

  45. Hi Jimmy,
    Please I have established that my LG 42LS4600 has problem with the TCON board, however I have not found an exact replacement yet, please advise as appropriate.

  46. On my Samsung F7050 series it has a dark spot but when i run the diagnostic it shows on the first test picture but on the second one you cannot see the burn

  47. Toshiba 50l711u18 symtoms: flashlight test passed sound passed but the blacklight turns off after 30 seconds of being powered on around 5 minutes if I turn blacklight down in menu

  48. Hello, I have a Samsung un55nu6950fxza and it keeps power cycling it will work for about 15 20 minutes at a time sometimes less. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  49. Hi Jimmy. Great tutorial. I have a samsung UAD6600WMXRD. the top third of the screen has reddish horizontal lines about 4mm apart. It varies in intensity and sometimes the entire top 1/3rd flickers. Its not a connection issue – it happens when the TV displays the internal photo in diagnostics. Ive removed / cleaned and replaced the ribbons from the screen to the T com board with no change (they all looked really good anyway). I was going to replace the T com board next but your warning said that horizontal lines are almost never the T com.
    I think its the LCD screen and I will have to buy a new TV – whats your opinion

  50. My LG 42ls5700 has vertical lines it has picture but some are upside down can u help me what is the parts to be replace?

  51. Hello guys . Excellent info on your site as usual. May I ask I have a Samsung ue65es8000. The TV works fine apart from a darker area at the top of the screen ( 1/5th ) any clues at where the issue may be ( the main board has already been replaced ) cheers . Geoff.

  52. un65ku6500fxza samsung tv, Powers up and the only thing that happens is the back lights blink on and off like three times and then it doesn't do anything maybe 30 seconds goes by I and the back lights blink again on and off three times I've replaced the main board, and the power supply board, I've also unplug some of the peripherals but it's still doing the same thing, when I unplug the main board from the power supply all the back lights come up steady , any advice would be appreciated

  53. Hi my Panasonic TV model number is: TC65CX400U. I have a black shadow going across my screen vertically at the exact center of my screen. I took the TV a part however beyond this point I am not sure what is wrong with the TV. Thank you for your help.

  54. Hi, I have an LG TV Model Nr:42LC7R. I connect my laptop to it with an hdmi cable. All of a sudden I am having problems with the display to tv. I have tested both HDMI port 1 and 2. I have to restart my pc about 3 times with the cable plugged in before it displays on the tv. I've checked the device drivers and they are all up to date. I suspect that the problem lies with the ports on the tv because I've tested plugging in a hardly used Kwese Media Player which connected fine about a year ago and now it doesn't even pick it up. Please advise. Thank you

  55. Hi Jimmy,

    I have a SANSUI STY1242 (42" LCD) TV (roughly 9 year old TV) – recently when I power on my tv (from standby) it would come on, but there is no picture, only a solid white color or solid green color or a solid blue color, I then put the tv back into standby, wait a few seconds and start it up again, the picture either comes right or I have to repeat the process 1,2 or 3 times more …. I have never had to repeat the process more then 3 times.

    From you video, I think I would have to replace the "T-CON" board … is that it or do you suggest I try something else first?
    I have photos of the solid color outputs, so I can send them to you if you need to check that first.

    Thank you

  56. My nikai 32inch tv model: NTV3272LED-K has a very unstable double image almost wants to toll up or down. What solution i could do? I tried to look for the ti con cables to try some solutiond if seen on you tube . But it has diffettent connection configuration. I would really highly appriciate any help please.

  57. Hi there, I have a TCL Roku tv model #55S401 the symptoms are… turns on and sound is good there is a back light but no image, I'm thinking its's the T-Con but could also be the LED Driver..? I cant find an LED driver on your website. would you be able to help please?.

  58. My led is of Toshiba 39 inches the switch of volume start minimising sound and the step up switch start showing on the the screen and start setting itself from one setup to other set like from video 2 to hdmi set up or PC set up plus tell what wrong with it

  59. Vizio M65-C1. Screen will work fine for about 1 minute. Then video gets distorted and frozen. Sometimes will shut off or power off then on on its own. Sometimes have to disconnect the ac adapter to get it to shut off. Audio works fine the whole time.

  60. I have a ChangChong LED TV that I bought off of newegg couple of years ago. A couple months back I was experimenting with an antenna that you fastened to your window and in advertently cross threaded the connector on to the co-axle style antenna input. I’ve been foolishly tried to detach it are using some pliers that eventually destroyed the connector on the TV. I am not sure if it’s a coincidence, but about two weeks later I noticed my screen starting to fade out slowly until it was blank, any idea if this was related and what my problem might be? Is it worth repairing?

  61. Vizio E650i-A2. Backlight issue. LED board has 3 pos outputs to LEDs. 2 read 24v and the 3rd reads 0 with and without the connector plugged in. I am going with the assumption that the LED driver board is the problem? I have checked the inputs on thr driver board and all pos inputs have 24v.

  62. Hello Thanks for making this video. My TV model is Philips 50PFL5059/V7 and it crashes during startup. The welcome screen shows up for a fraction of a second and than it goes dead. I live far from the City and it is very difficult to take it to the repair center. Please help.

  63. RCA LED 46C45RQ I have no picture…..don't know is the sound works either. Hopefully this is a cheap fix. Thanks for your help.

  64. Hi Jimmy, This is Kaladharan having TV Wansa and Model wle42x9956S, The issue is when I switch on the tv comes up and video comes up with HDMI port2 only which was connected when my TV was working. No sound and none of the buttons working. Please advice what could be the issue here and required to be replaced here?

  65. I have an LG 55ls4500 I replaced the t-con and power/main board. I have a screen with half of it gray and you can see it faintly mirrored on the right side of it. I have the service manual and I'm about to alcohol the connections unless you think it's something else? Any help is appreciated.

  66. Hi thanks for this video. I used your info and your store to fix 1 tv with success before. Now I have an LG 43UH6100. I'm not sure which board is causing the problem or if its the backlights. The entire picture has a blue tint and also dim quality to it. I watched videos and the most thing I could find was that it is the backlights, but that seems a little strange because the tv wasnt that old when the problem started. Thanks for any help you can give!

  67. Good day,

    Great video. I have a Hisense 55A6100UW. The tv does power on and the backlight comes on but it has no picture. As far as I know the Main board is shot. Could you confirm and send me a price for this part? Is there any chance that the led panel(screen) can be damaged?

    Thank you

  68. LG 65LW6500-UA, flashing bottom right, changing inputs and then back gives temporary relief for maybe a minute or 2, but it always comes back, what is it?

  69. My sharp tv model LC-50LE275x model. my problem is we watch movie with my family and suddenly the tv picture is out or the show is out but only sound we heard from it. day after i try ON the the tv was no picture and sound..any help for this is appreciated. thank you.

  70. Hi,
    My TV turns on and then will turn off after a few seconds or minutes. The light on the front of the tv indicating power also goes out. If I unplug the tv and wait a few hours or day the tv will turn back on. However it will turn off again on its own in a few seconds or minutes. Any idea what the issue may be?

    Model: 47D450-UA

  71. Hello. I have a Samsung UN60H6203AF. Flashlight test showed an image. Test of backlight strips showed several out. Replaced all strips. Standby and On power normal. Backlight turn on when given external grd. Unfortunately, no picture and NO MORE IMAGE with flashlight test. What has gone wrong? How can I test to find out?

  72. I have a 65 inch Insignia model 14G22C. The tv turns on for a couple of seconds with the Insignia logo on then shuts off. I tried a power supply board and a main board, still same. I have now ordered a Tcon control board and hope thats the problem. Any ideas?

  73. my tv is changhong 32 inch.if u plug in have a power. bt d power led is is plashing.if u pess continuously d two volume my tv is ok. but f u unpress my tv is back to power on light and d indicator flashing

  74. Insignia Tv Model: NS-55D510NA17
    Problem: blurry screen.. what’s the best way to repair tv or how should I go about getting tv repaired?

  75. My hisense led smart tv has an issuse, white screen is covering the corners of the picture. Sometimes it disappears, sometimes it comes back again. How to fix this ? Thanks

  76. Hi I have a lg 60UF7300U
    This is a smart TV I have sounds menu bottom are working you can see over lapping screen but went I press any show or movie is no display only sound and vertical color lines on tv also same happen with my fire stick sounds and only vertical lines please help

  77. LED TV Having vertical rolling effect in some time and rest of the time double screen on top and bottom. bottom side view is normal and top side view is like mirror effect. What could be the reason? Please give an advice.

  78. I've got a samsung UN65MU6300 that will not turn on the standby light is illuminated and responds when you push the power button on the remote or tv but still no image or sound that I can tell. What is the most likely issue. I previously replaced the power board to fix another issue.

  79. Vizio Model No M43-C1
    Screen went black and sound comes in and out and I think tv is possibly turning off and on by itself any help would be greatly appreciated 405-623-0867

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